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Saturday, 3 January 2015

"What Life Took From Me"- 2015 Live Updates

(Please Note that the update written on BLUE TEXT is the outgoing week's review.)Welcome to 2015 Summaries of episodes of “What Life Took From Me” on AIT. Click This Link to Read Summaries of Episodes Shown From April 2014 to December 2014 on AIT Nigeria
Below is the fresh episodes this year. 

THE END: FINAL EPISODE: The Film has ended. Hose Luis Died. More Details Later . Pedro Medina was arrested and detained. Macario discovered through DNA test that Kelvin isn't his real son but accepted and vowed to never reveal the secret to anyone. Dimitrio re-united with Hosifina. Graceila didn't died, she survived after attempting to commit suicide. Though she now lives like a mad woman in a sea-side. Eric father begged Esmerida to be good friend to his son. 

(**** NEW UPDATE*** Wednesday April 1, 2015 to Friday April 3, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT )

The movie wasn't shown for close to 2 weeks due to the 2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria. Though we were all engulfed by the excitement and tension of the Presidential polls, we still couldn’t forget the fact that AIT has stopped showing “What Life Took From Me”.  Everyone including you was waiting for the election to come to an end so that AIT will resume showing the movie.
Muhammadu Buhari was declared winner of the election on Tuesday April 1, 2015. Let me quickly jump back to the main story. AIT resumed showing the movie on Wednesday April 2. ADOLFU was finally killed by Dimitrio when he learnt Adolfu was the real El-AL LA CRAN. Adolfu was killed on the day he was supposed to marry Hosifina.

Kelvin was fed up with his father’s chastisement , so he decided to leave Aguazul. Macario met him at Motor Pack . He begged him to go come back home. Dominga was happy to see Kelvin again. Despite all these, Macario still doubts the paternity of Kelvin.
Pedro Medina is really a strategist. He is having his way on everyone. He lured Monserrate to his side and held her captive to die. Alejandro, Dimitrio, Hose Luis and security officials went to rescue Monserrate. She almost died in the hand of Pedro.

As if adopting Monserrate wasn’t enough, he also kidnapped Monserrate children and Victoria. The biggest secret of the movie was exposed in this episodes. Can you imagine that Graceila wasn’t sick at all. She don’t have any brain tumour. it was all planned out to win the love of her children. She paid doctors and nurses to tell that she had brain tumour. Are you surprise? Me to. Infact, nothing has surprise me like this one in my entire life.

Graceila confessed to catholic FATHER about her lies. She begged him to keep it as a confessional secret. Victor learnt she wasn’t sick the day Pedro invaded them. Victor was surprise that she can stand and walk. Graceila was devastated that Monserrate her only daughter has been kidnapped all because she refused to give Pedro, Victoria. Graceila helped Pedro to take Victoria so he can free Monserrate in the presence of Victor. Pedro’s men overpowered Victor. Pedro dropped a gun for Graceila to kill Victor so he won’t reveal that she was lying about her illness.   

Unfortunately for Graceila, Victor survived the gunshot and was hospitalized. Victor told Dimitrio, Hose Luis, Alejandro that it was Graceila that wanted to kill him. Next week episodes will be very interested. I wonder how Dimitrio and Monserrate will react when they meet her and discover that she has been living a false life.

Thanks for READNG. My name is Endy Edeson.


( Monday March 16, 2015 to Friday March 20, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

This week’s episodes were fantastic as usual, though fearless RUFULIO died. I  can’t mourn him because it’s only a movie. Even if Monserrate or Hose Luis dies, I won’t cry because it’s just a film.

Esmerida was to celebrate her re-union with Rufulio before EL-AL-LA-CRAN took his life. After 1 year of separation, Rufulio finally accepted Esmerida for what and who she is. He promised to allow her dance and even watch her dance. It’s unimaginable. Who would have thought Rufulio will accept her dancing career. Esmerida was so happy to be with Rufulio the love of her life and the father of her cute son. On the day Rufulio was to watch Esmerida dance, ADOLFU learnt that he is in possession of a letter that indicted him to be the notorious criminal in Aguazul. He met him at club ESCOVINA.

After reading the letter, Rufulio already knew that ADOLFU is E-AL-LA-CRAN. Adolfu begged him to keep it as secret but he refused. He vowed to expose him. I think Rufulio was the architect of his own death; he was unarmed while ADOLFU was armed. He wanted to forcefully take the gun from Adolfu. It was at the scene, Adolfu shut him dead. All Adolfu wanted him to do is not to reveal his evil identity just like VICTOR did. Rufulio would have promise not to tell and later arrange for his arrest, instead he went dragging a gun with him. You see why I said Rufulio was the architect of his death? Rufulio died on the night he promise to watch Esmerida dance. What a sad loss.

Some of the people that went for Rufulio’s funeral are Monserrate, Hosifina, Alejandra and Laurito. Jose Luis was not present at the funeral. He didn’t even know that Rufulio was dead. He was battling with the health of his daughter Romina outside Aguzual. Hose Luis called Monserrate that their daughter ROMINA was dying. Monserrate and Alejandra quickly rushed to meet him, luckily the doctor said Romina was out of danger, she was diagnosed of a serious illness. You may recall that Hose Luis ran away with Romina last week but couldn’t take absolute care of her. Romina was always crying and later fell ill. The love of a mother was what Romina needed, she is still very tender. It was at the hospital that Hose Luis surrendered to Alejandra. He promised never to disturb Monserrate again and he withdrew his court case for the custody of Romina. He made peace with Alejandra and they embraced. Monserrate was in tears when Hose Luis told her he is no longer interested in her.  My personal opinion, Monserrate is practically married to two men. If anything happens to Alejandra again, Hose Luis will take back his position in her life. “No be am?, Na So”. Am sorry to use pidgin English but that is the reality. Monserrate loves both of them, though Alejandra’s love is driving her crazy like someone who took cocaine. Every time you see them, what will you will hear is “My Love, how are you”. Please don’t say am jealous because I have my own woman too.

