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Friday, 2 December 2016

Did You Know That Governor Ben Ayade Actually Deflowered His Own Wife?

Prof. Ben Ayade,the Cross River state governor, is proud to say to that no man has climbed his wife before and after he married her. He is the only man that has done it and is doing it to his wife. Governor Ayade,
disclosed that he married his wife as a virgin in Calabar while delivering a lecture on the HIV/AIDS scourge to mark the 2016 World Aids Day.

He said the greatest gift any woman could possibly hand to her husband was to present her body as a virgin to him. In his words, Ayade said, “I should say to the teenagers here today that when somebody leads you to the altar, at the end of that day he should be glad to say I married my wife a virgin.”
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Elee Mac Dollarsign

how it take concern us

Opubo Ikiriko

The ladies who sold their virginity for the smallness of sensuality and emotional pleasures will sneer and jeer and mock at this post. Some will even ask how it concerns them. But in their deepest hearts, they know that virginity is more valuable than pleasure and nerve stimulations. God save our generation of naked women priding themselves in their nakedness and shame.

Obiokor Nancy

Oga this is not news or are you saying every lady should post a pic of them and their hubby that deflower them.. he suppose to be a journalist not gist giver..

Priceless Precious Alli

rubbish talk , how does this one solve nigeria problem,

Obiokor Nancy

Thank u ohh.. the guy lack direction

Priceless Precious Alli

this is the problem with African leaders , instead of him to think of state development he is about rubbish thing about him and his wife

Bem Ternguemo Tim

How will this put garri and sugar on the table?

Blessing Adesina Adeleke

Stories of the gods, the gods most hear this.

Obiokor Nancy

Please is that a news.. I think you should look for a job

Endy Edeson

@nancy: don't let me use abusive word on you. Who do you think you are and what do you know about Online Blogging? did I insult you or any member of your family here? why talk to me without logic or manners? I will block you next time you insult me without any reason. It seems you are not "intellectually" eligible to be on my page

@Opubo: well said. that's insightful . @Priceless: I always say on this platform that there is more to a news stories than meets ORDINARY EYES. My question for you: Is moral purity not an agent of societal development?

Ogbodo Henry C

@edy u don't v to be angry. sometimes u need to overlook some things . abi u know get sister?.those species of human can be silly sometimes

Priceless Precious Alli

@endy always no this i have so much respect for you , and i think you're getting upset over what you shouldn't, you know everyone is free to say the things they want to . my advice is not everyone Will comment on your post to say what you like, sometimes take it that way , blocking people from your post is not even the best .have a good day. don't get upset too soon not too good for or anyone.

Endy Edeson

Am not upset with you Priceless. I m only saying that people like Nancy should coment or talk to people with respect. She derailed the post. We are all humans. This is suppose to be a learning platform. Thanks.

Priceless Precious Alli

it okay, you should know we ladies na forgive, if you even look in to her mind she's just joking ,

Mayor LP

No she ain't joking pls,insulting someone sensitivity should not be regarded as a joke.
 Manners and civil approach in human relation is pivotal.

Jeremiah Ademolu

I was shocked when i saw her comments as well... @Endy common you gat to let go! move on bro

Endy Edeson

@henry: am not angry. The thing is, most of these people think one is playing around online. It's very easy for them to insult someone. Besides, this is not a controversial story, it's an entertainment story with a piece of message. She sure dosent know how to decode a message from news stories

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Okay. And goody. So now, what development has he given the people in his. 18+ months as the Gov? I'm not talking of road construction, bore hole water and its likes. I mean meaningful development to make the people very happy.

Justtiin Uzor

good one

Priceless Precious Alli

good question

Nghie Snowdrop

so, are you telling me the governor have to pay for you to be moral? sometimes we just depend so much on our leaders lyk dey re God xpecting dem to do everything for us...morality is an individual tin@jesse

Mayor LP

It is quite pathetic and disheartened to note that some human beings are generally of such attitude albeit to quickly throw jabs and tantrum without any need for doing so,this same news have been on dissemination by all the media be it the printed or the online,hence it will never be wrong for Endy to share or post same.

However, it is not a must to comment if you felt repulsive by whatever news disseminates by Endy,the best is to flip through it and move on.

Mallam Maduka Emeka

Me sef ï maried my wife a virgin,so wat makes is own special??? Anyways it ya wall u fi post wat u like

Nghie Snowdrop

he is tryin to advice girls out there...does that make him a bad person? mmmtttcchheeewww

Maureen Odu

How is it our biznez for Christ sake.

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