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Saturday, 9 May 2015

POLITICS: -Buhari’s ministers, lawmakers to get N9bn housing, furniture allowance

Senators and members of the House of Representatives that will constitute the 8th National Assembly and ministers to be appointed by President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), will on assumption of office receive welcome perks amounting to N9bn. The perks of office include the housing allowance which each of the incoming office holder is entitled to receive once a year, the furniture allowance which they are entitled to once in four years and motor vehicle loan which they are entitled to once in their tenure.

The perks are some of the non-regular allowances that the political office holders are entitled to as prescribed by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

There are other allowances, both regular and irregular ones, but housing, furniture and motor vehicle are paid at the beginning of the tenure of the office holders to ensure that they settle down appropriately.

Housing allowance for the political office holders is 200 per cent of their annual salaries; furniture is 300 per cent and motor vehicle loan is 400 per cent.

The Senate President and the Deputy Senate President are not entitled to this allowance because their own accommodation is to be provided by the Federal Government.

Similarly, each member of the House of Representatives will be paid N3, 970,425 as housing allowance on assumption of office.

This means that the 358 representatives will be collecting a total of N1, 421,412,150 as housing allowance. Again, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives are excluded from this allowance as the Federal Government is to provide their own accommodation.
The principal officers of the National Assembly also benefited from the sale of Government houses. As a result, the Federal Capital Territory Administration is at present building new houses for the lawmakers that will emerge as the Senate President, the Deputy Senate President, the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

For furniture, each of the senators is to get N6, 079,200. The furniture for both the Senate President and his deputy are to be fully provided by the government. This means that 107 senators will get a total of N650, 474,400 as furniture allowance. Furniture allowance is paid once in four years.


Credit: PUNCH NG.

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Frank Ohagwam

Another round of sharing.

Chibyke Resources

Criminals. And minimum wage is kept @N18,000. Idiots

Ehuwa Toluwalase Jossyblaze

well..as dem don win election..NA GODWIN

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

this is the very reason Nigerians kill to get elected ... this is the very reason corruption cannot leave us.... elective offices are so laced with milk and honey.. making people do whatever it takes to get there.. and we were hoping for a change ooooo

Esther Uchebe

Shey una say una want change?

Ejiogu Chalcedony Kpou

Na change.is just morning.

Edobor John

I dnt knw whi some coment are far from d post. Pdp get ds money every year, but Apc is paying same 4yrs.

Ommyl Ibukun

once in four years.. it is still good compare to our president that uses 1billion naira to eat as food allowance...!! pple be commenting anyhow!!!

Esther Uchebe

Shey una say una want change?

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

no. before you criticize, make sure you know the full detail of what jonathan admin paid

Auxel Celestyn

Ola, pls I feel dat Jonathan's Govt larvished so much Fund , Dats why majority voted Buhari. it will be good if dis ppl live very comfortable and stop being 2nd worst to Johnathan so to say.

Charles Obi

you're the biggest fool for generalizing the igbos. .. I think your brain needs surgery. ... you're already a sold out son.. shame on you idiot. ...

Edet Daniel

When the idiotic GEJ was the President how much did he give them mumu Igbo they will never have sense for once only God knows wats wrong wit there brain

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

@charles. your comment gives no doubt that what he said is right.

Charles Obi

@waliu the attention seeker accepted cause I don't have business with you.... kiss your ass...

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

I can live with that.

Mercy Dan

@Edet, afo asuk akood anyin uka ndiseme tutu idagha ami? adiok tutu...

Chibuzo Emmanuel

@mercy dan, meaning wat?

Mercy Dan

@Chibuzo, that's for Edet. he knows wot am tellin him. tnx

Charles Obi

my mum is from Akwa ibom and my dad imo ..born and bread in Lagos. ..graduated from delsu.... I dear don't generalize people for their selfish act.... as for edet he's a sold out... hope he understand that....

Jehoha Dacoolboy Angelben

hmmm wantin concern igbo pple for diz post naw

John Honestman Bem

All this amount will serve for 4years apart frm their salaries, while the same amount serve only for 1year during jonathan's period. Sai buhari.

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

mr endy compare to what jonathan administration offer, what are the difference? thanks

Mercy Dan

I laugh when I see ordinary Nigerian trying to defend n cover up for politicians yet they re glamouring for change. this is jst morning... keep absorbing n defending. time will tell..‪#‎keepwatching‬#

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

@mercy I laugh when I see a comment like yours which had neither tail nor head. But full of sentiment

Njoku Onyekachi

Itz only a fool, who will keep deffending these politicians.... Even when dei all go to bed wt empty stomach.... I pity u guys!!!

Mercy Dan

got this for u @waliu How many Civil servants in Nigeria receive allowances. e.g. ( Transport, Housing, Furniture, Foods and so on. We believe all governments official are Civil Servants why THE POLITICIAN are getting so much in allowance. No wonder people are ready to do anything to get to the office. Does it look like change you re clamouring for?

Suleman Abdulwaheed

Wot a pity

Ommyl Ibukun

@mercy hope u said d same thing during jonathan's regime?? I wonder if u understood d post self...

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