I almost cried when Eric, Esmerida new friend went to see his father after running away from home for over 7 years. Common on, don’t tell me you can’t remember Eric, he is the musician that is currently in bereaved Esmerida’s life. Esmerida accompanied him to see his father so he can make peace with his family. Eric ran away from home after accidentally killing his younger brother. His mother died of loneliness of her children to death and distance. Eric father was mad at him and vowed never to forgive him for all he did but Esmerida helped begged. It was because of Esmerida’s presence that Eric father forgive him. This part of the movie was so emotional. I think Eric and Esmerida will finally get married because they are best of friends.

Macario is not a good man at all. He accused Kelvin his son of stealing his money but Dominca came early to clear the mess. Dominga said she deposited the money in their joint account. I wonder why Macario is still acting stupid, Kelvin looks exactly like him.

Mrs. Graceilia Monserrate Mother is dying slowly. She is now on a wheelchair. She can’t move her legs any longer. She will soon stop hearing and loose her sight because of her brain tumour. It’s such a pity that a woman full of life is going down this way.

Finally, Guess who is getting married. Guess, Guess, Guess, Guess. It’s me, Endy Edeson, I am the one getting married. “Hmmm Endy Please what has your marriage got to do with Monserrate”. I know that is what’s on your mind now.
 “ I’m just kidding, I am not getting married oooh. It is Adolfu that is getting married oooh”.

Enough of me joking around, Adolfu wants to get married to Hosfina despite all the evil he committed. On his wedding day, everyone got to know that he is the notorious EL-AL-CRAN. Hosefina got to know who Adolfu was and the wedding couldn’t hold. Nadia was so upset that his own brother is the most wanted criminal. Next week’s episodes will be tough because Dimitrio already knows that Adolfu is EL-AL-CRAN who killed Monica his lovely lady.


Thank You very much for reading.

(Monday March 9, 2015 to Friday March 13, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

In this week’s episodes, Ezekiel and Maria died. You want to know how they died? Continue reading.
Ezekiel was assumed to have died when Alejnadra shot him during police interrogation. Ezekiel wanted to kill Jose (Hose) Luis but Alejandra killed him to save Hose Luis life. Imagine! Alejandra and Hose Luis still protect each other despite the fact that they are quarrelling over Monserrate.

Pedro sent Maria to poison Alejandra to death. Maria did poison Alejandra’s drink but foolishly drank it too with hope that she and Alejandra will be together in the spiritual realm when they both die. Alejandra almost died after drinking the poison, Monserrate was in tears as she saw her man dying slowly with Maria. Shockingly, Pedro arrived the scene, stroked a  deal with Monserrate that he will revive Alejandra to life with anti-dote if only she helps him recover Victoria his “daughter” and Nadia his wife from Victor. Monserrate accepted the deal even when she knows that it’s an expensive deal. She and Nadia are very good friends, implementing Pedro’s order will kind of look like a betrayer. Pedro gave her the anti-dote to revive Alejandra but allowed Maria to die. That’s how Maria wasted her life. No need to pity her because she opted to live a bad life. I am sorry to say this to the departed soul, oh oh oh. I just remembered it’s a movie.

I think Pedro isn’t a bad man to the core. He is angry for not having PENIS because of Alejandra and for the fact that Nadia his wife left him for another man because he has no Penis.  Are you still wondering who helped Pedro escape when ADOLFU shot him? It’s Victor, surprise? Me too. Victor is the least person we all expected to help Pedro. Well, this is how it happened, that same day Adolfu shot Pedro, Victor went there also to kill him only to meet him in a poll of blood. Pedro asked him to save his life or his MEN will kill Nadia and Victoria. Due to the love Victor has for Nadia and Victoria, he helped Pedro and took him to a medical centre.

Monserrate was distressed because Hose Luis took their daughter Romina with him. Hose Luis took Romina away from Aguazul to show her fatherly love. Monserrate is selfish. She wants to have Laurito, Romina and Alejandra. She don’t even want Hose Luis to spend time with his daughter ROMINA. Is that not selfishness?

You remember MACARIO? I know you know him. Macario still don’t believe Kelvin is his son because he thinks he only had sex with her mother just once. As old as Macario, he doesn’t know that one round of sex or even semen inserted into the vagina can impregnate a woman. I just remembered that he didn’t go to school, he has been a servant to Almonte’s family almost all his life. Imagine, what Macario asked Alejandro to do. He asked Alejandra to help him do DNA test to confirm if Kevin is his true son.

ESMERIDA the dancer and her musician boyfriend broke up. The guy came to her house to end it. He insisted she stays with Rufulio, the father of her son. Esmerida was in tears as she has started loving him. To make matter worst, she saw him kissing ANHELICA’s (Hose Luis late wife) sister.
It seems, ESMERIDA is confused. She ended up kissing Rufulio when he visited and with the ways things are going they will get back together.

Thanks for reading. 

