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Friday, 26 December 2014

MEXICAN MOVIES FANS: Live Updates of "What Life Took From Me" on AIT

Welcome to this week live updates. I'm happy that the movie now shows in the normal 1 hour slot instead of 30 minutes. It's getting more interesting.  Well, if you've not been watching this Mexican Soap and you want to read the summary of it CLICK THIS LINK

Click This Link to Read 2015 Episodes Summaries of This Mexican Movie

THURSDAY December 25, 2014 ( EPISODE ON AIT)

Alejandra was able to lure Monserrte to SEX in a hotel. Jose Luis is a bit sick. Monserrate drugged him at night to sleep like a log of wood, then sneaked to meet Alejandra in a hotel. They had the greatest SEX ever that day. Jose Luis is even unable to walk due to a sore on his leg.

Dimitrio saw ADOLFU kissing Hosifna and was a bit disturbed. Hosifina used to be his wife but he never treated her well, though ADOLFU is not a saint neither. It seems like HOSSIFINA really want to get down with ADOLFU. She even told NADIA about it. ADOLFU and Dimitrio used to be good friends but they fell apart when ADOLFU started going after HOSIFINA while she was still married to Dimitrio.

ROSARIO for the first acted like a BRAVE WOMAN, she confronted Gracelia and threatened to kill her if she don’t stop pushing Alejandra her son away. I could see the fear in Gracielia’s face.  Up until now, Jose Luis don’t know that Alejandra has woken up from Coma and even around town.
The latest development is that Monserrate is suspected to be pregnant. For whom? Maybe for Alejandra or Jose Luis her husband. She is completely confused and wants to go for pregnancy test.

Dimitrio and Monica are now living together in a rented apartment. But I sensed that Dimitrio now loves Hosifina. Anytime he sees her, he goes out of control especially if he sees her with another man. 

Monday December 22, 2014 ( EPISODE ON AIT)
Alejandra and Monserrate
Alejandra and Monserrate expressed their love to each other. Alejandra asked Monserrate to meet him in a hotel that he wants to have sex with her. She did not disagree but insisted they go to the hotel separately to avoid people seeing them. ALEJANDRA hasn’t had SEX for over 7 years. Imagine, a married woman Monserrate wants to commit adultery.

ADOLFU (Nadia’s brother) visited Victor and promised to help him rescue Nadia and Victoria their daughter from PEDRO MEDINA. At first, Victor did not trust him because of his past behavior towards him. ADOLFU also warned victor from sending flowers to Nadia because if Pedro finds out, he will be in BIGGGER TROUBLE.

Gracielia (Monserrate Mom) visited FABIOLA and advice her to stay away from the lawyer she is frolicking with because he only wants to use her and dump instead of helping her find her real parents. Graciela said she can help to find her real parents. I am having this feelings that she knows she could be FABIOLA’s mother, let’s see what happens in the NEXT EPISODE tonight >>>>


AIT did not show the SOAP On Monday December 15 and Tuesday December  16 due to live programs that was shown on those days. But on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, fans of the SOAP were relieved from waiting to see what next to happen in the SUSPENSE filled flick.  But the problem we have with AIT  is that they now show the MOVIE 30 minutes instead of normal 1 hour. In that 30 minutes, there are lots of annoying adverts that may discourage from watching the soap. “Well, half bread is better than none” I hope they will return it to usual
one hour very.

Let me go back to the main story:

Maria, The Girl in Love With Alejandra
Forgive me guys, I have not said anything about MARIA since I started this live updates. We all know that she is madly in love with Alejandra and wanted him by all means. They grew up together but she was so vexed when Alejandra married Monserrate.  Alejandra never returned her love. She even went as far as attempting to kill Monserrate but she survived the gunshot. Why I brought her in is that in the last episode, she is now in possession of Alejandra original WILL. Without that, Alejandra won’t be able to recover his wealth. I guess she will definitely ask for something in return to give Alejandra his legal WILL. Of course, his love.

