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Friday, 8 July 2016

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Oh My God! Kemi Omololu-olunloyo Has Finally Quit Journalism in Nigeria

I can’t forget one Madam Suzzy when I was living in Port-Harcourt. I was quite young then, some people even thought she was my sugar mummy because of how we usually hangout. She takes me out and we spent
time together watching movies. It might interest you know that Madam Suzzy was the first person who told me that “Change is the permanent thing in life”.
Kemi is embracing change and is on the move to change her controversial life. Now, Madam Suzzy was right, “Change is the permanent thing in life”. If you though Kemi would remain a controversial journalist, you are on a long thing. This may come as a surprise to you if you’ve not heard about it. I’m sure you know Kemi Omololu-olunloyo, the daughter of Ex-Oyo State governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo. She is the journalist who reminded Nigerians that Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church killed someone in the past. She has also revealed lots of dirty things about public figures in Nigeria.
She is not in good books of some Nigerians due to her style of “expository journalism”. Many Nigerians call her a “witch” who couldn’t even managed her marriage which lead to her “single motherhood”
Yesterday July 7th 2016, in the spirit of CHANGE, Kemi announced that she will no longer practice Journalism in Nigeria, noting that many celebrities and their fans get upset when she writes a story about them. She however, stood her ground that she lives for the truth and nothing more.
The 51-year-old single mother also apologized to all Nigerian celebrities and their fans who felt offended by her stories. According to her: “They are true investigative stories which is the bitter truth! I am now moving on”
Though, she has ended her journalism career in Nigeria but she said will be writing for the various foreign media on their platforms. She currently writes online as admin for 4 American TV stations and 2 newspapers.
Her decision to quit Journalism in Nigeria came few weeks after her dirty linen was washed in public. The embarrassment she feels as people now know her little secret probably made her to quit. What in the world is the little secret? Okay let me tell you.

One Tokunbo Aboderin got frustrated out of the several insults Kemi passes on Nigerian celebrities. Aboderin revealed that the former Governor’s daughter has a mental problem, as well as disclosing how her father and ex-governor of Oyo state got her pregnant. And also Kemi’s father got his house maid pregnant and Kemi’s mother threw the three-month-old
boy into the well. JESUS!
Who is Tokubo Aboderin He is a relative ( family member) to Kemi. Meaning, his claims could be 95% true.

1. Are you or were you one of Kemi’s fans?
2. How would you describe her departure from Active Journalism in Nigeria?
3. Do you believe her controversial stories about celebrities are true?
4. What about Tokunbo Aboderin claims? Do you believe she was actually defiled by her own father?
Your VIEWS PLEASE. Thanks.
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Muhammad Yusuf Musa

No wonder she doesn't have respect to even her father, i don't tink many people will miss her, because everything about her is negative...

Endy Edeson

@yusuf: people that love her style will miss her but Many Nigerians will breath a sigh of relief over her departure

Uroko Victor Onuora

Before I comment my own, come Endy..., Wetin concern MADAM SUZZY for here.., Hmmmm., seems like somebody's missing someone or have old memories and wet dreams o..,lol.., well if you ask me personally me think Madam Olunloyo is kinda mentally challenged.., judging by the fact that almost all the news on her blog and page is kinda too expository..., and the way she antagonises people is kinda too forceful..., I won't doubt the story of her father defiling her because she acts like someone with a huge wound somewhere and is just trying hard to keep breathing while at the same time seeing everything and everyone from the negative side

Endy Edeson

@Uroko: hahahahahahaha. madam suzzy taught me about how people change when you least expect them. Kemi's sudden change is a big surprise to many. my brother, nothing happened between us oooo. though, I enjoyed her company

Osakwe Godwin

Endy, You've Exposed Youself, Now We Need A Good Investigative Journalist To Go Help Us Go Dig Out Your Closets. Infact, I Dey Interested In This Your Case. Lol. We Must Pay Madam Suzzy A Quick Visit In PH To Clear Our Doubts.

Endy Edeson

@osakwe: nothing oooo. she was just a mentor to me. no investigation required
Like · Reply · Edit · 4 hours ago

Osakwe Godwin

Like I Said Bros, Me And Some Like Minds Don Get A Different Opinion Here. Na Thorough Investigation Plus An Exclusive Chit Chats With Madam Suzzy Go Clear The Air. If Madam Suzzy Go Fit Bring Bck Such Powerful Nostagic Moments, Hmmm.....

Angela Devroom

That is lie . she was on live this evening to denie it.

Endy Edeson

@angela: come on, where did you get your facts from? @osakwe: go on bro

Angela Devroom

She was on live video this evening, she denied it. Go to her Facebook page please the video is still there

Sam Kemmy

But she posted it herself yesterday on her page but if she is denying it today. Then something is truly wrong with her

Angela Devroom

She said she wasn't the one that posted it

Angela Devroom

Go to her page now on Facebook the video is still there

Sam Kemmy


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