(Tuesday March 3, 2015 to Friday March 6, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

AIT is now fond of showing Sponsored Political updates when they are supposed to show “MONSERRATE”. This week, they were busy showing “THE EVIL OF TINUBU” & “GEJ SCORECARD” but they managed to show 3 episodes.

Pedro Medina broke into Ezekiel’s house, threatened to kill him, made him confess to his wife of all the crime he committed. Ezekiel out of fear told his lovely wife Carlotta that he is in illegal drug business. Carlotta was so disappointed and has vowed to dissolve their marriage. Pedro did not kill them, he made Ezekiel denounce his love for Carlotta likewise Carlotta. It was late for police to come in when Carlotta contacted Alejandra and Monserrate that Pedro came to their house.

Pedro later kidnapped Rosario [Alejaiandro’s mother].Presently police and  the navy are doing everything to rescue Rosario from Pedro. Meanwhile, Ezekiel is in Navy custody after Pedro attacked him. He informed the Navy to protect him but ended up being interrogated of Pedro-Medina’s whereabout.
Adolfu did not succeed in assassinating  Ezekiel  during  his campaign rally .Ezekiel  did not also reveal  to the navy that  Adolfu  is the real notorious  drug baron called El-Alacaran.

 Monserrat , Alejondra, Dimitrio & Refulio  still  believe Jose {Hose} Luis is partnering with Pedro Medina  to destroy them  but that is not true .Hose Luis is neutral. He separates  personal  affair with work. He  has  his own personal  fight with  Pedro, he wants  to  bring him to book by all means  not necessarily because of Monserrat  but  because  he is  a criminal.

(Monday February 23, 2015 to Friday February 27, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

This week’s episodes started on Monday February 23 , 2015. Graceila didn’t die as we suspected last week. She fell unconscious as a result of depression after she saw her own daughter Fabiola commit suicide. Dimitrio and Monserrate rushed her to hospital. It’s a pity Graceila has a chronic disease and her days are numbered to live. The doctor said she has brain tumour, with time, she won’t be able to walk, see and do anything. It’s really sad that almighty Social climber will die this way. The doctor said the illness isn’t curable but can be managed. Please don’t say she deserves it, I know she has done lots of things to her children and because of money but to air is human and to forgive is divine, let’s have mercy on her and pray nothing happens to her. Though, I don’t think she can ever repent of her sins even if she recovers from the illness. She loves money a lot.

Adolfu and Ezekiel, Victor and others were restless because they sensed Pedro is still alive and threatening their lives. They keep on seeing Scorpions in their house but do not know how it got there. They can’t see him but HE can see them. Pedro even attempted to kill Josifina (HOSIFINA) Adolfu’s girlfriend. Adolfu was later kidnapped by PEDRO and tortured, Pedro did not kill him. He ordered him to kill all his enemy including EZEKIEL, imagine how foolish Pedro could be. Adolfu that wanted to kill him is the person he set free, thinking he is still on his side. It seems Adolfu will carry out Pedro’s order to kill Ezekiel. Ezekiel is currently campaigning for governorship position of AGUAZUL and it’s on the campaign rally that the attack will take place. 

Imagine, Rufulio and Dimitrio suspect that Jose (Hose) Luis helped Pedro Medina escape and knows where he is. Rufulio used to be HOSE LUIS friend, I wonder  why he is now interrogating him about Pedro MedIna they both hate, such is life. It could be true that HOSE LUIS is partnering with Pedro, let’s see how it goes.   

Esmerida (Rufulio’s estranged wife) seems to have moved on with her life. She has not forgiving Rufulio up till now. She meet a new guy at a music show, I know she will end up falling for the guy ( who is a street musician). Rufulio was upset when he saw her with the guy, he confronted them but Esmerida said she is separated and has the right to make new friends. I think what Esmerida wants is a man that will accept her for whom and what she is. Esmerida has resumed dancing in the club as against Rufulio’s will. Rufulio thinks her job is odd but Esmerida new Boyfriend is a musician and likes watching her dance. Something tells me Rufulio will end up losing his wife Esmerida to another man.

What a big surprise, Pedro and Maria are now allies, you may recall that Pedro ordered Adolfu to kill Maria but she was spared. Pedro sent Maria to damage Monserrate car Alejandra bought her a new car. Monserrate accused Jose (Hose) Luis of damaging her car as a revenge of not allowing him take custody of their daughter, she later learnt it was Maria.

Can you imagine, Jose (Hose) Luis arrested and locked Alejandra up in police cell for accusing him of damaging Monserrate car, though he was released the next day.

The climax of this week’s episode was that Macario has a son. I am so sorry, ever since I started reviewing this story on my website, I have never mention Macario’s name because I thought he is irrelevant in the story. Though, he was the one that helped Graceila hid Fabiola when she was a baby. I don’t want to go back talking about him, I strongly believe you already know Macario. He is currently managing “Monserrate” Resturant with his wife Dominga. Macario and his wife have been restless because they were unable to have a child of their own. Dominga suffered several miscarriages. A young boy called Kelvin came looking for Macario and revealed he is the son of Macario. 

Before you continue reading, do you think Macario was happy to see Kelvin? Don’t bother answering, okay, you are free to think that he was very happy because he really needs a child but reverse was the case. Macario wasn’t happy to meet Kelvin. He thinks Kelvin is a fraudster. Kelvin told him his mother died some months ago and gave him details of how to find his father. According to his mother, Macario met her across Aguzual boarder and they had a one night stand SEX. It was just once he had sex with her and after that night they never met again. Now, you see why Macario isn’t happy about Kelvin. But Dominga is very happy to meet and be with Kelvin.

