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Monday, 1 February 2016

POLITICS/RELIGION: Buhari Angry Over Humiliation & Transfer of Father Mbaka

The Buhari-led government has faulted the transfer of controversial Enugu cleric, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka from living in duplex to living in a one room apartment by the catholic church.
It was reported that Father Mbaka was transfered from Christ the King Parish in the Government Reserved Area, GRA, of Enugu State to Our Lady Parish in Emene, a suburb of the state.

The APC government whom the catholic priest romances condemned Mbaka's ordeal and alleged that it was the handy work of political enemies.

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Chibuike Gabriel Chineke

Endy,what do u mean by father mbaka romancing APC,is it now a crime for him to deliver a message he was given by God?

Endy Edeson

@chineke: the word romance in this article is still the same as "partnership" and "endorsement". so it's not out of place

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

D next place that mbaka wil be transfer is d catholic parish nearest to sambisa forest in maidugiri by d grace of God

Endy Edeson

@uroko: i pray buhari helps him in this trying moment of his life

Benson P. Benson

Is there anything wrong in standing for something? God will help him, this is really trying times for him

Ibrahim Adubiolatunji

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Chiemevolam Kenneth Okechukwu

this is not political issue is Church matter

Otaru Folorunsho

Politics has wings to every nook and crannies of the world.

Auxel Celestyn

A man of God can get tranfered to anywhere. I think someone was there before mbaka was transgered to take over. What's d fuss ?? Is mbaka a king who s not usually got transfered?
Let him go there and build a home for God.
Buhari should focus on political afairs and also mind his family affair , He should shout up on christianity affairs afterall he's not President of Christians.

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

It is non of president business fr. Mbaka is a priest so his bishop has the right to transfer him anywhere he like, that is what he is call to do

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

There are issues Mr President must not join. Let him leave religious matters alone unless there is something between him and Mbaka

Rowaye Hayor Luqman

Is like this apc govt is losing their mind oo, there are killing and bombing some where they didn't comment about that, they are busy shouting about one Rev. Father that was transferred, who should be transferred if not a man of God, abeg that is none of nigeria business, there lot of national issue u should get busy with

Agada Damian Gentle

Every Rev Fr is subjected to transfer and that is the nature of Catholic church. Buhari should build duplex for him if he want but not to condemn the transfer. even bishop are been transfer from their Diocese talk more of Rev fr

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

Buhari may be angry outside but happy and laughing inside.some percentage of his mission {islamisation of nigeria}have been achieved--causing hatred and disunity among christians.

Tobechi Okonkwo

Endy Edeson, this is gossip. You couldn't quote one single APC person in this post. Look at what you just posted again. The Buhari led government/ APC led government. Did any of there spokes person said it? Did you quote anybody verbatim? Why do you join Buhari over Mbaka predicament? For avoidance of doubt, is Mbaka a bishop? It is only a bishop that have a diocese which he occupies until death without transfer. So Fr Mbaka as an ordinary Rev fr is bound by law to be transferred to other parish after 6 years but in his own case he has stayed up to 20 years in one parish. Again popular and well loaded priests like Fr Mbaka should be posted in remote places to go and preach the gospel. As a priest, he should at all times be prepared to leave his comfort zone and move to a less comfortable zone. He should make his new parish be like the one he left. IT IS A ROUTINE thing, so nobody should complain. After all other Rev father's go on transfer and non complained of been victimized.

Awele Nwaoligidi E

Hmmm, then let him manage Asorock chapel

Auxel Celestyn

Okonkwo, the News is there and I will send u d link so dat you can see d name and quote. https://www.naij.com/714877-need-read-apc-say-mbakas-transfer-enugu-diocese.html

You need to read what APC has to say about Mbaka’s transfer by Enugu Diocese

naij.com ·

Auxel Celestyn

Controversy: Fr Mbaka makes shocking revelation as he relocates

naij.com ·

Auxel Celestyn

Controversy: Fr Mbaka makes shocking revelation as he relocates

naij.com ·

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