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Saturday, 3 January 2015

POLITICS: 10 Creditable Reasons Why Nigerians Should Re-elect President Jonathan In 201

True to this statement, the average Nigerian has been indifferent or lukewarm towards political power and consequently, the political elites have dominated power since independence. As the 2015 elections draw nearer, I have studied the unfolding dynamics and permutations, my conclusion is that all factors considered, it is in the best interest of Nigeria to re-elect President Jonathan for another four years. I have summarized my reasons below. 

First reason is that Nigeria has recorded remarkable economic growth under President Jonathan. Only two Months ago, Nigeria overtook South Africa as the continent’s largest economy after it overhauled its gross domestic product data for the first time in more than two decades. According to verifiable figures for 2013, released by Nigeria’s statistics bureau, Nigeria’s GDP hit $503bn (£307bn) – nearly double previous estimates and well ahead of South Africa at around $350bn.

This pushed Nigeria up 12 places to become the 24th largest economy in the world – on par with Poland and Belgium and ahead of Argentina, Austria and Iran. This is a huge achievement. This development was not achieved overnight. It was a result of the direct dynamic approach of the President in terms of greater investment in entrepreneurship and private sector participation.

Second reason is that President Jonathan has recorded significant improvements in the power sector, backed up with greater roads and infrastructural development. The bold privatization of the defunct NEPA paved way for improved power supply in Nigeria. Most Nigerians can confirm that although we do not have power supply round the clock, however there has been a commendable improvement. There has been also greater road rehabilitation in Nigeria like the Lagos-Benin Road, the ongoing second Niger bridge etc. This government has also commissioned many new schools especially in the north of Nigeria aimed at bringing education to the door steps of the commoners.

Thirdly this administration has pursued a robust foreign policy since inception. Nigeria which previously lagged behind in the comity of nations, has now assumed her rightful position as a leader in the international community. The recent successful hosting of the World economic summit is a testament to this. Nigeria under President Jonathan has been a dynamic force in Africa and beyond. Nigeria has been leading the peacemaking initiatives in the West African sub region, with our troops deployed in Mali, Liberia and beyond. Nigeria’s partnerships with our international allies like the UK, US and France have deepened and improved under the Jonathan led administration.

The number four reason is the need for continuity and stability in our democracy. Having made tremendous progress as discussed above, there is an important need for continuity in order to sustain these achievements. We cannot afford to start afresh all over again. What is needed is a sustained initiative and a planned change of government after another four years.

Another important reason Jonathan should continue is that he is a democrat in all ramifications. Even some elements of the opposition attest to the democratic disposition of the President. President Jonathan’s tolerance of the opposition is unprecedented in the annals of Nigeria. In the first republic, the leader of the opposition Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his supporters were harassed and imprisoned. In the second republic, the ruling NPN allegedly tried to intimidate and capture all States by all means including the Ondo State Gubernatorial election “victory” of 1983 which caused an uproar in Ondo state.

But today, members of the opposition can sleep with two eyes closed, thanks to the liberality of the President. The President has a non violent body language which connotes peace. Today many opponents throw personal abuses and insults at the President without facing any consequences. Many African leaders wouldn’t take personal insults and abuses from the opposition or anybody for that matter. In the recent past this would have been unthinkable. Those critics who think the President is weak should realize that it takes strength of character to absorb insults and abuses without negative reactions. To his credit, there has been no politically motivated assassinations till date. Friends and Foes agree that Mr. President cannot “hurt” a fly.

Similarly the President has supervised fairer elections than his predecessors. Many States today are controlled by the opposition. In fact it is on record that opposition parties have won more elections under President Jonathan than under all previous dispensations put together. This can be attributed to the democratic inclination of the President. He has reasonably erased the do or die politics of the past.

Again, victory for Jonathan is victory for the common man. Jonathan can be said to be the first Commoner from a humble beginning to emerge President. The political elites have dominated politics in Nigeria from time immemorial. It doesn’t matter if they are from the North or South, Christians or Muslims. The elites had always been in power in Nigeria. Jonathan emergence was an act of God which no mortal envisaged. Therefore ordinary and working class Nigerians must ensure that the elites do not bully Jonathan out of office. At the moment the elites have united with the sole purpose of recapturing power for themselves and their descendants. They are using sensitive issues like insurgency and insecurity to blackmail the President. Nigerians should not be fooled by the antics of these desperate folks. No single godfather owns Nigeria. Nigeria belongs to us all. Therefore we are all equal stakeholders and therefore the will of the majority must prevail.

