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Friday, 6 February 2015

POLITICS: How BOLA TINUBU Will Emerge BUHARI’s Vice President if He Wins

The roots of the current in-fighting in the Presidential camp of the APC which their VP candidate, Prof Yemi Osibanjo’s group claimed is because he was forced to sign a letter of resignition for APC. This means that Pastor Osibanjo will step down for Bola Tinubu as the VP, if the APC wins the Presidential election. According to this video, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Muhammadu Buharis running mate in 2011 recounts his similiar experience in 2011. “Tinubu asked me to sign a resignation letter to sign a resignation leter that says I will resign as Vice President once Buhari wins the election (thus bringing about the Muslim-Muslim ticket through the backdoor)

The controversial pastor continued that the same APC asked him to commit perjury.

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Olajide Young Johnson

Endy of these dayz can not be trusted with political affairs of this nation------ soo i declare that this is none and void.

Olajide Young Johnson

if u read this right-up very well, you all will definitely see some kind of typographic errors and that is to show that this information is cooked-up.

Ayela Uwangue Gregory

Lol Johnson

Michael King

I believe Mr Johnson is right. Thx for the info

Charles Taiwo

hw true is dis?

Osuntokun David

See journalist.....if the Vice President resign...the Senate President become the VP...So stop confusing people with mediocre news

Olajide Young Johnson

God will bless you Oga osuntokun david, this is more reason why i said endy of these dayz can not be trusted and governance has procedure to follow atleast we are not in anarchy state yet that people will just be ruling as they soo desire---- so again this piece of information is useless

Ikade Justice Wisdom

mr osutokun david thats a lie. when tinubu deputy was compel to resign did the speaker of lagos state become the deputy? how can a speaker take over when he is not in same political party with the predident. why not listen to the audio tape before discrediting the writer

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Who brings the VP after the VP resigns? Why do we keep bringing issues that are irrelevant?. You think Tinubu would exert himself to the seat by magic?. Wouldn't the house have to consent to his nomination which I'm very sure they would refuse. So let's not just stoke the fire besides the VP office itself is immaterial as its only ceremonial. They have little powers to influence things.

Michael King

Oga and you called your self Mr Wisdom, we are talking of Presidential candidate not governance please, just step. Thx to you Mr David

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Let's also not deceive ourselves. Tunde Bakare was under CPC in 2011 ditto Buhari so how will Tinubu have influenced him to resign when they belong to different parties?. My mind boggles.

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

@endy I don't believe you are a good citizen, because a good citizen of nigeria, who take no penny whatsoever in coruption, who believe nigeria is 1, who pray good for the youth, who want nigeria co compete with the world will never, never and ever want the continual of this goverment

Ehikamhen Austin

Eddy! ...am so disappointed you could come up with sure lines as news.

I'll rather advice that you retrieve this post...
Trust me it's not a good start for you.

Olatokunbo Newman Emmanuel Olanrewaju

We are living in a country where there's decorum to the law that binds every individual both in the govt and non...hence that above named configuration can't work in this Democratic cycle we are ..because that sit isn't stereotyped for any particular party unless its done unanimously..think before sharing this kind of info..thank you sir/ma

Prince ZiisorleJack

@Osuntokun, dat's if d senate has been inaugurated. Events preceding May 29th swearing in of d president can be politically manipulated by party officials.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Actually you would find it hard to resign when you're not already in office. It calls for legit grounds for a court case which you might lose as a party.

Olajide Young Johnson

It's not like before that nigerians were mute but now nigerians have got to know their rights with do and don't, their is no way that some group of people will not said remove osibajo and put tinubu--- even in traditional way of government it can't happen not to talk of this most practice system of government internationally that we are practising. Apc will never dare it and if by charm or anyway they succeded in doing that we shall met again after 4yrs

Olajide Young Johnson

really i dont know why pdp's are puting themselves under pressure, it's has been over 16yrs of their ruling now--- let them stop going about with flimpsy excuses, we need a change and let have it even if they are going to do it right or not; let this change come first

Osuntokun David

a elected VP force to resign before he is sworn in for what?

Daramz Dee

Eddy how much are they paying you for this propaganda?

