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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: “Muhammadu Buhari is Dangerous and the Most Brutal Dictator After Abacha- Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka, a professor and Nobel Laureate, has described Muhammadu. Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as the most brutal face of military dictatorship after Sani Abacha. The revered professor, who spoke to the BBC, suggested that Nigerians are in a serious dilemma with lack of alternative. When asked about his comments about the general as a brutal devil, Soyinka said he did not exactly call him the devil, but a brutal dictator.“I didn’t exactly call him a devil, but of course I talked about dinning with the devil with a very long spoon, but he (Buhari), I didn’t even want to dine with him at all,” he said.

“After Abacha, he represented the most brutal face of military
dictatorship, there’s no question at all about that.

“I’ve got to the point whereby I look at the possibility of a genuine internal
transformation with some individuals. I have been disappointed before, and
we must always be ready to be disappointed again.”

Speaking about deepening democracy
in Nigeria, the 80-year-old said:
“There are many, many actions,
especially by the government in power
which I won’t say are exactly
democratic. Let’s have a fair war, it’s
not yet deep enough.”

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Emayomi E Michael likes this.

Yvonne Onaibe

Lol......when did he say this?

Endy Edeson

HE spoke to the BBC

Yvonne Onaibe

I meant When?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

And he also did talk about GEJ in bad light. Why aren't we seeing this?. Ok to the story. He called him a dictator. IMO Nigeria has only had 2 leaders in the past 40 year. Those men Soyinka mentioned. Abacha and Buhari. It takes a lot of understanding to get what I mean. A good research will back me up. Abacha as bad as people look at him is a far better man than who we have today. Nigeria lacks leaders and someone with a backbone. Buhari does have these qualities. Also, we don't know how to break away from the oppression of the West and these 2 men are men that did and that annoyed the colonial masters. We need to be free. We need to get away from the strangle hold around the neck of this country. The sooner we do that, the better. It won't be easy as I know the interference will persist but its not impossible.

Ann Ab

Waitin for d part two

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

People don't talk about OBJ's rule that was oppressive both as a military and a civilian. I always say, people expect different from a military rule. There's non in the world that doesn't get criticized for the same issues.

Valentine Solomon

which side did soyinka belongs he accuse GEJ now is GMB lol

Ademola Ajiboye Mark

Soldier go,soldier come......Nigerias only God can save us from this mess we are into...

Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon

THIS guy you're been economical with the truth: this is what Soyinka said: Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, has criticised the two frontline candidates in the March 28 presidential election, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party and Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) of the All Progressives Congress. Soyinka, in an interview with the BBC on Monday, insisted that the political parties should have come up with far better options than the two leading candidates. He described President Jonathan, who is running for a second term and the opposition leader, Buhari, as “problematic candidates.” “There is a huge albatross hanging [around] the necks of the two main candidates. I can understand the dilemma which many voters have,” Soyinka said. He added that “one contender is troubled by the present, the other by the past.” Soyinka also decried the lack of fair play in the election, saying the spirit of “let’s have a fair war” was not yet deep enough. He faulted Jonathan for the failure to rescue the more than 200 schoolgirls abducted from Chibok in April 2014. “What happened was a clear failure of leadership – a slow reaction, an inadequate reaction and response,” Soyinka told the BBC. He stressed that while responsibility for the Boko Haram crisis rested with President Jonathan, the government could not be held solely responsible for the entire jihadist problem as it began under previous governments. “Buhari and his partner, the late Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, after (former military head of state) Sani Abacha, I think they represented the most brutal face of military dictatorship. There is no question about that,” Soyinka said. “But the environment changes, circumstances change and… I look at the possibility of a genuine internal transformation in some individuals. I’ve been disappointed before and we must always be ready to be disappointed again,” he added. Soyinka, however, said Nigerians should be ready to “go back to the trenches stand up against misrule from whoever wins the election. “Nigerians should be prepared to deal with any new betrayal by any ruler with the same passion and commitment…. as they did with the late Sani Abacha because we cannot continue this cycle of repetitious evil and irresponsibility.” On what to do to counter the Boko Haram sect, whose activities was cited for the postponement of the election, Soyinka called for “an aerial bombardment with weapons of the mind” in addition to the military offensive. “All kinds of propaganda leaflets should have been raining in those areas because not all members of Boko Haram are convinced. They need to know there is an exit and the state will take care of them. Then the waverers’ minds have to be reinforced on the positive side – on the side of humanity. “The kind of propaganda being used now between the political parties, just a fraction of that should have gone into attacking Boko Haram,” he added. Asked whether he believed the nation could be dismembered in the next 10 years, he said, “I doubt it very much. The threats of dismemberment have been going on so long that one of these days there is going to be a wish fulfilled. “The idea of either dismembering at the cost of human lives, as the Boko Haram people are trying to do with their caliphate delusions or to force people to stay together as happened in the case of the [1967-1970] Biafra war, doesn’t make sense, it’s an abuse of intelligence. “Arrangements can be made in which people stick together under protocols of association which allow some kind of autonomy for certain issues and other cases centralised policies,” he said. Soyinka also noted that the huge amount being expended on campaigns would inevitably lead to broken electoral promises. “What does this make of the incoming government? This money came in from somewhere. It means such candidates are going to owe, they are obliged to interests which are not necessarily in the best interests of the nation. “So, a lot of the electorate will be disappointed at the failure – the reneging on electoral promises – because there may not be funds for the fulfilment of those promises,” he said.

Emmanuel Gilbert

pls open ur own page for ur own news, we r ok with E ndy's news and analysis,or r u also working for the BBC?? is this nt copy and paste, abi na u interview the man , Endy d day u begin posting updates in the format above, u will b reading ur news alone....

Korede Adesanya

we still need BUHARI....

Polycarpz Igboon

Soyinka has no direction in politics!

Sam Kemmy

A word from an old man. He lived wen buhari controlled and he's of age then not they say they say. I think the youths should take caution.

Linda Abounu

Sai Buhari

Francis Oluwamayowa Tokede

Who is this guy? Is your source one those guys at the unpresidential presidency? Soyinka trashed both Buhari and Jonathan. Why have you extracted only the Buhari side and exaggerated ridiculously. Nonsense! Liar!
LikeDeleteReport2 hours ago

Benson P. Benson

who does this man even stand for?

Ardebahyour Snipper Samuel

so ‪#‎Endy‬ wat did he say abt Gej oga, say make ah kukuma call u hungary or kwerk journalist lookin 4 fame by all means? wat if Gej loose, wia u go hide ur face after march 28th

Emmanuel Divine

I hate him like I hate to see his sh**t

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