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Sunday, 12 April 2015

2015 ELECTION RESULT: Ambode Wins Lagos Governorship Election, Succeeds Fashola

All Progressives Congress, APC, Lagos Governorship candidate, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode has emerged winner in the governorship election in Lagos beating his arch rival of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Jimi Agbaje as runner-up.
Ibeju-Lekki LGA
No of Registered voters
Accredited voters
2, 7634
No of political parties contested
APC 14,696
PDP, 11, 292

Total valid vote 26, 258
PDP agent accused INEC of giving accreditation to 10, 000 voters manually therefore, urged the returning officer to look into it.
No such reports of manual acctreditation
REC: Akin Orebiyi: To submit to the commission and complaint be looked into

Lagos Island LGA
Gbemisola Onilere Rec officer
Dr Martha Amadi returning/ collation LGA
No of registered voters
No of accredited voters
16 political parties contested.
APC 34,232
PDP, 16,111
Total valid votes, 50.952 votes
Rejected votes 1.111
Total votes cast- 52,083
Badagry LGA
David Kupolati returning officer
No of registered voters
167, 245
No of Accr voters
No of vote cast
APC –27, 086
Total valid votes, 50,590
Rejected votes 1729
Total votes cast
Two incidences in ward, unit 20, there are 2, 602 registered votes, 262baccredited voters. Over voting
Ward 10, unit 14, 18, 19 Ajara, there were no PVCs, no voting.

Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA
Adeleke Oluwole, electoral officer
Total no of reg voters
Total of accr voters
Vote received by parties

Total valid vote
Rejected votes
Total votes cast

Eti-Osa LGA
No of reg voters
No of accr voters
57, 767
Vote received by parties
APC— 28,082
Total valid votes
Rejected votes 1672,
Total votes cast
54, 829
PDP manual accreditation

Lagos Mainland
Barr Kabiru Olawale
Monday Bassey Ubana
No of Reg voters
No of accr voters
Vote received by parties

Total valid vote
Total vote rejected
Toyal votes cast

Ikeja LGA
Registered voters———293,490
Accredited voters———-64,237
Vote received by parties
Total Votes cast——60,353
Rejected no of votes—-1,452
Total Votes Cast ——-61,805

Amuwo Odofin LGA
Registered Voters——27,981
Accredited voters——76,974
Vote received by parties

Total valid votes—–26,281
Rejected Votes——–1750
Total votes cast——–64,031

Oshodi-Isolo LGA

Registered voters——392,943
Accredited voters——-101,656
Vote received by parties
Total valid votes—87,499
Rejected votes—–1,909
Total votes cast—-89,408

Ifako-Ijaiye LGA

Registered voters—129,395
Accredited voters—79,648
Vote received by parties

Total valid votes—–74,503
Rejected votes—— 1,535
Total votes cast—— 76,038

Registered voters—–129,395
Accredited voters—–48123
Vote received by parties
Total Valid votes —–45,642
Rejected votes———-950
Total votes cast——–46,638

Ikorodu LGA

Registered voters—–281,680
Accredited voters—-95,711
Vote received by parties
Total valid votes—-88,648
Rejected votes—2466
Total Votes cast—-91,114

Apapa LGA
Registered voters—–170,266
Accredited voters——45,847
Vote received by parties
Total Valid Votes—42,314
Rejected votes—-1229
Total votes cast—-43,543

Surulere LGA
Registered voters—-35,8661
Accredited Voters—-115.516
Vote poll by parties

Total valid votes —-106.,922
Rejected votes—–2,682
Total Votes cast—-109,604


Bussy DuroMokolade Kabeer and 6 others like this.

Emmanuel Divine

nawa o, this man don't were he is from, forge his jamb result

Tunde Ayele

i congratulate myself!

Harkhintayorh Holuwarsanyah Hokitecth

so is Ambode that Won lagos state Governship Election and wish party his he???

Endy Edeson

@hokitech. you are funny. He is APGA. ‪#‎JustKidding‬

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Ambode has won. 800+ votes to 600+ votes. Will be announced soonest.

Mokolade Kabeer

we thanks almighty allah for that

Endy Edeson

@JESSE: APC capturing lagos will definately affect PDP in Nigeria. It's only if APC is unable to deliver their promises that Nigerians will rethink.

Kamilu Oyebanji

JK = just kdding

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Endy. Definitely. If you don't work, the polling booth awaits. Gombe gov looks like the only Northern candidate that will be returning under PDP. He's done a fine job I hear. PDP needed this humbling IMO. Time to reflect, restructure and make their party stronger. They need to have values in their party.

Joyce Okwunabor

Y wil ambode win lagos state.

