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Monday, 16 November 2015

POLITICS: Politicians Blaming Each Other, Who is the Thief? Who is the Saint ?

It has become a culture in Nigeria as no public office holder wants to admit fault. Everyone claims he is being hunted by his political rivals or is innocent of anything he/she is being accused of. It’s dramatic seeing how state governors and opposition candidates battle at the election tribunal. They both claim they won. Ebonyi State governor David Umahi recently debunked the news that he is the worst performing governor in Nigeria. No governor will accept such position but they are cheered when listed on the partisan list of best performers.
Controversial Adams Oshiomole in a speech he delivered on his 7th Year Anniversary as the governor of Edo State accused his predecessor Lucky Igbenedion of stealing state fund. In reply, Igbenedion accused him back of stealing Edo State funds. They both claim to be saints.
Even the anti-graft agencies are not left out. EFCC chairman Ibrahim Larmode was recently removed and replaced due to corruption charges. He is yet to face the senate for probe. I know he will deny just like the senate president denied at the Code of Conduct Tribunal of all the 13 count charges against him.
The latest drama is between the emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi Lamido and troubled former minister of petroleum resources, Diezeni Allison Madueke. The then beautiful minister Allison who is now recovering from a serious cancer related illness said Sanusi accused her of stealing $20 billion because the former president Goodluck Jonathan opposed his ambition of heading African Development Bank and suspended him as the Central Bank of Nigeria governor but Sanusi in a statement said his comment was not as a result of personal sentiments but for public service accountability. They both claim right.

I want Nigerians to borrow a leaf from other countries like America, Britain on how to handle scandals. They admit if they are guiltY. Remember how American ex-president Bill Clinton admitted he had sex with another woman that is not his wife, even when he was impeached, he left office smiling. That’s not the case in Nigeria, our politicians will deny and deny and of course the judiciary will set them free. 
Politicians Blaming Each Other, Who is the Thief? Who is the Saint ?
Written by: ENDY EDESON 


Sola Ajiboye Omotowo

God dey....

Bigbounce Adukwu

Thou shalt no judge... God dey... E.g Alamaseya.... E.g alison..... God dey.... Lol...

Endy Edeson

@ADUKWU: who is judging here? its just a matter of our leaders not accepting responsibilities of their actions

Emmanuel Gilbert

Bill Clinton not Bill Gates

Don Emmy

@ Endy Edeson , it's Bill Clinton not Bill Gates... Do the correction.

Endy Edeson

@DON & GILBERT: sorry for that. it was a typographical error. NOTED

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