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Thursday, 10 December 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: America Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson to Visit Nigeria

American Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has concluded plans to visit Nigeria. He will also visit 2 other African countries; Kenya and Zambia. The retired neurosurgeon claims to have ancestral root from Kenya. As part of his tour, he will visit Babcok University whose medical school is named after him
and he will discuss with Kenya, Nigeria & Zambian leaders to find a lasting solution to end terrorism in Africa

Edeson Online News learnt that the tour that will commence on Sunday, December 27 and will last a week. 


Henry Pope Osiri

gifted hands

Endy Edeson

@henry: i guess you've read his books

Henry Pope Osiri

am his fan

Endy Edeson

do you see him emerging US president come NEXT YEAR. i know TRUMP has already lost his chances

Johnson Foster

Trump will win @endy mark my word

Endy Edeson

@foster: permit me to laugh. i guess you are kidding. he can't even scale through his party, TRUMP has already lost the battle even before the elections. that guy is being hated many right now

Johnson Foster

It will shock everyone. if trump doesnt win come 2016, obama will be the last president of the UNITED AMERICA. Prophecy must be fulfilled whether humans like it or not@ ENDY

Johnson Foster

A wicked man like trump need to win in order to pave way for a good person. if not so islam will over run AMERICA@ ENDY.

Yusuf Mohammed Ahmed

@ Johnson foster, I never expected something like this wil come out of ur mouth. U really disappointed me, an elite like u saying rubbish. Trump is d next Adolf Hitler of our generation he has so many things in common with Hitler. His hate for black will not make him see d light of d day. As per d religion aspect. I bliv everyone in America have d right to practice any religion what's ur fear.

Obiakor Azubike Micheal

Let go trump. . . The man is transparent. . . . . Trump is already leading the poll. . . He has no time with any diplomatic nonsense.

Balogun M. Adeola

@foster: which prophecy are u talking about? Why on earth will Obama b d last president of America? I do not know the level of your Education but I must confess: you fall my hands!

Wendy Odumo Clever

i so love his books more especially Gifted hands

Johnson Foster

@Balogun m and yusuf mohammed: i believe humans are but pupets in the hands of the gods but this time AMERICA NEEDS trump more than anybodys opinion. And there is nothing you fear at all FEAR PROPHESY NOT PRAYED FOR TO DIVERT/NOLIFIED OR NOT REGARDED AS AT WHEN PROPHESIED.

Onuh Jude

Carson is my man... I pray nd hope he make it nd weighing their chances so far, Carson has a wide gap of chance compare 2 his closest opponent Donald. If John Mc Cain is contesting,it'll be possible 2 say both Carson nd Trump will not make it.

Awele Nwaoligidi E

Do they have any vote here in Nigeria?

Bem Ternguemo Tim

Carson wants to get votes from Africa....when did He suddenly realize he has to visit Africa for a tour? Trump all the way.

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