Гива Абауоми

“Most Igbos says they are the people that developed Lagos and made Lagos what it is today. They say without Igbos, Lagos is finished. And i keep wondering, how has Igbos helped in shaping and developing Lagos?

“Lets get the fact right, Igbos didn't develop Lagos rather, it was Lagos that shaped and made the Igbos what they are today. Without igbos in Lagos, Lagos will remain Lagos and without Lagos, most Igbos may likely be nothing.

“Reason for my assertion is that most giant and top companies that attracts millions of people across the country to Lagos are not owned by the Igbos so, how has Igbos shaped and developed Lagos?

“This are the achievements and economic advancement Igbos gave Lagos and Lagosians; tokunbo and fake spare parts at Ladepo Market, China Electronics and pirated CDs at Alaba market, bend-down select cloths at Idumota and yaba and kotangowa market, Chinese and tokunbo computers accessories and phones at Computer village Ikeja are Igbos economical achievement and contribution to Lagos. In fact, most Igbos are causing nuisance in Lagos. A visit to this markets will tell you the amount of nuisance that Most Igbos has caused in Lagos. The environments this Igbos traders are mostly populated are always polluted with waste of all sorts, they are dirty, stinking, rough, erection of illegal shops on road, on pipeline and railway lines are encouraged in this market places that causes traffic gridlock and other dangerous acts and when Lagos state government dismantle this illegal shops, they get angry, if Lagos state government close their shops for environmental violation, they pick offence. How then has the Igbos developed Lagos?


Amaechi Paulo Bienonwu

Na lie i no beliver,j k na u get lagos state

Alvarez Ugochukwu

abayom or what ever u tag urself if you dont know what to comment on the post why not take ur stupid self out of here... wat has this ur unstructured write up has to do with the post . ethnic bigot.

Гива Абауоми

Una never see anything , now una go smell hell for lagos,

Alvarez Ugochukwu

In what trade or fields are Yorubas famous?. What are their contribution to Nigeria economically?. Average yoruba in Lagos state is a street taut or thug. Majority of dirty houses in Lagos are owned, and occupied by Yorubas. Big masions or companies in Lagos were own by Igbos and Hausa. RESEARCH RESULT by Independent body; 74 percent of investment in Lagos are own by Igbos. 5 percent by Hausa/Fulani, 15 percent by Foreigners(Non-Nigerians), 5 percent by other Nigerians(Non Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba), 1 percent by Yorubas (which include Mike Adenuga). Igbos and Hausa are not only living in Lagos. Igbos live in the east, in the north. Hausas live in the east, west and north like any igbo. Yorubas are very few in other part of the country. Their laziness never allow them go far. Of course, they can't go to Kano, Port Harcourt or Enugu to do Alaye job. The problem here is that Igbos migrate more than others and they are been tagged criminals even caught Yoruba criminals most times claim Igbo. Igbo are followed by Hausa, but Yorubas never migrate like them to have experience and see things for themselves. That's why Hausa and Igbos can make better united Nigeria. Though few Hausas can speak Igbo and Yoruba language, but majority of igbos speaks Hausa and Yoruba very fluently. mr abayomi or what ever research properly before u disgrace ur people here

Bussy Duro

Hw hs he disgrace his u gat nt 2 sy,nd lik i said b4 nw if igboz lik dey cn build nations who carez?if AMODE does wrk we vote him out cos he didnt gt dre bcs he's yoruba nd no b he papa property o

Alvarez Ugochukwu

its a known fact that when Lagos was the capital of Nigeria Hausa/ Fulani and igbos invested hugely in Lagos city. After the shift of Lagos as capital of Nigeria to Abuja, they took over the economy of Lagos from the British. From onset, Yorubas were only busy dancing Owanbe in the streets of Lagos and Ibadan. Till date, their lazy bones couldn't allow them invest and assist the boost of Nigeria's economy. @ buso is jk not a Yoruba or is he an Igbo man.. apologies but sometimes some people really need to be told the truth no Mather hw painful it maybe.

Chibuzor Ukaegbu

Hmmm.... Lesson room

Chibuzor Ukaegbu

Well, whether Igbo, Hausa or Yoro-uba, let's make Lagos great, and a better place to be

Гива Абауоми

Meanwhile the riches woman in the world is a yoruba woman from Nigeria, @ ogochukwu or whatever u called yourself, u are not making sense ? Your igbos foolishness is just like nigerians struggling to get European visa? Did they ask us to come to their countries and hustle ? Are they lazy to clean the toilets? But your nigerians are in Europe cleaning toilet for them? Are we developing their countries with that ??u see that u are not making sense, if your dry states are in good shape, why would u come and hustle in lagos?? Your problem is that u lack global exposure , u never travel before, I no suppose to argue with dumb fish brain wey dey rely on fake backward history from desperate old Igbo traditional chiefs.. I want argue with your fellow Igbo guy wey dey abroad .. U are not making sense ..