( Monday February 16, 2015 to Friday February 20, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

This week’s episodes were as interesting as every other episodes. Monserrate finally left Hose (Jose) Luis house. Alejandro did everything possible to bring back Monserrate to his life and it worked perfectly for him. Alejandra and Monserrate are now living together. They are all happy to re-unite especially with THE PRIEST (Father). Hose (Jose) Luis is in pain as no one was on his side.

Can you imagine, Victor and Nadia got married. On their wedding day, Monserrate went into labour and gave birth to a baby girl for Hose (Jose) Luis. Alejandro suggested they name the child after him –(ALEJANDRA- Which is the feminine name for Alejandro). Hose (Jose) Luis was upset to hear such from Alejandro. Though, he was happy he is now a fther but Monserrate don’t acknowledge his present. She behaves as if he doesn’t exist. Hose (Jose) Luis is currently fighting for the custody of the child. He wants the child to live with him but Monserrate is insisting she can’t give him the child.

Dimitrio has been promoted to the rank of a CAPTAIN in the navy. He is still very sad despite his promotion because of the demise of his sweetheart MONICA. He vowed to kill the person that murdered his woman.

Bad boy, ADOLFU proposed to Hosefina (Josefina) and she agreed to marry him. I never thought that Hosefina would agree to marry Adolfu. They are already planning to get married. Hosefina don’t know the kind of person ADOLFU is. She thinks he has changed for good not knowing he is still evil.

Fabiola was released from prison, she wasn’t happy even as she regained her freedom. Her mother is already back from Italy and she knew about it. She went to visit her mother to express her grievances; her mom was trying to apologize for running away with her money. Unfortunately, Fabiola killed herself in front of her mother – Graciela. Very sad, I really pitied Fabiola. All she needed was love, no one was ready to love her. My opinion, I think Hose Luis is a BIG FOOL. He ought to have opted to marry Fabiola because she even tried to seduce him. He is busy forcing Monserrate to love him. Fabiola can make a good wife if giving a chance to love. She is not like that good for nothing girl called MARIA who goes around having SEX with any man.

Guess who is back? It’s Pedro Medina, He wasn’t dead, he is back to take revenge on all his enemies. He has attempted to kill Hosifina but failed. He knows ADOLFU wants to marry her. After the death of Fabiola, Graceila her mother is heavily depressed. She has locked herself in a room without talking to her. She wouldn’t open door for CARLOTA despite all pleas. CARLOTTA informed DIMITRIO and MONSERRATE about the poor health of their mother. Dimitrio and Monserrate broke into her house and found out that she is lying dead. Awwww, did I just typed lying dead?, it’s not really confirmed if Graceila has killed herself for all the bad things she did to her children. Though, she was found lying unconscious. 

Thanks for reading.

Monday February 9, 2015 to Friday February 13, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

In this week’s episodes, Fabiola was arrested for defrauding Alejandro of his property. It was HOSE LUIS that arrested her. She thought he came to show her affection but reverse was the case. Monserrate and Alejandra went to visit Fabiola in prison. Fabiola told them that Graceila left to Italy with all her money. Monserrate and Alejandro weren’t surprised at all because they already know the kind of human she is. It seems like Alejandro will forgive Fabiola and give her part of his inheritance. Fabiola is really depressed and needs someone to love her.

Monserrate Aunty CARLOTA threatened to end her marriage to Mayor Ezekiel if he didn’t tell her what has been going on between him and Maria. She invited Monserrate and Alejandro for a meeting with Ezekiel so he will tell them the kind of business he is into and other issues.

Guess who didn’t die? No need to guess. It’s THE PRINCE of AGUAZUL . He wasn’t killed as we all believed. Ezekiel kept him away from Aguazul, saved his life when Pedro Medina ordered to kill him. Ezekiel released THE PRIEST and re-united him with Alejandro, Monserrate and the people of Aguzual. Pedro wanted him dead because he has evidence to proof Alejandro’s innocence. The people of Aguazul were happy to see THE PRIEST again after over 7 years he went missing.

Rufulio visited his wife ESMERIDA to see his new born baby boy. Up till now, Esmerida hasn’t forgiven Rufulio for catching him unclothed at late Monica’s house. She still feels Rufulio and Monica had sex. Presently, Esmerida and Rufulio are separated. They are not living together any longer. I don’t know if they will ever get back together again.

The climax of this week’s episodes was that HOSE LUIS finally allowed Monserrate to stay with Alejandro with the plan of setting Alejandro up with Maria. He conspired with Maria to seduce Alejandro so Monserrate will leave Alejandro and believe he has been cheating on her but this trick didn’t work. Even when Monserrate saw Alejandro in bed with Maria, she still believed it’s a conspiracy but she didn’t know HOSE LUIS was behind it.

HOSE LUIS decided to change his mind of letting Monserrate stay with Alejandro because his plan with Maria did not work. On the day Monserrate was to leave, HOSE LUIS threatened to kill her, Alejandro and himself. It was that serious. Monserrate had no option than to stay with him. Alejandro has vowed to rescue Monserrate from HOSE LUIS. least I forget, Good news, Alejandro has reclaimed his inheritance and has been cleared of all crime leveled against him. He is now a free man. He now has the right to re-claim Monserrate as his lawfully wedded wife. HOSE LUIS is not ready to give up Monserrate because she is carrying his child.