Rosario, Alejandra's Mother
Let’s move on, ROSARIO (Alejandra’s Mom) organized a surprise meeting with Alejandra and Monserrate. She kept on telling Monserrate that she wants her to see someone at an event, Monserrate was eager to know whom the person is, Monserrate suggested she go with JOSE LUIS  but ROSARIO kicked against it.

When they eventually arrived the place, it was in a church, Monserrate asked why CHURCH? ROSARIO told her to go in to see the person. The church was empty, as Monserrate was looking for the person, to her amazement it was the “LOVE” of her life Alejandra. She started crying (tears of joy). I thought she would collapse. I just remembered it’s not a Nigerian film. If it were to be in a Nigerian movie, Monserrate will collapsed at the sight of Alejandra after 7 good years she hasn’t seen him.
Guess, who came to meet ROSARIO outside the church; “ENDY this your guessing things self”. It was JOSE LUIS, he came to look for Monserrate, ROSARIO lied to him that she isn’t around. JOSE LUIS and ROSARIO left the church.

In the last episode this week today Friday December 19, 2014.
I can’t believe this, HOSEFINA kissed ADOLFU, pretending to be a perfect girlfriend to him just for the sake of Alejandra. ADOLFU and MARIA are good friends. He can easily take Alejandra’s WILL from her. So HOSEFINA wants to go extra miles to help Alejandra recover his wealth even if it’s to have sex with ADOLFU, I think she will do it.

Monserrate and Alejandra
Monserrate is still with Alejandra at the church. Monserrate was shocked when Alejandra told her that he had been in coma for 7 years in Argentina, she thought he intentionally abandoned her and their child . Alejandra also lamented about Monserrate getting married to JOSE LUIS. He thinks Jose Luis took advantage of his situation to take his position in her life. Monserrate said he married Jose Luis for gratitude, for all the sacrifices Jose Luis made for them and for going to prison for the crime Alejandra committed. Alejandra asked Monserrate if she loves Jose Luis, she said no, that the only person she loves is Him (Alejandra).


 This post is for live updates of Mexican movie “WHAT LIFE TOOK FROM ME”  If you are following the soap, read what happened here in case you missed any episode on AIT. Hi, I know why you are here, because you love the Mexican movie “WHAT LIFE TOOK FROM ME” the way I do. 
If you've been following up the soap on AIT Nigeria but you missed what happened since last week, don’t worry. I took out time to write this update for you.
This update is based on the just aired episode on AIT and the recently aired episodes. I will be updating this post every week as the story unfolds.


This is the summary of what happened last week. I was not chanced to update it, that’s why I decided to update it today Sunday December 14, 2014. AIT showed the SOAP 30 minutes instead of the usual 1 hour slot due to the political primary elections in Nigeria.

Rosario was shocked when she met Alejandra her son she thought had died. It was Hosifina that re-united her with Alejandra and Victor. But Alejandra told his mother not to tell anyone that he is alive not even Monserrate. Rosario wasn’t happy that Jose Luis told Laurito not to tell Monserrate his mother that Alejandra is in coma and alive. 

Victoria, Nadia’s daughter and Laurito met in a playground on the day of Monserrate and Jose Luis wedding. When Victoria saw Alejandra’s picture on Laurito’s hand, she told him that Alejandra is her uncle and had been ill in Argentina for years. Don’t ask me what Alejandra’s picture was doing in Laurito’s hand. It’s simply because Monserrate made it as a “ritual” for Laurito to always be with Alejandra’s photo even when he is in school, just to keep the memory of his father.

When Laurito told Jose Luis about what Victoria said, Luis instructed him to keep it as a secret and not reveal it to his mother so that Monserrate won’t feel bad on their wedding day. Laurito leaked the secret to Rosario his grandmother when she confronted him. 