Similar to the above is the seventh reason. Jonathan is the first minority to be elected President. Therefore Jonathan represents hope for the down trodden and minorities in Nigeria. From independence the major ethnic groups dominated politics in Nigeria. It was unimaginable then to have a minority as President. Today we have a minority as President on a platter of gold. Added to this is that the South-South region where Jonathan comes from accounts for over 90% of the resources Nigeria has been using to run for over four decades now. Strangely Jonathan is the first President from this region. It would be a good idea to allow Jonathan govern Nigeria with our support. Jonathan can do better with our support and cooperation. Those opposed to his ambition based on the so called unwritten agreement should realize that Nigeria and her Constitution are greater than any parochial arrangement.

Moreover another four years of Jonathan would mark the beginning of the end of the era of godfatherism in Nigerian politics. The so called godfathers in our national political life have held Nigeria to ransom, without rhyme or reason. They place unrealistic and unreasonable demands on the incumbents. The first battle Jonathan fought was to liberate himself from his so called godfather which he has successfully and bravely done. The next four years would give the President the opportunity to level all inequalities and provide a level playing field for all Nigerians, to enable eligible candidates contest and win elections without depending on godfathers.

The ninth reason we should re-elect President is because of the lack of a credible opposition. Opposition in Nigeria has weakened due to the absence of a defined ideology. We have seen members of the opposition jump from party to party without any ideological framework. The only constant feature is the lust for power. As a result we do not have a formidable opposition that can make a difference politically.

The recent merger of several political parties to form the All Progressive Congress (APC) was received warmly with great expectations. At last the vibrant opposition has arrived! So we thought! How wrong we were! Most Nigerians expected a strong opposition that would mobilize Nigerians behind them. We expected an opposition devoid of pettiness and cheap blackmail. We expected an opposition that would be defined by principles and ideals. We expected an opposition that would present a clear cut, well defined, and practicable alternative to the present. We expected a credible opposition based on principles. To say the APC dashed our hopes is an understatement. APC missed the opportunity to stand out as the new national umbrella. All we hear is ” Give us Power”. But what are you going to do differently? What are your plans? Nigerians need to know what agenda you have before they give you power.

The PDP has been in power since 1999. As expected some Nigerians have some reservations on the performance of PDP. This is not unexpected considering the fact that the Party has been in power for fifteen years now. But the pertinent question is, what will APC do differently? APC has refused to tell Nigerians what they have in stock for us. Instead they are over driven by the lust for power without a defined agenda. Mere criticizing the incumbent without proffering solutions is grossly inadequate. What Nigerians are waiting to hear is the action plan of APC. Does any Nigerian know how the opposition would tackle this insurgency? Does anyone know their plans to create jobs? Does anyone know their plans to fight corruption? What about Education, Power, Healthcare? The list is endless. If the opposition wants to be taken seriously by Nigerians, first it needs to go back to the drawing board and define the agenda. Then communicate the agenda to Nigerians and allow Nigerians to decide who governs them in a free and fair election. At the moment the present opposition style of chasing shadows leaving the substance behind has played to the advantage of the incumbent.

It is either the opposition steps up the game by addressing issues, not personalities, or forget the 2015 Elections. As long as the opposition continues to chase shadows, the incumbent would have an easy ride come 2015.

Finally Nigeria should re-elect President Jonathan because of the present circumstances of security challenges, which the President is working hard to contain and defeat. Put differently, the country is in a state of war with terrorists, and we cannot change the Commander-in-Chief in the middle of the war. In fact it would be morally wrong for Mr. Jonathan to abandon ship halfway down the sail without achieving total victory against the terrorists. We should therefore rally round the President in solidarity and defeat the terrorists. The prevailing opinion in Nigeria and the Diaspora is that President Jonathan should hang on and fight these insurgents to the very end. Let us therefore renew his mandate on the 14th of February, 2015.

God bless Nigeria.

Brian Tilex Ortese

Tunisians voted in an 88years old man in 2014 who senior ‪#‎gmb‬ with 16years.
If some one is:
J - Just
O - On [a]
N - Negative
A - Assignment
T - To
H - Harm
A - All
N - Nigerians
We Must vote for one who will:
B - Bring
U - Us
H - Harmony
A - And
R - Restore our
I - Integrity
This is the right time to vote out [TAN] Thieves Association of Nigerian[s] [some set] people decieving people.
Vote wisely, your vote, your right.
Share this message and save lives.

