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Friday, 22 June 2018

Melania Trump Visits Border As Fate Of Migrant Children Remains Unclear

The fate of hundreds of undocumented children taken from parents remains unclear a day after President Donald Trump moved to roll back his policy. He ordered on Wednesday that the children be held with their parents
while they are detained on charges of crossing the border illegally. But under US law, migrant children cannot be detained more than 20 days by immigration officials.

The Pentagon has been asked to prepare up to 20,000 beds for children. It comes amid US government inquiries into whether they can house unaccompanied children who cross the US-Mexico border on US military bases.

The first lady's visit comes one day after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to cease his own administration's separation practice that has caused wide-ranging criticism and consternation. Previously the President had insisted Congress needed to act to stop the practice, but then reversed that claim.

"I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness," the first lady said at a roundtable briefing at Upbring New Hope, with doctors and medical staff, social workers and other experts on hand.

Melania Trump becomes the first Trump family member to personally witness the situation that has captured the country's attention over the past several weeks.


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Faith Kinika

nice she has pity for the children and trump revearsed his idea

Faith Kinika

but endy why is it that she don't like Trump to hold her hands in public?

Endy Edeson

well, that is her personal decision. She is a very private person. dosent like the publicity stunts @Faith

Emeka Falake

Trump finally bows to pressure

Endy Edeson

He has to, the pressure was too much even his supporters didn't like the child separation policy

Aruoture Goodie

He didn't start it na... It has been on for over years now, Clinton did it, Bush did, Obama did, they dnt jst like Trump this making it a big deal

Endy Edeson

@Aruoture: Good morning bro. Well, to make peace reign Trump has to bow and I like his decision to reverse the policy.

The Democrats are just too pained that Trump is manning the affairs of US.

Secondly, I don't know why Mexicans see America as heaven.

Aruoture Goodie

Its jst d same way Nigerians see South Africa and Western countries as heaven

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