It’s really obvious that FABIOLA is Gracelia’s biogical daughter whom she thought died after giving birth to her, more facts will be known in subsequent episodes. Guess who paid FABIOLA a surprise visit? Hmm it’s not Gracelia, it’s Jose Luis. For what? FABIOLA thought JOSE LUIS has agreed to be her lover which prompted him to visit her but on the contrary he came to warn her to stay away from Monserrate. FABIOLA mocked him that Monserrate will soon leave him as soon as she learns that Alejandra is still alive, so is better he agrees to be her (FABIOLA) lover to avoid the heartbreak it might cause him. 

I wonder why ESMERIDA, the wife of RUFULIO has not put to bed with that her big TOMMY. We are expecting a safe delivery. ESMERIDA said she will name her child after ANGELICA the late wife of JOSE LUIS. Angelica was the one who organized a surprised wedding for Rufulio and Esmerida. She feel in love with Jose Luis and they got married but she died after battling serious illness.  Jose Luis inherited her wealth and became very rich. That’s why he was able to get the post of the CHIEF OF POLICE of AGUAZUL.

In the last episode, which was aired on AIT, December 11, 2014. Jose Luis and Monserrate paid a visit to PEDRO MEDINA’s house. Monserrate wanted to confirm from Nadia if Alejandra also survived the plane crash, Nadia lied to her that Alejandra and Victor died. It was actually Pedro who instructed her to say that, never to reveal that Alejandra is still alive.



Newly married couple Jose Luis and Monserraye traveled abroad for their honeymoon vacation. Laurito joined them in the journey. The reason is that JOSE LUIS really wants to keep Monserrate away from Aquazual and from the eyes of Alejandra.

Guess who paid Monserrate Mom a surprised visit. It’s Alejandra. The ‘dead man’ is back. Gracelia, Monserrate mom asked him to leave and never to come back again because Monserrate is now legally married to JOSE LUIS. Unfortunately for Monserrate and fortunately for JOSE LUIS, Alejandra did not meet them at home when he paid visit to them..

Rosario still feels his son is alive but neither she nor Monserrate know that Alejandra is in Aquazul.

ADOLFU, Nadia’s brother who loves women a lot met with Victoria. He was surprised because he felt Nadia died in plane crash. Pedro introduced him to Victoria. It seems like ADOLFU will join forces with VICTOR to fight Pedro.

ESMERIDA who is heavily pregnant, wanted RUFULIO her husband to make love to her but he refused because he feels it might harm the child.

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This post happens to be the most READ POST On my news website. With readers all over the world, MEXICO, USA, IRAQ, ENGLAND, NIGERIA, GHANA, Argentina, Canada, Ukraine  to mention but a few, that’s why am excitedly updating it to keep anyone who misses any episode especially on AIT informed.


Am so sorry guys, I have been ignoring some characters  ON my updates. . before I instigate, let me talk about ESMERANDA  RUFULIO &FABIOLA.  Esmeranda is pregnant for Rufulio, she used to be a dancer in club but RUFULIO changed her lifestyle . Once a dancer, will always be a dancer.

ESMERADA hates herself being pregnant, she always feels she is ugly and fat as a pregnant woman. She even accused RUFULIO of not paying much attention to her and cheating on her because she is pregnant. Though she was right because RUFULIO has been fantasizing dating MONICA his colleague in the office but unfortunately MONICA is in love with DIMITRIO, Monserrate brother.

FABIOLA , supposed cousin to ALMONTE’s  who was away, only to return to find that Alejandra has inherited all the wealth her uncle left for her. She, Pedro Medina and Gracilia conspired to step Alejandra up. They accused Alejandra of poisoning his father ALMONTE to inherit his properties .FABIOLA who claims to be the real person to claim the will of late ALMONTE, after dubiously getting ALMONTE’s wealth and sending Alejandra to running which caused his ill-fated plane crash, still wants JOSE LUIS to be her  man. She tried to seduce JOSE LUIS many times but the dude did not succumb to her advances.

