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Friday, 6 November 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Aisha Buhari Visits Controversial Father Mbaka in Enugu for Urgent Prayer

Edeson Online News is in the KNOW that politics is coated with religious lines especially in Nigeria and other countries of the world. This was clearly observed in the last general elections in Nigeria as many religious centres became another home for political office aspirants. It was a BIG SHAME that most religious house whose prophesies for their political office seekers was ridiculed with failure while those whose prophesies were right are now enjoying the fruit of their labour with the current administration.
Edeson Online News was not surprised when Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Buhari, paid a courtesy visit to the controversial catholic priest, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka because the man of God openly campaigned for her dear husband during the last election. We learnt Fr. Mbaka prayed for her and for a better continuity of her husband administration.

Our correspondent who was in Enugu stated that the president wife visited the man of God after holding another edition of her Women Health initiative Project tagged “Aishatu Buhari women health initiative” at the queens school Enugu and screening over 2000 women for free 
If Edeson Online News assertion about this visit isn’t right, then, let the president wife visit Bishop David Oyedepo.

ENDY EDESON Reporting 


Tony Anyatonwu likes this.

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

Na u sabi, mouthpiece of the opposition. I wonder if u are a news reporter or just a quack news reporter who has nothing constructive to offer but biased and sentimental news. I don't subscribe to your opinion but Real news free of your pathetic and disgusting, self appaling sentiments. Get real.

Endy Edeson

@ayodele: come on. this is just my OPINION. why always bring Journalism rules to any story? It's just my personal opinion and i'm entitled to it as a Nigerian as enshrined in the constitution.

Besides, i'm a realist. i write the way things are, are you saying this write-up isn't true?

Bekere Becky Afaka

patience was there ,later he spoke against her husband! i guess he ll do same with buhari s wife

Bekere Becky Afaka

shuo! endy na wa o!

Endy Edeson

@becky: the thing is: Fr. MBAKA and OBASANJO are very intelligent. They know where to be at the right time

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

yes bro, I know its your opinion that's why I said I don't subscribe to your opinion. you might wanna change to ENDY EDESON OPINION ONLINE because you're always feeding me your opinions and not NEWS that your outlet claims to give.

Obiakor Azubike Micheal

It doesn't change anytime wealther she visit mbaka or some kind of intrigue. . That truth of still reamain. . . . . Nigeria politic is a game of interest. . Not for benefit of citizen

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

Bro Endy, You're contradicting yourself, you're supposed to provide news not your opinion. I agree its the the news is true but its your opinion you should keep to yourself as long as you're a Journalist or newsreporter. Give us the news and let's decide the rest ourselves not decide it yourself. that's real journalism.

Endy Edeson

@ayodele: that's why it's EDESON ONLINE NEWS . We are not like others who follow lots rules but that dosent mean we carry fake news. Our news reports are authentic but opinionated

Mamwan Stephen Mankilik

@Ayodele, you have not told us where/how Endy is wrong. Are you saying that Mrs. Buhari did not visit Fr Mbaka or what? Cos I don't really get your point/ insult you rained on him.

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

I don't dispute the fact that your news are not fake, its the 'opinionated' I want you to remove from your news. other news outlets report news without their personal opinion because that's what news reporting is all about.

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

Stephen, with all due respect., I never insulted Endy, and I have no reason to, its just an argument based on what is expected as a public figure like journalists. please get a dictionary and confirm the meaning of 'insult'. I never said the news isn't real, I only said the news should be free of his opinion, be constructive and sentiment free.

Endy Edeson

@ayodele: i'm aware of this rules but if i don't report it this way, i think, i will be hiding my contribution to humanity. One good thing is that i'm not biased. Besides, i take time to write stories even political updates in entertaining way so everyone will catch up. I can as well go into the "Uptight style of Reporting" but i prefer my style. @manwan: good to know you understand.

Mamwan Stephen Mankilik

Ayodele, you called him biase, quack and sentimental reporter. What is that? Are they words of of encouragement or insult? You who is a walking dictionary can explain d meaning of those words to us pls

Akolade Bright Naheem

Endy! It is you that need urgent prayer, bar parlor blogger

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

Stephen you need to read and understand. I said 'I wonder if' and its absolutely different from 'you are a'

Endy Edeson

@manwam: that;s the issue i have in most of my posts. many people see me as biased but truth be told, i'm not economical with the truth whenever i write. Nigerians or Journalism ethics will want you to even hide the truth

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

Endy, I don't want you to hide the truth. I want you to hide your opinions and sentiments WHEN you are reporting. you can express your opinion in another column the way newspapers have a special page for opinions and editorials. you can create a channel and Label it as opinion or editorial. don't let your opinion interfere or don't mix it up with the news.

Jeremiah Ademolu

I do not see anything wrong in man/woman, politicians, president... visit man of God, read your Bible you'll see it on every page infact king Saul can't do anything without guide from prophet Samuel, when he refused to obey instructions given to him from God through Samuel his reigning days ended in shame, when rain refused to drop and there's food scarcity in the land they consulted Elijah, Elisha... But the one only different between men of God in the Bible and our men of God of this day is they speak the "TRUTH" no matter hard it is, although some of them also comprised, manipulate to please the king of the land like it is now in our day. Simply mean there's no new things under the sun!

Prog Da-Lars

I guess you guys are NEW here... if not you should have known for long that Endy IS NOT A JOURNALIST looking at his reporting style years back, he's just a FORTUNATE SOCIAL MEDIA INFORMATION FEEDER.

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