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Thursday, 14 April 2016

POLITICS: Fayose Writes Chinese Government Not To Give Loan To Nigeria

It is no longer news that Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose also travelled to China to attend the country’s 119th Import and Export Fair. The event is expected to kick off today and end on April 19. It may interest you to know that this journey is the 3rd trip governor Fayose has embarked on outside Nigeria since he assumed office. Fayose claims that his journey to China is a productive one unlike that of Buhari aimed at mortgaging the future of Nigerians. Buhari's trip to Nigeria was aimed at borrowing $2 billion while Fayose's trip
is to secure partnership with prospective Chinese Investors and technical experts without committing the state to any loan.
Latest information available to Edeson Online News disclosed that Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has written to the Chinese government, seeking the stoppage of the $2 billion loan being sought by Buhari.
Fayose said some of the projects for which the loan was being sought were not captured in the controversial 2016 budget, which has been sent to the President by the National Assembly for his assent.
Guys, Do you support Fayose ?
or You want Buhari to borrow from China?

Monday Onoja and 9 others like this.

Ty Taylorsign

I support fayose

Rosemary Michael

Just passing

Endy Edeson

@rosemary: just passing? i guess u support buhari

Emmex Mix Wiz

Fayosei is a good man,make them arrest those men with big Head who dey thieve nigeria money... so that tinz go sort out easily

Okereke God'swill


Bishop George


Rowaye Hayor Luqman

Seriously we are been misinformed by the press, different quarters are only giving out their opinions and they call it breaking news.... just passing sha

Abayomi Ife Jones

who is fayose to stop president of a nation from getting loan?nonsense write up.....

Eze Solomon Emeka

Democracy without opposition is dead.

Tunde Adebanjo

There is no question here! This is just a display of foolishness and ignorance of the working of government. In national development there is need for borrowing to finance capital projects which will stimulate economic growth that is inclusive thereby resulting in economic development. Can Ekiti state survive without money from the Federal government? Fayose is the greatest mistake we have ever seen in Government.

Salako Saint's Stephen

Let wait and see the outcome

Rowaye Hayor Luqman

Ask fayose if he didn't take bale out fund from federal government

Kachy Emmanuel

Fayose go ahead.

Emmanuel Divine

mumu comment abeg, Burhari is pain in the ass

Uchenna Lawrence

Is dis governor mad? Don't he know wat is chain of management.is he now above de presidency ?even thou he was right ,is it enof to write to de chines

Auxel Celestyn

Buhari is hustling for his own pocket and APc faithFOOLs are here waiting for lies. to come tru. Anamu ppl , bunch of Fools everywhere. can't you skip it if you think its a nonesense news ? Lie Mohammed still brainwashing poor faded brains.

Rotimi Julius

I just like him, (fayose), he fear no one

Wass Demo

Funny, why is it that it is our brothers from the south east that always support every madness of Fayose? Is he an Ibo man now? Or just allegiance to GEJ?Apart from Uchenna Lawrence here every other comment here from South East is funny and sentimental, A parent says his son is bad you said he helped you yesterday, Fayose remains integral part of those who spoilt this country chicken case still fresh in our memory

Olajide Young Johnson

Mumu Fayose---- Who Is Fayose Beside Buhari, One Authority Is Higher That The Other Even If I Were To Be Buhari I Will Ordered Chinese Security Agency To Detained Him And That Will Let Him Know What We Called Presidency Power!

Osahon Lucky Osahon

this is the greatest fool i have ever see in a long time, tell him to pay his workers salary in ekiti yet he has money to travel every where.

Ope Ayokunle

@ Osahon,i agree with you,na big fool e be (fayose).

Akinbode Akintunde

Some mothers do have them. Fayose is worse than Spencer

Victor Adebowale Otuyemi

He is a pdp basketmouth

Browayson John Sr.

It all depends on if truly d reason for d alleged borrowing of d $2billion project is really captured in d 2016 budget or not. If it is, then i can say it partially justifies d borrowing but if its not captured,then its jst another white elephant capital project hullaballoo by d APC led governmnt under PMB.

Oginni Oluwaseun Samuel

That loan will give us problems later, it might help immediate needs, but we never think about the future.

Prosper Akus Ebie

We will all these money recovered so far from this anti corruption campaign be put to use?the recovered money is more than $2b.

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