Monserrate Aunty
When she learnt that JOSE LUIS is marrying Monserrate, she was very jealous and decided to disrupt the wedding, though the wedding held successful. She first of all poured dirt on Monserrate’s wedding gown. This nearly stopped the wedding but Monserrate Aunty advised her to wear the wedding gown she wore on her wedding day with ALEJANDRA. What an awkward moment for JOSE LUIS to find that MONSERRATE wore the same clothe she wore on her wedding day with ALEJANDRA. If it were to be you AS a man what will you do? as a woman, we you repeat same wedding dress?

During the wedding, FABIOLA held GRACILIA’ Monserrate’s mom to ransom with a Gun. She threaten ed to kill her if she moves an inch, all in a bid to stop Monserrate wedding. Everyone at the ceremony were surprised to notice that Monserrate mom wasn’t present.

Monserrate and Laurito
Also During the wedding, ALEJANDRA and Victor arrived Alquazul Mexico. ALEJANDRA saw Monserrate and JOSE LUIS getting married and he was dawn devastated. He wanted to show himself to obstruct the wedding but VICTOR advised him not to because he is a fugitive. JOSE LUIS has already taken the job as the father of Little Laura Monserrate Son with ALEJANDRA. Oh, sorry Laura is now grown up, 7 years, I don’t think I should be referring to him as little Laura again. Next time I will just say LAURA or LAURITO.

Alejandra has not enjoyed the company of this grown up son LAURITO after 7 years. The last time he played the role of a  father was when LAURITO was still a baby. That was when he was kwon as LITTLE LAURA. So you now know how LITTLE LAURA came about.
ALEJANDRA quickly wrote a letter to Monserrate telling her that he is still alive. He gave the Letter to HOSSIFINA or JOSEFINA to deliver.

After the wedding, Monserrate disappeared at the RECEPTION PARTY when everyone have already seated to enjoy the evening . Guess what? She received a letter. She quickly ran to meet the person. JOSE LUIS was very angry, Monserrate was declared missing after 3 hours they waited for her. She didn’t tell anyone where she was going to. JOSE LUIS told everyone to leave the RECEPTION party. Infact, he rudely told them to leave including his best friend RUFULIO and Wife ESMERIDA. JOSE LUIS waited at the reception alone and insisted he must see MONSERRATE.

Guess whom Monserrate went to see? Hmmmmm I won’t tell you. “Come on Endy Edeson, be serious, tell us what happened and stop this guessing things, of course is ALEJANDRA!”. That is what you are thinking now, I mean you that is currently reading this article. Hey, it wasn’t Alejandra, it was FABIOLA. Are you wondering why?

Even me too, I was so surprised yesterday. I thought it was ALEJANDRA. I really love the plot of this SOAP. The suspense and Thrills is thrilling.

Dimittrio and Mom
FABIOLA was still holding MONSERRATE mom to ransom demanding to see Monserrate during the wedding reception in other to disrupt the occasion. She pointed gun at her and wrote a letter to Monserrate to come over to their house immediately or else her mom will be dead. She told her not to come with anyone else she will kill everyone.

When Monserrate arrived, FABIOLA forced GRACILIA to confess to Monserrate that she testified against ALEJANDRA , conspired to accused him of killing his father. Monserrate was in tears after hearing such painful comments from her own mother. Her mom set her husband up, what a world we are.

 Fabiola did this just to obstruct Monserrate wedding because she is in love with JOSE LUIS but Monserrate forgave her mom. It will surprise you to know that FABIOLA used  a TOY gun to threaten Monserrate’s mum. She even dropped the toy gun and left. Funny? Of course, permit me to laugh: hahahahahahahaha. If Monserrate mom knew that Fabiola was holding a TOY GUN, she won’t dare confess anything or she will even fight her from the beginning.

Almighty Pedro Medina
Before I continue, let me tell you that PEDRO MEDINA broke up with his new wife at MONSERRATE and JOSE LUIS wedding. He asked her to vacate his house in less than 24 hours because he wants to bring his first wife NADIA and acclaimed daughter VICTROIA to the house to live happily ever after as a family. The new wife felt so bad. NADIA told her daughter to pretend to be good to Pedro and call him dad until Victor her real dad come to rescue them.

