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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

CRIME NEWS: Yunusa Dumps Ese Oruru; Finds Love Again, Set to Marry a Nollywood Actress

It would be recalled that Ese Osuru (from Bayelsa State) delivered a baby girl on Thursday May 26 for Yunusa Yellow( a Northerner) , a Youngman accused of kidnapping and impregnating her. Yunusa was
arrested but was later granted bail.
New reports, relating to Ese Oruru & Yunusa, gathered by Edeson Online News, might be of interest to you. We learnt, Yunusa Yellow is now the talk of town in Kano and has become a ladies man.
He is now seen as a celebrity, rich ladies and Northern actresses are after him for marriage. Yunusa has made his choice already. Since his relationship with Ese can no longer hold due to tribal differences, a Nollywood actress is presently in love with me and they plan to get married.


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Saheed Adebayor and 2 others like this.

Endy Edeson

@Oogunyemi: of course. Nigeria is a wonderland. full of surprises every day

Sam Oladele Alebiosu

Yunusa relatioship with Eze did not breakup due to tribal difference but due to underage and abduction.Endy,please note.

Endy Edeson

@sam: you are right, but tribal differences also contributed to the break up

Jeremiah Ademolu

Nation of no justice.

Jeremiah Ademolu

He was released from prison on bail not up to a week ago, when did another wedding plan started??? I don't get it.

Oogunyemi Holuwartaryo Emmy Horladeeplenty

Jeremiah Ademolu that is Nigeria for you where anything goes

Kingsley Osaghae

I smelt a rat!!!

Clinton Chidi

This is one reason why I said we can never be one. Let a young man from the Southern part of the country try this and you'll see where he will end up (jail)

Muhammad Yusuf Musa

Endy, i don't know where u got dis, but it's totally untrue, rightnow am in kano, and even yesterday he talk to d press about wat happen, dere is nothing like Nollywood actress marrying him, even d one in d picture is his lawyer...

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

When we call nigeria a ZOO you thing we joke, a lawless country. Were they celebrate kidnappin from a particular people of the country, where a particular session of the Zoo is practically above the law, if it where to be a BIAFRAN there would have been Noah's flood. Even Endy is rejoicing in corruption OH GOD SET BIAFRA FREE. Fatanstically corrupt country.

Jack Obinna Okoye

@ Endy Edeson how sure re u dat d dude is d one pregnanted d Bayelsa teenage girl or ist in my mouth u wanna hear dat Rev father has a son?
Hw did a keke driver managed 2 met up with d bail conditions given 2 him by lawless court of Nigeria if truth must b told?
God is not asleep.

Rachael Mart-Adun

I can't help but just make a comment here- Endy Edeson must you post every nonsense you come across? Plz improve!!!

Endy Edeson

@rachael: look! don't talk to me with that tune. How is this story nonsense? Do you think I’m joking here? There is more to a News that meets the Eye. Many people run about looking for motivational books for self-development without knowing that ENTERTAINMENT and METRO STORIES also has moral lessons

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