Endy Edeson

@brian: it's a peaceful battle. but Jonathan has more credits to retain power. i think his aged opponent is making his final appearance as a presidential candidate. we really have to say no to the "unknown"

Kachy Emmanuel

U are Using Tunisia of 10million population to compare Nigeria...... Funny pple full 4r dis country! Even Buhari times2 can not win Jonathan!

Kenny J Oyeduntan

@endy,who are d unknowns? has GJ and PDP did d right thing to better our standard of living since '99?

Tim Bill Oluwarotimi

Goodluck is still d president come 2015 even if hell is let loose GMB wont win

Shodipo Afeez Abayomi Alfonso

ur analyses is fake and jonathan will lose.the power sector is gettin worse,poverty is increasing.our educational sector has collapsed,corruption is on the high,our decaying infrastructure is collapsing and our economy is so down that many states cnt pay salary again due to dwindling economy.no single person has been prosecuted on corruption since he enter office.our youth are so jobless dat they are dying in a job stampede.our health sector is nothing to write home about.insurgency are killing nigerians like rat and our chibok girls gone forever.nobody knew their whereabt.pls endy why shud we vote for failure jonatan for another four years.its obvious he has failed and will continue to failed.our economy is only the largest on paper bt not in real.come feb,nigeria will vote for buhari and inshaa allah,he will become the president of nigeria.nigeria has neva had its bad.more than 15,000 nigeria citizens has been killed by boko haram.so where is the government?????????????where is the security????where is the job???no power supply and yet we pay for it.nigeria need change

Ugwu Ikechukwu Vincent

see lie ooooooo, well story for the gods

Dahiru Adamu

God bless u ‪#‎shodipo‬ u said it all.

Amb Derinliyyah Hollamedy

Point of correction, on electricity, it has been privatized whc mean I pay fully 4 d service been rendered

Bussy Duro

I wil kip syin diz i gat no 1 2 vote 4 so i dnt care who win coz dey dnt pt fud on my table,dey only figt 4 dir own pocket.so i dnt care

John Bello

Are You Aware? • That Skye Bank Plc Chairman, Chief Tunde Ayeni bought Nigeria's moribund M-TEL/NITEL for $252M? Are You Aware? • That Skye Bank Plc Chairman, Chief Tunde Ayeni bought the Ibadan (PHCN) Disco Distribution? Are You Aware? • That Skye Bank Plc Chairman, Chief Tunde Ayeni donated a whopping # 2Billion to President Goodluck's re-election fund on Saturday 20th December? Are You Aware? • That President Goodluck Jonathan just after 2 days of receiving # 2B donation from Skye Bank Plc chairman, has approved increase in tariff of PHCN? MY QUESTION Does it mean Chief Tunde Ayeni's so-called donation to Goodluck re- election was actually an investment with an RoI (Return on Investment) to be borne by the ordinary masses? Another reason to vote for ‪#‎Change‬ BUHARI ALL THE WAY !!!

Endurance Okanezi

Nice analysis. u did justice 2 d subject matter. @Endy

Kachy Emmanuel

Buhari should wait till when he is 80 years old!

Bashir Ishaka

What is their in construction schools ? 0ur states government already constructed enough schools for us. We most hate him due to 0ngoing insecurity in the north. We lost alot of parend and some of 0ur brothers and sisters. Jonathan has no more 0ption to win the election in the north and yorobas lands. PDP and jonathan has no more way to win the election.

Kachy Emmanuel

Sky Bank, PHCN, Tunde Ayeni! All nah fault finders sermons! Jonathan will be president till when Buhari will be 80 years old. ‪#‎VoteJonathan2015‬