Now let me come back, MONSERRATE went back to the reception party only to discover that everyone have left. JOSE LUIS was still waiting for her there. She explained what happened to him, JOSE LUIS forgave her. He thought she is now aware that ALEJANDRA is still alive and ran to meet him. He didn’t even ask him anything concerning ALEJANDRA. JOSE LUIS is a sharp guy. He is planning to travel abroad with Monserrate and LAURITO. I exactly know why he wants to do so, to keep her away from ALEJANDRA.

You didn’t even asked me what happened to the letter ALEJANDRA wrote to Monserrate. “ENDY I wanted to asked but I forgot, please tell me what happened”. Ok. Let me tell you, HOSSIFINA did not deliver the letter to Monserrate, she returned it to ALEJANDRA. She advised ALEJANDRA to remain in hiding first in her her house until everything is sorted out.

Victor and Nadia
If you ask me, I don’t like what Victor and Nadia are doing at all. For goodness sake, Nadia is legally married to Pedro and Victor should have respected that. The idea of running away with another man’s wife is what I can never do in my life. PEDRO MEDINA deserves to be happy as well. Thank you for taking time to read this. Please you are advised to always check this post. I update this drama on a weekly or sometimes daily basis depending on my mode and schedule.
Yoruba People will say: Ese gan. Modupe. Odabo. Ma ri yin lola tabi lale koja “WHAT LIFE TOOK FROM ME on AIT.


UPDATE: Yes. The marriage held. Alejandra arrived Late. Monserrate and Jose Luis got married in the church and are now husband and wife. 
Will Monserrate file for divorce if she sees Alehandra again? Find out in the next episode on AIT Monday December 1, 2014. i can't wait to watch as the drama unfolds

See the picture of Jose Luis and Monserrate Wedding Below:
Jose Luis and Monserrate Finally Weds


Pedro Medina finally met Nadia in Argentina, took Victoria her daughter with him to Mexico, Nadia was devastated. Victor and Alejandra were ‘mad’ when Nadia told them about Pedro’s unholy visit.
Because of this, Victor and Alejandra started looking for ways to get back Victoria. Pedro did the worst again by secretly adopting Nadia to Mexico and detained her in a room with security guards monitoring her. Oh! Poor Nadia.

Pedro Medina in his widest dreams, still wishes to live happily ever after with Nadia and Victoria her daughter who he claims to be his daughter too since he is still legally married to Nadia.
Pedro arranged thugs to kill Victor in Argentina so that he won’t be a barrier to his marriage any more. Fortunately, Victor survived the attack after being stabbed.
Victor and Alejandra returned home only to find out that Nadia is missing. They had no money on them to trace her and go back to Mexico. A music promoter in Argentina whom Nadia has performed for promise to help Victor and Alejandra go back to Mexico on the condition that they will bear false identity. He suggested they join his music crew with fake names so that they can easily travel to Mexico.
Unfortunately for Alejandra, Monserrate has already concluded plans to marry Jose Luis in 10 days and the day he & Victor are expected to leave Argentina with the music crew is the same day Monserrate is getting married to Jose Luis.

Jose Luis was shocked when he learnt that Alejandra is alive. He made everything possible to convince Monserrate for their wedding to be in less than a month time so that she won’t change her mind if she learns that Alejandra is still alive. Monserrate still loves Alejandra even in death.

Monserrate and Jose Luis have concluded plans to wed, Alejandra and victor arrived Mexico on the same day that the wedding will hold. Let’s See what happens if the marriage will hold.