Monday 2nd February, 2015 to Friday February 6, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)

Before you start reading, please note that JOSE LUIS is the same thing as HOSE LUIS. This past week episodes were aired 30 minutes instead of the usual 1hr slot because of sponsored political adverts on AIT. You know it’s election period in Nigeria, Media houses are making money with politically sponsored programmes.
As usual, the episodes were interesting but lots of tragic things happened. Admirer Roberto the NAVY BOSS is dead. Mayor Ezekiel and Adolfu killed him in a bomb blast attack because he wanted to bring them to book for their crimes.

Admirer Roberto was a decent man and was loved by all in the Navy and in the town of AGUZUAL. His death affected many including Jose Louis (or HOSE LOUIS ). Almighty Pedro was also attacked by Adolfu, Pedro was shot and believed to have died when Adolfu left but his body was not found. People are confused as to whether he is alive or dead. Adolfu is tensed because Pedro’s supposed “corpse” was not found. Aside that, the security wants to arrest Pedro for different crimes he committed. No one currently knows where Pedro is.

HOSE Lius kicked Rosario out of his house because she was always advising Monserrate to leave him for her son Alejandro. This act by Hose Luis cost him the love of Laurito. Laurito said he now hates him because he chased his grandmother away. Monserrate has vowed that she will go with Rosario but HOSE LIUS said it’s not possible.

Fabiola has been defrauded by her own mother Gracelia. She transferred all her money to Gracelia’s account so they can travel abroad (Italy) for vacation. Gracelia instead of traveling with her, traveled alone. It’s was so shocking to her. Imagine, Fabiola is the half sister to Alejandro and the half sister to Dimitrio and Monserrate as well. Gracelia had her for Ben Amin Almonte, Alejandro’s father. Dimitrio, Monserrate and Alejandra are aware that Fabiola is their sister.

Up till now, ADOLFU has not had SEX with Hosefina. Though she allows him to kiss her but no SEX yet. ADOLFU claims to love her but I know that guy is a bad guy. Can a cold hearted person like Adolfu love?

Monday 26 January, 2015 to Friday January 30, 2015 (SUMMARY On AIT)
This week episodes were fantastic. I watched it with my female friend FAITH OMINYI. She is also my neighbour. She loves Mexican movies just like I do. She and I have watched lots of Mexican movies together like “Abyss of Passion ”, “Forbidden Passion”, “The One Who Couldn't Love” “My Heart Beats For Lola”, including Filipino soaps, “My Eternal”, “Her Mother’s Daughter”, Brazilian Soaps “Tropical Paradise”, “Destiny River”  to mention but a few. FAITH OMINYI is from Benue State but we both live in Lagos. I wonder why FAITH doesn't have a local BENUE name. I would have loved to call her by a typical Benue name but let me stick to FAITH.

I’m so sorry if I bored you with the story of FAITH OMINYI and I because it’s not about US you came to read here. Let me quickly dive into the story, I know you can’t wait to read what happened.

It was a sad moment for everyone both “We the Viewers” and the “Movie Characters”. Wondering what caused the sadness. Actually, someone died. Who could it be? Is it Jose Luis? Alejandro? Hosifina? Or … It’s not necessary to ask you such question. Let me just go straight to the point. Monica (Dimitrio’s Wife-to-Be) is DEAD. Adolfu killed her during a shoot-out by the Navy and some drug dealers. Monica was surprise to find ADOLFU as one of the illegal drug dealers. For ADOLFU’s safety, he killed her so that no one will know that he is into bad business.

The death of MONICA was a big lost and shock to everyone. Can you imagine? My female friend FAITH OMINYI almost cried when Monica died. Though I was touched, I tried to let her know it’s only a movie. She said “Endy, It’s not just a movie, I like Monica so much. I didn’t want her to die in the movie”. I and FAITH observed  ONE MINUTE SILENCE for Monica. Interesting story right? It’s as if FAITH OMINYI and I are also characters in the movie.

Let me tell you how DIMITRIO and others felt. Dimitrio was supposed to marry her, they are already engaged to marry but that wedding will not hold again. No thanks to DEATH who stole lovely Monica away from Dimitrio. The people of AGUAZUL organized a State burial ceremony for Monica. Almost all the HIGH and MIGHTIES attended the burial. Unlike when SANDRO the Lawyer died, it was as if a RAT died. No one even mourned him, not even the two women he had SEX with. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the women he had SEX with. It’s FABIOLA and GRACEILIA (Dimitrio’s Mom).

Majority of the sympathizers came to console DIMITRIO for the sudden death of his sweet heart. Imagine ADOLFU the murderer also came to sympathize with Dimitrio. What a wicked world. No one knows that it was ADOLFU that killed Monica except Mayor EZEKIEL. Jose Luis didn’t find it funny when Alejandro and Monserrate exchanged pleasantries at the burial ceremony. He quickly cautioned her not to disrespect him in public. Monserrate is still followed by Security Men and held captive by Jose Luis, though she still has the freedom to move around but never to see Alejandra again.

Before I continue narrating this story, let me remind you that MAYOR EZEKIEL is an illiterate in the movie. He was an ordinary police officer but Pedro Medina helped his career, promoted him from Ordinary Police Officer to Chief of Police and now he is the Mayor of Aguazul without a certificate. This is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. Imagine a presidential candidate in Nigeria who has no certificate and some BIG WIGS want him to be elected for their own selfish gain. I don’t want to mention his name for security reasons but I’m 100% sure you know him. He has “gap teeth” or what we popularly call “OPEN TEETH”. It’s really sickening seeing how some politicians are being SELECTED to hold a position instead of ELECTED especially in Nigeria.

