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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

POLITICAL MADNESS: Another PDP Politician Tears his PDP Party Membership in Publi

Shouldn't this be illegal? Why show so much disrespect for the party in public? Why not just quit and be done with it? Pictured above is Abdullahi Muhammad, the Senior Special Adviser on Security to Gombe state governor, Ibrahim Dankwambo, publicly tearing his PDP membership card yesterday. 

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Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Why should it be illegal?. I thought we are all for freedom of expression?

Endy Edeson

@jesse: but it's not a calm way of expressing ourselves. voilence is not only when you carry gun or knife to destroy. this act to me is also voilence

Salako Stephen

Ko kan aye

Ọlá Bello

What problem do you have with that Edeson? Once again i see the side you'v taken. That should be the party's headache not ours tongue emoticon

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Its not an act of violence. He's not carrying a weapon nor is he fighting someone. Inciting violence? Maybe. Anyone who gets offended cos of something this flimsy really needs to check their self. He's tearing his own card. He has a right to it. Its his property. Its the party you should blame as they would accept him back if he want to come back. Would a company get offended if you tear your certificate of shares?. Nope. They'll be happy
Like6DeleteReport3 hours ago

Blessing Makanjuola

thanks jare Jesse, you hit the nail on the head, if he like eat it, burn it na he property.

Sule Beeti Snow Audu

Operation tear ur PDP membership card. Flee from evil

Adanlawo Tokunbo

I can see now that Nigerians are ready for change and so be it.

Clement Olabode

To those who cares to know:-)this is a violent act which shouldn't be coming from such an individual like Obasanjo, there is nothing bad if he says he is no longer interested in the party not by such uncivilised act which is capable of encouraging violence in an already tensed political climate. He could have done that in a more responsible manner. I need to correct a notion here: the card issued to him is not his personal property but that of PDP, so if had wanted to dissociate himself from such a party he could have probably returned the card instead of resulting to such a destructive act.

Afornma Oji

thats d height of lawlessness

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Clement. Didn't he pay for that card?. The card bears his name to show he's a member of that party. Its like a contract. You don't return contracts when there are disagreements. You tear them up. Its like me tearing my money but does it belong to me or the country?. Its mine. I can do whatever I want to it.

Ogunbekun M Imoleayo

na wah oo....tearing of card is termed act of violence but ait and nta videos are well justified business products.... Is it by force to be in power, we say we no want you but u wan lead us by force....‪#‎GEJmustGo‬

Clement Olabode

@Jesse that is exactly where you got it wrong, it is very very illegal because you paid for it does not mean you can destroy it. Besides, it is disrespective to the party. Tearing money because it is under ur possesion is equally an offence.

Clement Olabode

Pls which moral justification do you have for an act of destruction in any form?

Ogunbekun M Imoleayo

@ Clement ,Do u mean tearing of Ordinary Card is disrespectful but those hate videos on National media and the senseless way FFK and Fayose had always insulted him is respectful l pity our generation smh

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Clement. You do what you like with your property. His card was torn up. He could get it back by re-applying and paying a token. That's it. He paid to get this one and if he wants he will do the same. If you consider that an act of violence then you do have to consider the attacks we hear too an act of violence. That tearing incites little violence compared to speaking hate words and calling out people. The PDP and we have taken too much into what's trivial. Its a disrespect people say, but it goes both ways, the party has disrespected him too. Its a repercussional stuff. There's out cry cos they know he's an important man. If I am a member and I tear my card, would there even be a word? NO. Let's move on and discuss real issues facing the country.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

You call tearing a paper destruction?. I know the paper signifies something but its minimal. Is the party torn by that act?. His leaving the party is more of an issue compared to that paper ish.

Ommyl Ibukun

let d tearing begin ojere!! freedom of tearing.. aint nuffin illegal bout it!!

Endy Edeson

@jesse: if you likened the card tearing issue to you tearing your own money. It's also ilegal. Remember, if you are a true citizen then you must respect any legal tender. Currencies and ID cards are legal tenders and they must be respected. Outside the constitution, we should learn to use our intuition.

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