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Friday, 26 December 2014

POLITICS: “I Won't Have Office For First Lady”- Buhari Reveals

General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) retired General Muhammadu Buhari says he will not have an office for first lady if elected in next year’s election.In an exclusive interview with Weekly Trust in Kaduna, Buhari said his decision was premised on the fact there is no office of first lady in the Nigerian constitution, just as there is no official role for presidents’ wives. Rather, he said ministries which are constitutional should be allowed to play their roles. “There is the Ministry of Women Affairs, and so on”, he said. The APC flag bearer said women would however play very important roles in his administration.

“I was raised by my mother, as I lost my father when I was under six years, so I know what a woman can do if given the chance,” he said, adding that he sees them as his cornerstone. 

General Buhari also spoke on the situation in Chibok, Borno State, where over 200 schoolgirls were abducted by the terrorist group, Boko Haram and remain in their captivity. 

“Imagine a mother with a teenage daughter there and for seven months and has no clue where she is”, he said, noting that women’s effort in looking after children, apart from the pain of childbirth, aggravates the pain of losing a child.

“Roughly one year in their tummy and from the time they are born until they clock six, children tend to assume they know everything, but it is women, their mothers, who are responsible for them. I have the greatest respect for women,” he said.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

u know the North generally treats women as 'disposable' products.. they abduct them, rape them, send them to die as suicide bombers... hate to educate them... the matter now made worse by two grandpa candidates... no be woman only... dem no want youths!

Endy Edeson

@okey: i can believe BUHARI is saying this at a time when governments are giving women upper hands in politics. he may loose the support of women

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

d guy is so much out of touch... since he was overthrown, have u ever heard of anything meaningful he has been doing? only seeking office every four years... he is not entrepreneurial... he does not associate with business people.. what else do u expect from such man at an age when the world has become wireless

Tim Bill Oluwarotimi

he is a dictator...aladdin buhari

Adejare Adeniyi Paul

@ endy stops this blasphemy! God s watching ur back!

Johnson Ebubechukwu

He talks d@ b'cos he married plenty & he dont know who 2carry as firstlady

Michael King

@okey, Northern rulers are bad, why; woman or no woman, all I want is change in dis country. Baba you're d best, my ten finger is for U.

Kamilu Oyebanji

May be his wives ar also illiterates like JONADWAFT's

Yvonne Onaibe


Endy Edeson

@adejare: i wonder why some of you guys thinks am biased in my posts when what i post is a "FACT". check my ‪#‎EdesonPoliticalUpdates‬ i post accroding to how it happens. i'm not canvassing for either Jonathan or Buhari. all i want is a leader who can restore the security, unity and development of this our great country. ( "FARE, BALANCED & OBJECTIVE Reportage" that's what i stand for)

Polycarpz Igboon

Hey Mr Blogger, I dont wanna hear you broadcast this blasphemy kind of news anymore ok? Is there any constitutional law tha t state; It should be given "office of the first lady?" It is not stated anywhere in the Nigerian constitutional act of the 1999 constitutions. So please,do you know how much Federal Government reasources that is been waste on the so-call office of the firstlady? Pls and pls dont ever try to tarnish the image of this man(GMB) ok.

Emeka Solomon

A man that couldn't manage his own personal affairs well is coming to rule us, a man who has no investment, who wasted all his life savings on desperation of becoming president, jumping from one party to another with the aim of getting power by all means? He's planning to make Nigeria miserable like his life, but failure is his best friend.

Edet Daniel

Endy Edeson what's the value of patience Jonathan than to cause trouble here and there and more so what has she added to the development of theses country than to go on air disgracing herself there is God oooooo

Kamilu Oyebanji

Chai ! i will rather commit a suicide dan to kill myself.pls guys wat is d gramatical name given to dis?

Wass Demo

We thank God no "na only u waka come"no "sharing blood" no chaii God deeey ooooo!! etc

Kamilu Oyebanji

Dat other woman,she has only one children?

Wass Demo

1st lady office is started by Babangida to carry along his wife in embezzlement.Endy Edeson I stand to be corrected is there any constitutional recognition for the office?There are many lawful ways of recognizing women than this nonsense office where husband is president wife is also president.I am not with you in this plsssszz!!!!

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