“ENDY, I beg you, enough of this your political analysis, continue with your narration and leave politicians alone”. I know that is what could be on your mind right now. Let me jump back to main story before some of you guys will start accusing me of politicizing this “Ogbonge” Monserrate GIST.

Pedro Medina also came for Monica’s burial ceremony. Alejandra and Jose Luis met him and vowed to destroy him. Earlier on, Amelia (Pedro’s Ex-Wife) tricked Pedro, begged him to allow Nadia and Victoria visit Hosifina, only for Pedro to see Hosifina at Monica’s Funeral. He sensed Nadia could be with Victor at Hosifina’s house. He quickly went to confirm. Pedro caught Nadia and Victor red handed at Hosifina’s house. He ordered her to leave immediately but Nadia refused, Victor and him got into a fight. Pedro was beaten BLACK and BLUE by Victor.

Pedro the governor of Aguazul beaten like a child? Imagine, if Nigerian musician WIZKID beats Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola during APC Campaign rally. It will be the biggest disgrace of all time. That kind of shame is what Almighty PEDRO MEDINA received. Ordinary Victor almost pulled out all his teeth when they fought. I thought PEDRO will beat Victor but reverse was the case. Macario & his wife, Victoria, Laurito, … were all present during the fight. They mocked Pedro that he don’t even have strength to fight.

Dimitrio and Monserrate snobbed their mother Gracelia at Monica’s funeral. They preferred talking to Alejandra’s mother. Graceilia left the funeral in shame. Her two children have turned their back against her. She went to meet Fabiola in tears and told her the truth. Fabiola is the only daughter that can accept her because she was brought up in CHARITY HOME and had been looking for her true parents. Graceilia took Fabiola to Amelia. Amelia confessed that Fabiola is Graceilia’s daughter and the daughter of late Ben Amin Almonte. Graceilia had Fabiola out of wedlock for Ben Amin Almonte (Alejandra’s father). AMELIA made Gracelia believed that Fabiola was dead but hid her away.  That means, Fabiola and Alejandra will inherit Almonte’s properties. Will Alejandra allow that?

Presently, Nadia and victor are living with Victoria at Hosifina’s house, though they are still scared Pedro might come for them. But my personal opinion, I don’t think PEDRO MEDINA is a bad man. He is just a victim of circumstance. I wonder why everyone wants him dead. FAITH OMINYI my female friend and I like Pedro. We don’t like that fact that everyone wants him dead. Infact, FAITH OMINYI my friend thinks PEDRO MEDINA is handsome and cute. She told “ENDY, Do you know that Pedro Medina is handsome and I have a crush on him?” I answered her: “Readlly?”.

FAITH OMINYI even told me she wouldn’t mind getting married to someone like PEDRO who does not have Penis. I smiled and laughed at her. I was like “FAITH, do you mean what you are saying? Pedro does not have PENIS”. She said “YES, I Love him like that”.

Come on ladies, would you marry a man without PENIS? Hahahahahahahahhahah {I can’t stop laughing as I type this article around 2.22am, most you reading it right now must have been sleeping around that time}. Let me tell you what later happened to PEDRO MEDINA on last Friday episode. He was shot by ADOLFU and he is also wanted by the Police for alleged crime. We don’t know if he survived the bullet or he died. NEXT WEEK we will find out .

THANKS FOR READING. (Narrated and Written by ENDY EDESON)


Please note that I now summarize weekly, every Friday, I summarize all the episodes shown during each week ‘Monday –Friday’ on AIT. So if you didn’t watch any of the episodes during the outgoing week. Here is the summary of what happened.
Esmerida finally gave birth to a baby boy for Rufulio. Monica told her the truth that nothing happened between her and Rufulio despite the compromising situation she found them that day and asked her to forgive them. Es merida forgave her and Rufulio her husband. Rufulio was happy to be a father. Jose Luis Alverez paid Esmerida a visit to congratulate her but they ended up arguing about something I can’t remember as I’m typing this.

Dimitrio and his lover Monica also reconciled. Dimitrio proposed to her and she agreed to marry him. They are engaged. I still doubt if their relationship will work out. Something keeps telling me Dimitrio and Hosifina will end up together again.

Alejandra boldly met Pedro Medina at his office to let him know he is still alive. Pedro was surprise to see him. Alejandro was warned not to let Pedro see him but he went straight to face and conquer his fears. In fact, Victor, Monserrate and Rosario weren’t 100% happy when they learnt he went to visit Pedro Medina knowing the fact that PEDRO wants him dead by all means. Alejandro is Pedro’s biggest enemy because he caused THE loss of his PENIS which made him impotent.  Pedro has started making plans to kill Alejandro. Alejandro said he will make him regret all his actions after he recovers his WILL.

Monserrate’s mother Gracelia stole Alejandro’s WILL from Maria. She visited her and secretly stole the WILL from her. Alejandra did not agree to SEX Maria in exchange for his WILL, rather he went with police to force the WILL out from her. Maria quickly went to bring the WILL but to her surprise the WILL had gone missing, no longer where she kept it. She told Alejandro that she can’t find the WILL where she kept it. If you are in ALEJANDRA’s Shoe, won’t you say “STORY FOR THE GODS”?. Of course, no one will believe her. She was arrested.

