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Thursday, 23 March 2017

How An Atheist Influenced A Catholic Member To Form Jehovah Witness

Fifty years ago the Jehovah's Witnesses numbered fewer than 100,000. Now there are several million of them around the world. They don’t have churches; they have "Kingdom Halls" instead.
Their congregations are uniformly small, usually numbering less than two hundred.

Jehovah’s Witnesses was founded by Charles Taze Russell in 19th Century (1870s), United States. The name Jehovah's witnesses was adopted in 1931 to distinguish themselves from other Bible groups. Charles Taze Russell  was raised a Congregationalist, but at the age of 17 he tried to convert an atheist to Christianity and ended up being converted instead—not to outright atheism, but to agnosticism. Some years later he went to an Adventist meeting, was told that Jesus would be back at any time, got interested in the Bible again and established Jehovah Witness.

Russell taught his followers the non-existence of hell  and the return of Jesus in 1914. 

When 1914 had come and gone, with no Jesus in sight, Russell modified his teachings and claimed Jesus had, in fact, returned to Earth, but that his return was invisible. His visible return would come later, but still very soon. It would result in the final conflict between God and the Devil—the forces of good and the forces of evil—in which God would be victorious. This conflict is known to Witnesses as the battle of Armageddon, and just about everything the Witnesses teach centers around this doctrine. 

Notable personalities like late musicians  Notorious B.I.G and Michael Jackson were members of Jehovah witness. Other well known people are singer, Serena Williams and former American president, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Also, Nigerian blogger, Endy Edeson was a part time member of Jehovah witness before he became a Secular Humanist. Mr. Edeson left the congregation when he found peace in Philosophy.  

Although, Jehovah Witness holds high integrity in proclaiming the teachings of Jesus Christ but some sections of the society see them as  "extremist group".

Last week, news broke out that Russia's justice ministry has called for a ban on the Jehovah's Witnesses for zealously  seeking to convert people and rejecting military service.

The ministry has asked Russia's supreme court to close the group's headquarters and stop its 175,000 Russian members sharing "extremist" literature.  The ministry says Jehovah Witness  "violate Russia's law on combating extremism" and writes articles that condemns other religious groups with the feeling they are the only one with true faith. One of their writers described the doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church as superstition and sorcery. 

Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Frank Chijioke Adeyinka

so this is how JW was found. Wonders

Olajide Olushola

endy dis ur grammar na wa. which one be secular humanist

Endy Edeson

@olaijde: Secular Humanist embraces human reason, ethics, social justice, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism

Endy Edeson

@Awazi: Atheism shouldnt be a word to be ashamed of to mention. As regard your question, check my FB profile BIOGRAPHY for the answer

Amycable Nkem

@endy please who told you that Russell was the founder of jehovah's witnesses?

Endy Edeson

@Amycable: It is well documented in history book. If you think he is not the one, in your own version, how was Jehovah witness found?

Amycable Nkem

Sorry to ask o but you mean to say that he is the general overseer of jehovah's witnesses

Endy Edeson

@Nkem: Come on, of course you can ask. This is a platform for learning. Even if you have a contrary view i will look into it and do the needful. Your question almost made me laugh. From global view, you can say that he was the general overseer but by the doctrines of Jehovah Witness they don't like titles.

Amycable Nkem

Why am asking is because I know much about jehovah's witnesses nobody is above anybody as long as jehovah's witnesses is concerned everybody is equal

Endy Edeson

You are right. Which church do you attend?

Amycable Nkem

I was born in jehovah's witnesses before I got disfellowshiped

Endy Edeson

Awww. so sorry for that. Does it mean you are now an Atheist or you now attend a different church?

Amycable Nkem

After the disfellowship I went to different churches but none is like jehovah's witness so am going back to my root

Lchaim Lchaim

@ Endy u seem like an interesting person to me .. Will really like to meet u in person

Endy Edeson

@Lchaim: Thanks for the compliment. Sure, we can meet. Hoping to seeing you soon. @Amycable Nkem: I hope this article won't affect your decision of going back to Jehovah Witness. Note that this post is for INFORMATIONAL & EDUCATIONAL purpose. I don't intend drifting the minds of people from their faith. If you think Jehovah Witness is good for, follow your heart my sister. LET ME TELL YOU, i enjoy when religious folks preach to me. Infact, i engage in soft arguement about creation with them. When you go back to Jehovah Witness, try to locate me and preach for me. You will see how I reason when it comes to creationism and life

Amycable Nkem

Sure I will

Agada Damian Gentle

@ Nkem did you try my church? anyway u got it wrong because u expect another Church to be like Jehovah witnesses, until u accept that the change you will find other churches ok too. but your decision is still ok.

Agada Damian Gentle

@ Edeson where do you worship now

Chukwudi Kalu


Mayor LP

They also inculcate the doctrine of not taking blood transfusion when needed during crucial emergency period,good number of them have died based on this misgivings doctrine.

Amycable Nkem

@agada I think you too should try and worship with jehovah's witness too and compare between them and your church which one knows the truth more and please when you are going to their kingdom hall go their with all your heart and with your bible too then after then I think you will be able to understand why I decided to go back

Endy Edeson

@agada; Worship? ha! I live on Logic. What about you? which church? @mayor; Doctrines are common with religious bodies but some are really weird. @kalu; Ok. @nkem; Its Up To You To Know The Right Place To Worship

Agada Damian Gentle

@ Nkem i have listen to many of their preaching, and i even have a group that meets me every Sunday as soon as i return from my church. we interact deeply because am also a catechism teacher in the Catholic Church, sometimes i end up preaching instead. during my school days my closest friend is a witness and we run things well to the extent the other witness lady told me to change to witness and marry her because they will not allow her marry someone who is not a witness. nothing will change me from being a Catholic that is the bottom line. if you seek the truth you can find it in the Catholic Church. All other churches originated from the Catholic Church but Jesus established the Church himself, am not in any way saying my church is better than any other church but the Catholic Church is Universal, Holy and teaches the truth

Amycable Nkem

Lol did you just say nothing will change you from being a Catholic? Well if I heard you correctly that means we are of the same boat then

Olanrewaju Hammed

So check history and tell us about the history of christain

Bekere Becky Afaka


Endy Edeson

@Becky: I know Atheism is not that ripe in Nigeria but it's a normal thing. I hope you still got love for me. I just have to be sincere about who I am. I advocate for ethical behaviours, unity and peace and as an Atheist, I believe I have hope to be in HEAVEN if it exists because I am done with my heavenly race. Please bear with me for being an Atheist. That's how I see life

John Asukwo

Those guys no do ey gree oo...

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