Bussy Duro

Jk s yoruba nd am nt fightin him jk s nt 4rm my town neithr s ambo,its a mata of votin whom u lik.dt al so pls i dnt hv anytin again jk infact i lv d man cos he does gv up dts d power of winnin.dnt gv up

Гива Абауоми

Jk messed up, out of desperation , how can he bring ethnicity to politics ? He want to elevate eze ndigbo title with oba of lagos ? Is it normal? Jk is not a good politician, he's just desperate, a politician without ideology, how can he promise to bring back okada? Honestly that jk is really kidding.

Bussy Duro

So my broda b at peace wit urself nd wit al men.i dnt hate igbo 4 goin 4 jk 4 wot ever reason nt my buz cos my youngr sis igbo nd also sum member of my extended family nd dey re reasonable peep dis s jst an individual tin go 4 wot u lik

Bussy Duro

He doesn't no wot he wnt.i dnt blame him

Yusuf Abba

Yeah. You Guys, Are All Good In Research. But You Have To Know That. Any Body That No Like AMBODE. Just Tell Him Go Hell.

Alvarez Ugochukwu

thank you... "your Nigerians" not igbos... # im just trying to give you some common sense analogue and idea about Igbos economic dominance and Hausa business and agricultural progresses.

Гива Абауоми

The cool igbos understand life , they are humble and not making noise , my reliable key men that we run things together are all Igbos/Hausas I have just one yoruba friend others are igbos/ Hausas , same in abroad , other tribes too.. I am not a tribalist or whatever , I am just trying to exploit some exposure in the brains of those stubborn igbos.

Alvarez Ugochukwu

lagos is a yoruba state we all know that... but this is one nigeria where one has d right to exist wherever he finds himself... but you cant hide d truth about lagos being economically developed by the igbos. Adios

Гива Абауоми

Igbo economic dominance? Why not develop your SE? Is there no money there? Why building your business in SW? Are u telling me that all the money in naija are in SW region ? Are we the riches region in naija where everybody are floating in to do business ?? Are we the number one consumers in Nigeria ??? Why are u not making sense ??

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Neither can no entity decide who we vote for... i didnt vote for either of the the two its no business of mine i know y im in lagos and i have many nice yoruba friends here and in diaspora.. enough said.

Гива Абауоми

Learn the word sanction? If we decide to stop allowing fake products of electronics and used clothes and shoes? Life is going to be hell for some region, why are u not making sense?? Nigeria are selling oil to some countries ? We are not developing those countries or helping them, they are helping us, if they stop u know what that means ..

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Dont be surprised that by 2030, Yorubas will become minority in Nigeria and even in South west as other tribes have taken over all the business opportunities.

Гива Абауоми

Lol.. U are a day dreamer

Гива Абауоми

In Europe we are number 1 in legit business with lots of companies.

Alvarez Ugochukwu

except you got to be another Luther king... lol

Alvarez Ugochukwu

go and rest abeg... facebook is not a club to spend time on brother..

Гива Абауоми

All dis china products would stop soon maybe this year or next year latest , I am just waiting for Buhari to sign the ecowas free trade zone with EU that clueless GEJ refused to sign it due to pressure from counterfeit Igbo business men, Buhari is going to sign it and that would be the end of china products and okrika clothes.. Let me update u again, do u know how many igbos in china prison ? Do u know that Thailand drug agency can differentiate igbos among nigerians ?? Do u know that only just 30% of igbos are making sense ? Majority of u guys are messing up , do u know that the only africa prisoners in Siberia dreaded prisons are igbos ?? U are progressing in business but why are u still involve in drugs?? All the executed nigerians in Malaysia are igbos , Malaysia and Indonesia , almost 3000 igbo prisoners In china prisons. U are not making sense,

Гива Абауоми

Yorubas are doing well in abroad, Opening businesses legit ones, but your people are into drugs, Yorubas are lecturers in reputable universities in advance countries doing marvelously well, your people are busy getting married for papers and involve in drugs, your people are fooling themselves on YouTube destroying Nigeria passport and declaring themselves as biasfrans, I have evidence of video, when I speak, I speak with fact and point , Siberia is my zone, if any Igbo come to my zone for study purpose or other genuine purpose then fine , but any attempt to involve in drugs and taint our reputation here just the way they already did in Moscow, I myself would set him up.. They dare not to do rubbish in my zone, Siberia is my zone.squirrel zone not for Igbo drugs peddlers

Гива Абауоми

Even the most richest and powerful respectable pastors are Yorubas.

Гива Абауоми

Knowledge belong to Yorubas , hardworking for the Hausas , business for igbos ..

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