José Luis came out of prison after 7 years for a crime he never committed just for the sake of Monserrate. He met with Monserrate but Monserrate still despised him. Jose still loves her and wants to be with her again especially as they believed Alejandra is dead.
Monserrate still love Alejandra even in “death”. She has vowed never to date any other man including José Luis. Something tells her Alejandra could still be alive since his corpse was not found. And her instinct was right.
During this day episode, Alejandra appears to be alive, he didn’t die. He is currently in coma in an unknown hospital in Argentina. The story continues on AIT …    

Alejandra woke up from Coma after 6 years. Nadia and Victor are happy he did but didn’t want to let Monserrat and others at Aguazul know that Alejandra is alive because he is a fugitive and wanted by the authorities.

Pedro Medina learnt from an old friend that he saw NADIA-Look-Alike at Argentina and insisted it could be Nadia. Pedro was surprise because Nadia is already ‘Dead’. He decided to travel to Argentina to confirm if it is truly NADIA his friend saw.

The people of Aguazul Mexico never knew that Alejandra, Nadia and Victor survived the plane crashed.
Dimitrio Monserrate brother is now in a new relationship with Monica, his colleague in the Navy. Monica confessed to Dimitrio that she is in love with him. Rufulio ( Jose Luis friend and Dimitrio’s new friend in Navy) whose wife is pregnant is foolishly obsessed with Monica, always wishing to be her man.
Monserrate has agreed to marry Jose Luis believing that Alejandra is dead, on the day of her family introduction. Little Laura who is now a ‘Big Boy’ wants Jose Luis to marry his mother Monserrate as he sees him as a father figure.

Dimitree introduced his new girlfriend Monica to the family. Dimitrio was scared that her mother won’t approve his relationship with Monica just the way she did when he was married to Josefina  which eventually lead to their divorce.But Graciallia Dimitrio’s mother appears to be apologetic to Dimitrio and Monserrate for her unruly interference in their personal lives.

Josefina , Dimitrio’s ex-wife coincidently met with Victor and Nadia in Argentina where she went for a show Nadia  was performing as a pianist.Josefina  was surprise that Nadia has become blind due to the plane crash. Josefina is now looking beautiful unlike the days she was married to Dimitrio in Mexico, everyone saw her as being too UGLY.

Thomas, Josefina’s brother who always wants to protect her from bad companies is dead. You just read it, Thomas is dead.   

Alejandra has regained his consciously after waking from COMA. He tried to escape from hospital but Victor found him and told him they are in Argentina. The first person Alejandra asked of was Monserrate his wife. It’s kind of funny and strange that Victor thinks Monserrate is dead and Monserrate thinks Victor is dead. Alejandra was devastated to hear that Monserrate is dead. Though, Monserrate was shot by a lady who wished Alejandra had married her, always jealous that Monserrate stole the love of her life, but she survived it.

Alejandra asked Victor to take him home, Victor insisted they stay in Argentina to avoid being recaptured in Mexico for a ‘crime’ he committed, of killing his own father which we don’t know if it’s true or not.
Hey! Guess who paid a surprise visit to NADIA in Argentina? It’s Pedro Medina, her ‘real husband’ and greatest nightmare. Nadia didn’t love Pedro, felled for Victor. Unfortunately she was involved in a ghastly plane crash that took her eyes while trying to elope with Victor to Argentina accompanied by Alejandra.
Can you imagine this, Pedro is a great man, the Mayor of Aguzual but he cannot make love to his own wife because he has no penis. He is mutilated.


Do you want to know what the story is all about, Click here to read the movie summary

MEXICAN MOVIE: What Life Took From Me – The Story So Far


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i watch from season 1-7. but i gues it still have season 8 or 9

Ndubuisi Elvis Ude

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Mercy Okon
Goodmorning Endy. Keep up with the good work. Please due to drastic power situation in my area, wasn't able to watch Monday N Tuesday episodes of What life took from me. Wouldn't mind the updates. Thanks a lot.

Mercy Okon 
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I just did, thanks

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Endy Edeson

@onose: it wasnt shown yesterday mONDAY December 15, 2014 becuase of LIVE programme AIT was doing. DAAR AWARDS. But click the clink to read what happened last week inclduing on FRIDAY. i summarized it there @onose

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