Monday January 12th to January Friday 16th 2015 Summary (on AIT Nigeria )

Alenjandra was arrested and put in prison. He was later released by Jose Luis. Pregnant ES MERIDA caught Rufulio at Monica's house, doing what? And Lawyer SANDRO was shot dead by Maria. Dimitrio and Hosifina had SEX. Yes, you just read it. Let me type it again, DIMITRIO and his extranged ex-wife HOSIFINA had Sex, But how?, continue reading to 
find out what happend. 

I thought SANDRO truly loves Graceilia. He used and dumped her. Unfortunately for him, 
the day he was to travel back to Miami, Maria caught up with him and demanded he give her the WILL or else she will kill him, out of fear, SANDRO gave her the WILL but Maria still went ahead to shoot him  dead. Maria disguised herself as Monserrate when she came for SANDRO, Fabiola saw her running away from the house and found that SANDRO has been shot dead. she thought it was Monserrate that killed him
not knowing that it's maria. 

Though Monserrate was supposed to see SANDRO that same day to collect Alejandro's 
WILL but she received a call from school that Laurito and Victoria were missing. She found them with their dads at HOSIFINA's house and asked the school authority to calm down. Laurito and Victoria sneaked out from school to see their dads Alejandra and Victor.No arrest or legal action has been made so far for SANDRO's murder. I guess the guy is not that important in the movie. If it were to be Monserrate or Alejandro that died,
 it would have caused uproar. 

Jose Luis wanted to SEX monserrate against her will, let me say, wanted to rape her. Monserrate tried to force herself away from him, Dimitrio arrived to save Monserrate, Jose Luis almost strangled Dimitrio to death. 

Out of jealousy and the quest to HAVE Alejandro, Maria told Jose Luis the Hotel Monserrate and Alejandro are currently making out. Jose Luis quickly went to trace them, guess what? he caught them red handed having SEX. it was dramatic and heavy shock to him. He forced Monserrate out of the hotel room and arranged to arrest Alejandro since he is already
a fugitive.

Monserrate was so confused as to what to do. The next day Jose Luis and other armed men came to arrest Alejandra for the CRIME he was accused of (killing his own father). Alejandra was once again put in prison. Imagine what Monserrate did to set Alejandra free
She bribed Jose Luis with Love to set Alejandra free. (Remember that JOSE LUIS is still the Chief of Police in Aguzual). She promised to GIVE UP Alejandro to fall in love with Jose Luis if Jose Luis sets Alejandra free. They signed an emotional agreement. Part of the agreement was that Monserrate will be forever banned from seeing Alejandra or talking to him. She will be moving with body guides that will monitor all her movements. Though, Laurito is free to see his father, Alejandra. Monserrate agreed to Jose Luis terms and conditions just to set Alejandra free. 

When Jose Luis beat up Dimitrio for trying to take away Monserrate away from him, Hosifina was around too. Dimitrio sustained injuries, Hosifina offered to help heal his wounds. He ended up sleeping in Hosifina's house that night and they had SEX, Full Stop. Monica Dimitrio's current girlfriend broke up with him when she found that he slept with Hosifina. Monica felt depressed and USED by Dimirtio She packed out of Dimitrio's house. Rufulio helped packed her things from Dimitrio's house.

I thought Monica is a responsible young lady, she even seduced Rufulio, they kissed, hugged but Rufulio refused to SEX her because of the love he has for his pregnant girlfriend. Unfortunately, ESMERIDA came to invite Monica for her BABY SHOWER but saw RUFULIO and MONICA 
half naked, trying to put back their clothes. Her suspicion that Rufulio and Monica are an item became true. She was mad at him and asked him not 
to touch her. 

Imagine, ES MERIDA gave up her beloved  career as a STRIP DANCER just to be Rufulio's wife, now, Rufulio wants to mess with her.

WILL ESMERIDA and RUFULIO finally break up after she caught him in Monica's house? LET'S SEE HOW IT GOES. 


January 3rd to January 10th 2015 Summary (on AIT Nigeria )

Sandro the lawyer is now in a relationship with Graciela ( Monserrate Mom). Dimitrio caught him making love with his mom. They apologized but mainatained that they are old enough to be in a relationship. Dimitrio was once again disappointd at his mom for being cheap to men just to get what she wants. Graceila only slept with Sandro so she can fight in getting ALEJANDRA's Will from Maria, though she is attracted to Sandro. 

Rufulio and his pregnant wife almost got divorced but they but they settled their differences. the doctor advised them to make love more often especially now that Esmerita is expected to put to bed in less than 2 weeks.

Alejandro finally meet with Maria. Maria gave him the condition of sleeping with her for just one night so she can give him his LEGAL WILL to reclaim his properties but Alejandro rejected the offer. Alejandro told Monserrate about what Maria said, suprisingly Monserrate advised him to sleep with Maria in exchange of his Original Will, still Alejandra refused. Jose Luis has been fooled. Monserrate sold her house to him in order to run away with Alejandro. Jose Luis is just confused as to what is happening. Laurito no longer calls him DADDY rather he calls him by his name or "God Father".

Unfortunately for Maria, Sandro saw her when she was keeping Alejandro's WILL somewhere in a church. When she left Sandro took the WILL away. Oh! poor Maria, i wonder what will happen when she finds out that it is no longer there. Her dream of sleeping with Alejandra will be over. UPDATED: She was "mad" when she found out, she thought it was Graceila that took the Will but later found out that it was SANDRO. GUESS WHAT? Sandro only used and dumped GRACELIA, i thought he is is truely in Love with Her. That guy is a sharp player. 