Kachy Emmanuel

l*BUHARI MUST ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONSFIRST****Can someone that REFUSED to ATTEND OPUTAPANEL when invited talk about justice???Can someone whose statements are loadedwith VIOLENCE assure peace???Can someone who promised he would ensurethat SHARIA LAW gets to all part of the countrytolerate people from other religion???Can someone that asked MUSLIMS TO VOTEONLY MUSLIM be voted for by other religion???Can someone that put Shagari in HOUSE ARRESTand DR Alex Ekwueme in PRISON be absolvedof tribal sentiments???Can someone who used retroactive laws to KILLPEOPLE be trusted with our lives???Can someone who says FIGHTING TERRORISM isagainst his people be allowed to be in charge ofthis country???Can someone who executed 75% of PTFprojects in the NORTH and distributed theremaining 25% among other regions when hewas the PTF chairman be allowed to take chargeof all projects in the country???Can someone who as a military head of statewho knows he would be overthrown but COULDNOT DO ANYTHING because his deputy was notaround be classified as courageous???Can someone who says ACN is corrupt butbecause of his presidential ambition nowsurrounds himself with ACN thieves be ABLETO FIGHT CORRUPTION???Can someone who as head of PTF DID NOTKNOW how billions of Naira got missing betrusted with our entire wealth as president???Cansomeone who could not allow theeconomic of demand, supply and internalproduction factors to determine the prices ofcommodities but used SOLDIERS TO FORCEprice control be able to handle presenteconomic challenges???Can someone who did not allow hisgovernment be criticised and UNJUSTLYARRESTED those who criticised his governmentbe given that opportunity to lead again????HONESTLY APC YOU FUCKED-UP WITHFANATICAL AND JIHADIST BUHARI AS YOURREPRESENTATIVE.

Prince Evidence Omega Child

Thank u for all ur analysis...but we need change.

Holatunborxun Olalekan Codet

even all these points cant convinced a toddler... pointless... how do these fable and tale points benefit a common citizen... ??

Ononiwu Laura

well spoken kachy....u sure hit d nail in head n ass

Muktar Olanrewaju

fucking reasons. ...............

Muktar Olanrewaju

America is a country today where you will find peace, hope as well as shelter but here in Nigeria no rest of mind, the electricity is bad, no food, no shelter for the poor, too much blood shed.

Ayo Ajayi

During d campaign in 2011, he remembered he once had no shoe. He also promised to put a lasting solution to Nigeria epileptic power supply within 6months. He said converting public fund to person money is not corruption but stealing, but must he encourage stealing? Him $ his cabinet keep said Nigeria economy has gone better than south africa own without the common man feeling d impact. He is almost ready to buy another presidential jet to make it 4th jet btw 2011 till date when his government is unable to pay civil servant. Him $ top army officers are sending soldiers to face BH without been properly equipped and if soldiers should ask for support equipment, they will be charged for mutiny or detained for at least 3months and dismissed from Nigeria army (most recent is 203 officers from okitipupa barracks)
Let's look for a better candidate for a positive change and also seek God intervention instead of defending those people who have eaten up ur future.

Ayo Ajayi

Goodluck Jonathan is a good man as a person, his simplicity and gentlemanness is second to none.
*He has given us his very BEST over the last 6 years. I mean, what else are we asking for?
*He has granted Alameisiya 'STATE
PARDON' and my guy is now running for Senate.
*He allowed Fayose to disrupt a court session and beat up a judge, while he walks freely. I wonder if Nigeria is sane. *He locked up the
house of rep from the entrance of the CONSTITUTIONAL speaker of that house.
*7 law makers impeached a speaker in Ekiti in a house of about 26 men, and nothing happened.
*16 was suddenly greater than 19 in base 10, just to cancel the one-term agreement he signed with the NIGERIA Governors' Forum and all Nigerians in 2011.
*Subsidy has been removed and the
standards in our hospitals have reduced with time.
*$20 billion is missing and minister of Petroleum eats and dines with the prexy. *Another BIGGER & BOLDER subsidy is scheduled for 1st of June,
2015 and you may have to sell your laptop charger before you can buy fuel to charge that same laptop!!!
* Earlier this year, over 22 innocent
Nigerians were killed in the job scam organized by the Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) . The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, told us the job interrwas "simply mismanaged" and he has retained his office and even with extra luggage.
*1 Naira used to be equal $1.2 under ‪#‎GMB‬ but now it's #186.5 to just $1, the worst ever in our history.
* Madam Gele, Ngozi Okonjo, just told us we need an extra $5 billion, through debts of course, so that our economy will not collapse like
*While Benue State University was on an unending internal strike killing the future of poor Nigerians,
Senator DAVID MARK (son of the soil) built his own PRIVATE UNIVERSITY, of course with tax
payers' money, and my gentle president followed him to launch the school shamelessly.
*He has spent all money in the treasury and even had to BORROW an extra $1 billion but ‪#‎BokoHaram‬ keeps getting more equipped than our military.
*Over 200 girls are missing, over 15,000 killed by #BokoHaram , over 6 million displaced from their homes and uncountable injured beyond
repairs yet my president went to a meeting in ‪#‎KENYA‬ with 7 different PRIVATE JETS.. *clears throat...
* # PHCN is giving their loyal customers GENERATORS as gifts for paying their # electricity bills on
time..Grab your COPY NOW!!! .
That's less than 1% of the reasons we need to dance to a new SHOKI, this AWILO is no more wulo for us. Cheers to an unstoppable change..
If you truly love Nigeria share with
everyone on your contact list.