Tinuhannis George

Fink wel b4 postin trash...ao cn a he b forced 2resign..abegii

Olugbenga Awoku

Endy! I like reading ur news items,but i am disappointed in u,in dis very issue,u think somebody can fool Nigerians again,haba,how can someone become d VP thru d back door? U shld stop insulting our sensibilities! How much were u paid for dis?

Adeosun Olabode

ENDY EDESON you are very stupid for this post am very dissapointed in you

Bimbo Charlo

as our old men are clueless and visionless so also our Youth..we are smart and good at disseminating, news that can not raise hope, throw challenges or show us better things to emulate so that we can grow positively, rather we daily engage in propaganda, even if we need money which everyone needs too, but for how long can we continue to mess up with the future of our country....FB, Twitter, internet, light, electronics were developed out of vision (integrity) not out of trading their value for mundane. Nigeria Youth stop politiking, let's use our intellect and vigour for the betterment of Nigeria.

Ola Ridwon

eddy you are the most stupid human being on earth

Muhammad Ibraheem Kudus

Endy am really disappointed in you""not knowing you part of pple contribute negatively to d progress of dis noble country# if u start up dis you will surely end in vain""ar frm today me out frm ur page

Airuoyuwa Lixon

It is only a short-sighted bigot that had not seen the handwriting of Tinubu, selling dummies to electorates in South-West Nigeria.

Airuoyuwa Lixon

Tinubu had scceeded and sold dummies to the electorates in South-West of Nigeria.

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

@endy what a shame. there. are hundreds of reason why jonathan should be impeached, since I have been followen your post you've never raise one. shame on you endy

Endy Edeson

@ALL: there is more to what we think we know. you all have the right to express your opinions. This post might be meaningless to you but it's true. i'm sorry if it offended any of you. but let's remove sentiments from our views. Go to Youtube and search for the evidence of this PIECE. No blogger or media platforms can avoid "NEGATIVE AUDIENCE REACTIONS" especially when the issue concerns people of diverse DESIRES. We all know that many politicians carry out policies in Nigeria that are either against the constitution or not in the constitution. Please note that " I AM A NON-PARTISAN PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER" .

Sosanya Odasy Oluwarsheun Gbekheloluwar

I'ii see where u will be @Endy come feb 14. am very sure u are from minority wu Obj invited to taste power. Advocate of failure! If u like paint Buhari/Osinbajo black, we re determined to progress in Nigeria

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Endy. Its not the authenticity that's the worry for me. Its the ridiculousness of the news. He can't resign and Tinubu chosen without the house accepting it + really the VP slot is a ceremonial office. He would not have powers to implement. He can't propose a low if the Prez disagrees. He won't be able trump the constitution in this case. And about your non-partisanship, I doubt that very much which really is not a bad thing if you're in support of PDP. Its a perfectly fine thing as everyone has a right to support or associate with any political party even if they're the worst of the worst.

Ann Ab

Hahaaaaa i said it

Adeyemi Love Micheal

Idiotic post from a bigot and ethnic jingoist

Ardebahyour Snipper Samuel

this guy don high

Olala Akuma

tinubu knows how to do it.thief fron pit.

King Davix Migxon

Shame on APC

Tellang J. Elisha

Some pple are still immature, in dis era why insulting one another? Intact in any rumor there is always an element of truth..... Big shame to APC

Johnson Iheanacho

Tinubu ntooooor! nmeeeeeea! shame islam party.osinbanjo pls repent and be saved before its tooooooooo late.

Emmanuel Divine

what a shame to APC God punish them oooo

Bussy Duro

Who d we trust self.

Dahood Olalekan

fake story

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

When a mad dog is barking, do u let dat ruin ur plans? Think about it, evry day is new day & new story! Even if it is true, why don't u mind ur business?

Omo Oba Adeyemi Lanre

Story story...wel done wit ur propaganda.. God pass una

Robinson Emeke Ikebueze

Let us examine the message and not the messanger. What is reported here is a possibility. It can happen. I want us to know that politicians are manipulators. So, those of you abusing Endy should stop it. Endy is simply doing his job of reporting events as they occur in our soceity.

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