On the day Alexandra and Monserrate with their son Laurito were to run away, Monserrate suddenly fainted and was rushed to hospital. To her amazement, Doctor said she is 3 weeks pregnant and it's for Jose Luis. Alejandra ordered her to abort the baby but she refused. They canceled their journey due to this issue.Monserrate and Laurito went back to Jose Luis, though she finds Jose Luis disqusting, she still wants to keep his baby. According to her " Iam keeping this baby not becuase Jose Luis is the father, but becuase i don't want to kill an innocent child, Alejandra is and will remain the Love of my Life". I think Monserrate is a confused lady right now. WATCH OUT FOR NEXT WEEK EPISODES 

December 29, 2014 – January 2nd 2015 Summary (on AIT Nigeria)

Monserrate is really obsessed about Alejandra. This movie depicts how life could be unfair to some people. After all, she was in love with JOSE LUIS before her mother sold her to ALEJANDRA.  She demanded for divorce from Jose Luis but Luis did not agree. This time, he won’t just let her go because she is now his wife. Monserrate is constantly visiting ALEJANDRA and having SEX with him. To me, she doesn’t love Alejandra, she is just obsessed with him. Had it been that Alejandra did not buy her over through her mother Graciela, she would have still belonged to Jose. Why Monserrate Love for Jose Luis stopped was because of the way he was always making every move to be with her. Women tends to play on men when they find out that he loves her especially if she has other men.

I know it, Jose Luis made a very BIG mistake for going to prison for a crime Alejandra committed. He wasted 7 years in prison just to prove his love for Monserrate. What a STUPID idea. Now, Monserrate is taking him for granted.  Jose Luis had options of leaving that “good for nothing skinny girl” called Monserrate and move on with his life rather than fighting a meaningless battle to reclaim her love.
He already knows that Monserrate doesn’t love him anymore, why in the world is he is fooling himself. Just grant her divorce and move on with your life, Jose Luis.

The Movie is getting more interesting. PEDRO MEDINA has enrolled VICTORIA in a private school. The same school LAURITO attends, they are even in the same class. ADOLFU informed VICTOR that Victoria has started school, Victor used the opportunity to secretly visit Victoria at school. He did not bother to run away with her because he is still strategizing on how to ‘RESCUE’ her and Nadia.
Jose Luis vowed that he will put Alejandra in prison if he sees again. He wants to use his power as the “CHIEF OF POLICE of AQUAZUL” to track Alejandra down. He has ordered the navy to search for Alejandra and make sure they bring him dead or alive.

Maria is still fantasizing about being with ALEJANDRA. She is completely irresponsible. Imagine a girl who claims that she is in love with Alejandra is using ADOLFU as her SEX toy. Anything she wants sex, She begs ADOLFU to give to her. Though she ‘100% truly’ loves Alejandra.
Graciela visited Monica and Dimitrio in their new place of residence. Monica assured her that she truly loves Dimitrio. They had dinner together.

SANDRO the lawyer that falsified ALEJANDRA’s WILL and Graceila are now lover. He is a womanizer. He claims to love Graceila but I think he just wants a piece of her flesh. Well, Graceila is not WOOD. She sure needs a man to warn her body after the death of her husband.

Maria and Graceilia met. She threatened to  expose Gracelia for the crime she committed. Graceila was the one who ordered Maria’s uncle to poison Alejandra’s father to death. Maria knows the secret. She said Graceila should do everything possible to separate Alejandra and Monserrate if not she will expose her. I believe Maria is just dreaming, how in the world will Alejandra fall for her.

Monserrate and Rosario finally told LAURITO the truth about his father and took him to meet his father ALEJANDRA. They hugged for the first time after 7 years.

Alejandra and his son spent time together. Monserrate, Rosario and Alejandra explained to Laurito why Alejandra was away for so many years. Laurito asked if he could tell “Daddy Jose Luis” that he saw his real daddy Alejandra. They advised him to keep it as secret but allowed him to tell only Victoria his friend.

Alejandra paid Maria a visit. Maria gave him condition of getting back his original WILL if he sleeps with her at least for one night. Alejandra rejected the offer.
SANDRO the lawyer also visited Maria to forcefully collect ALEJANDRA Original WILL. Maria also offered him SEX to keep his mouth shut, he refused the offer. He threatened to tell PEDRO MEDINA that she is still alive, he was about calling Pedro before ADOLFU walked in and ask him to leave. Aldofu and Maria live together but they are not dating, he protects her from attacks and refused to kill her when Pedro Medina ordered him to kill her. Pedro Medina thinks Maria is dead, not aware that ADOLFU did not kill her.

It really seems that ADOLFU and HOSIFINA are truly in love. HOSIFINA told Aldofu that for their relationship to work, Maria must leave his house and he should stop womanizing. ADOLFU did as she said, he asked Maria to leave. He promised to buy Maria a house just for her to stay away from him.

Dimitrio didn’t find it funny when Monica his wife invited his mother for dinner. He just finds his mom so repulsive as he believes that she only wants her personal gratification.

Monserrate refused to allow Jose Luis make love to her. She hates him so much. She wants to secretly sell her house so she can raise money to run away with Alejandra but Jose Luis overhead her telling her aunt that she wants to sell her house. He demanded to know the reason why? She told him she wants to raise money to pay her debt. Imagine how ignorant Jose Luis is, He volunteered to buy the house, not knowing that it will be very stupid of him to do so.


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