Prog Da-Lars

Endy I expected you to write the name of the writer of this piece but if it is written by you then you are doomed and blind.
Most people like you are fed with lies and baseless facts by the deceptive Jonathan and his cohorts. Buhari is a threat to most corrupt leaders and that's why he is hated, if not, IBB should have supported him but IBB has got lots cockroaches in his cupboard, part of his cockroaches is BH.
Ibrahim Bee Jay Daud
Read Prof Tam David West; "Religion is a personal thing and every man has the right to choose his own,... Continue Reading

Kachy Emmanuel

Buhari Is A Wicked Liar.
Has No certificate With The Military.
The shame APC Presidential candidate, Pa
Muhammadu Buhari brought to himself in the
last few days seems to be endless, as officials of
the Army headquarters has described his claim
that a non-existing Military Board was in
possession of his certificate as bogus and
Every Military prospective officer presents their
original academic credentials during screening
and photocopies are made and retained in files
for reference, while candidates goes home with
their original certificates.
Retired Gen Gowon former Head of State like
others senior and retired military officers have
his early years certificates and that was why he
was able to further his studies after he retired in
the 1970s overseas.
Buhari is aware that he have no Secondary
school certificate as he attended none and the
Nigerian electoral law stipulated that School
certificate is the minimum requirement for a
Presidential candidate or an equivalent.
Buhari attended many military training and
courses in Nigeria and overseas and he did not
pass any of the examinations and have no
certificate to show.
Buhari lying to Nigerians that he has a school
certificate when it is known that he did not
attend secondary school and never sat for GCE
or WAEC examination is confusing and
incomprehensible of a man of his age and his
claimed integrity.
At 72, Pa Buhari chose to be a liar by claiming
that from 1979 -1980, at the rank of colonel, he
attended the US Army War College in Carlisle,
Pennsylvania, United States of America and
gained a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies".
After the War College disassociated themselves
with the Nigerian Mr Integrity, Muhammadu
Buhari, the APC candidate and his media
advisers are doing everything in the book to
change all his public profiles to avoid legal battle
from the US War college and embarrassment
from the Nigerian public, that Pa Buhari has
been lying to.
Shamefully, the APC media team inserted a fake
profile of Pa Buhari in a USA based online
Entertainment and Porn Magazine, "Ranker"
associating him War college and naming him
among reputable worlds ex-military leaders. The
war college has search their records from 1980
to 1990 and there is no Master's student name
like Muhammadu Buhari.
Buhari Attended several military courses, and
failed all of them).

Hilary Hills Okereke

We wait! America might be correct with their predictions/ prophecy

Hilary Hills Okereke

I no fit laugh @Kathy

Olufemi Israel Awodeyi

Very interesting; our economy is at par with Poland and Belgium? Gibberish!!!! What's our standard of living versus theirs? Let's leave all these scheming and talk normal; is there food on the table of the common man?????

Tijani Tahir Adebisi TJ

"and we can not change the Commander-in-Chief in the middle of a war. In fact,it will be morally wrong for Mr. Jonathan to abandon ship halfway down the sail without achieving total victory over the terrorists". First of all,this president is not a real "Commander -in-Chief,a real commander would visit the conflict zone. When the war was raging,George Bush visited Iraq and Afghanistan several times,that is thousands of miles away from the US. Obama visited Iraq and Afghanistan too,but our so-called Commander in Chief never plan to visit Chibok or any of the cities he had lost to the terrorists. Then Jonathan is not abandoning us as you are trying to make us believe,in fact,WE HAVE ABANDONED HIM,he has completed his four calamity years,he should go.

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