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Friday, 6 February 2015

POLITICS: Nobel Lauret Gives 60 Reasons Why YOU Should Not Vote for Goodluck Jonathan

Playwright and Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, says the President Goodluck Jonathan administration does not deserve a second term. Soyinka, while speaking at the 2015 edition of a youth programme titled ‘Vision of the Child’ in Lagos on Thursday, said he had 60 reasons why Jonathan should not be re-elected. He said Jonathan had failed to rescue the over 200 Chibok girls, who were kidnapped almost 300 days ago. While addressing students at the event, he said, “I will not vote and I will not encourage anyone to vote for the continuation of this government, simply because your colleagues numbering over two hundred were kidnapped.”

The playwright, who last December described the Jonathan administration as being worse than Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, stated the President’s inability to locate and free the abducted girls represented leadership failure.

He noted that shortly after the girls were kidnapped, Jonathan failed to address the situation and went about as if nothing had happened.

Soyinka said it was, therefore, outrageous for anyone to say he was supporting the re-election of Jonathan.

He added, “It took the Jonathan government 10 days to even accept that the Chibok girls were missing. After that dereliction of duty; after that failure of leadership, after that betrayal of our future, for anyone to think or to put words in my mouth suggesting that I will vote or encourage anyone to vote for this regime is a travesty of intelligence.”

Speaking on the theme, “The Road to Sambisa”, the literary icon stressed Jonathan had not only betrayed children, he had failed as a leader.

“There has been a failure of leadership. Our children whom you represent today have been betrayed,” he said.

Soyinka warned members of the public not to believe every story written about him on the social media on his purported death.

Soyinka had also in September last year accused Jonathan of shielding sponsors of terrorism.

He urged the President not to take likely, allegations by Australian hostage negotiator, Stephen Davis, that there was a group within the Central Bank of Nigeria sponsoring Boko Haram.

The Nobel laureate noted that he personally knew Davis because they both worked together during the Niger Delta militancy crisis.

Soyinka also alleged that information about a suspected financier of the terror group within the CBN was passed to Jonathan but he allegedly sat on it.

Also at the event , the Secretary and Programme Manager for the Vision of the Child programme, Ms. Foluke George, said about 250 students from 60 primary and secondary schools in Lagos would participate in a competition aimed at promoting creative skills.

According to her, the competition will focus on reading, writing, and painting for student aged between eight and 12 years.

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Shola Afolabi

Candidly speaking, this nation is in dire need of a 'no nonsense' leader.. So much non-senses in the land!

Michael King

Mr Wole his right, cause all what he said are true because is what we can see with our own eyes.

Joe Okpe

Are there not in the same alcult society?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

The 3 things that speak volumes are 1) corruption, 3) no power, 3) Insecurity. These are the most important reasons why this present Govt should not be re-elected.

Mercy Dan

GEJ till 2019. any1 dat carry overcourse do write am nau. so em must complete em tenure, why must he drop out?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

This isn't school where you write a carry over course. School affects only you and its exclusive to you. Its ridiculous that people compare governance to schooling by saying when you carry over you get another chance. Chance for what?. To ruin more lives?. The people that has died under this Govt's stupidity and incompetence whether through insecurity or corruption deserves no second chance. Again, I repeat, THIS ISN'T SCHOOL.

Ommyl Ibukun

@mercy u need to take a sit abeg...wah stupid carryover...?

Mercy Dan

GEJ must finish his tenure. its always first n second term. whatever anybody likes let them say but GEJ deserves a second term. Gbam!

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Ridiculous statement again. Its not always a first and second term. Its a first term and if the people deem you deserve to continue then they'll let you. Not rigging which I'm pretty sure will be very high in this coming election. He deserves absolutely nothing.

Mercy Dan

untill you tell me the perfect person for that seat then I'll stop supporting GEJ, else GEJ till 2019.

Isiaka Musa Benue

GMB is the right man take it or leave it.

Sunny Okeke

GEJ till 2019

Mercy Dan

if GMB is ur right man, then I remain wif GEJ till 2019. case closed!

Isiaka Musa Benue

Mercy no problem my Pvc is my weapon God is my strength 8 days to go.

Mercy Dan

yes @Isiaka, ur choice, n I hv mine. Gdluck!

Emmanuel Gilbert

Endy is not bias now since the news update is against Goodluck , hm m.... pple r just terrible

Endy Edeson

@gilbert: you see Nigerians. if you check my previous post on my WALL, you won't believe the kind of insults they gave me just because the post wasn't favourable to their Candidate. I post news AGAINST or FOR both PDP and APC. i don't belong to any party

Emmanuel Gilbert

my brother, u r doin a great job, one of its kind in Nigeria, no one can refute dat, ur non-partisanship is clear to all, but some pple bcos they hav access to few mb will just shout and insult when tins don't go their way...

Emmanuel Gilbert

k ip d good work up, we dat r 4u r more, we l ike readin ur posts, even though some of us comment less, keep the news comin, bia s or nt every1 here enjoy it.
if u dont pls come and collect ur exit ticket now...

Endy Edeson

@Gilbert: thanks a lot. i'm glad you understand me. if you notice, majority of the people that insulted me in my last post did not comment here. Though, i'm not posting to toy with anyone's feelings. but as the story comes, i post it as it is.

Ndubuisi Elvis Ude

Though am not a fan of GEJ, i see no Vacancy in Aso Rock.

Emmanuel Divine

»in pigeon English« if person Wey get some thing go hide am and em come tell people say abeg my thing don lost, make una come help me find am why Na him hide am, brother, no body go see am. so all the things Wey Sir Soyinka dey yarn no get head, if he where to be the president by now self no body 4 they hear about 9ja. God punish GMB haters. GMB all the way

Bussy Duro

Endy d ur tin bt 4 me no more PDP in our land,its so painful i've nt gottn my voterz card coz i dnt wnt 2 vote b4 bt nw i no my vote count

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