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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Controversial South African Activist Winnie Mandela Buried

Large crowds gathered in South Africa for the funeral of the anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. A controversial figure, Mrs Madikizela-Mandela was lauded for her role in the anti-apartheid struggle.

Mrs Madikizela-Mandela was a social worker when she met her future husband, then a prominent anti-apartheid campaigner, in the 1950s. They were married for a total of 38 years but for almost three decades of that time, they were separated by Mr Mandela's long imprisonment. They had two daughters together.

Her marriage to Mr Mandela broke down in the years after his release and they were divorced in 1996. President Mandela accused her of adultery, and in the same year, dismissed her as deputy minister of arts and culture - the only post she has held in government since white minority rule ended.
Her split from Mr Mandela did little to harm her political standing among poor, black South Africans who saw her as their voice at a time when the ANC had adopted pro-business policies.
But at the same time she became known for an increasingly lavish lifestyle, arriving to testify at Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in a white Mercedes limousine surrounded by bodyguards.



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Endy Edeson

@Peculiar; Her life was surrendered with lots of controversies, ranging from murder to adultery and betrayers

Wankie Moruri

Sir, I am South African and i can tell you that what you've written here is hogwash, clearly you didn't do your research properly. When i liked this page i liked it because i thought it would keep me informed on what's happening in other countries like yours, but i have unliked it now after this because it shows that you didn't do your proper research before posting it so this to me means that you might have done the same thing with other stories you've done before.

Endy Edeson

@Wankie: Common, don't do it. I understand your angle. Unliking my page because of a story you think is wrong is a violation of net neutrality. I rely on Super Sources for my news. Wankie please come back to Edeson News, I am sorry if it annoyed you. I didn't mean to hurt you. Everything written here is true according to my Super Sources. Tell me, you are no longer angry with me

Wankie Moruri

Okay, im back and your source is wrong do your research! The truth just came out after Mama Winnie's passing...everything she had been accused of doing was infact false, it was a tactic/smear campaign to discredit her by the apartheid government because they saw that she could liberate the country and not sell out. Please watch the doccie tittled Winnie online by Pascale you'll see everything there for yourself and you'll understand why this post infuriated me.

Endy Edeson

Okay Wankie. Thanks for liking my page back. You and I are one. Take it easy with me. I am just doing my job. Infact, I like your angle or side if the story. In news reporting, there are many sides. May her soul rest in peace. I believe Winnie was a super woman, the female president South Africa should have had. Quite sad lots of people brought controversies to tarnish her image .

Wankie Moruri

Noted...you should've added that aswell not just that untrue "controversial" staff as you put it

Halinko Erameh

Guys listen, Mandela in his numerous books, especially 'Long Walk to Freedom's and 'Mandela:The Authorise Portrait' et al, described Winnie Mandela as 'prostitute'. Nelson had to divorce Winnie due to the shame she brought the much respected Mandela name. It was one major thing Mandela was buttered about all through his life. He felt so betrayed (even in his grave I'm certain) that his own Winnie whom he trusted could stoop so low to sleep with other men. Do you know whom a 'Mandela' was during the post apartheid era? Mandela was some sort of demi-God as far as the state of South Africa was concerned but Winnie ruined soiled everything the much respected Mandela represented and worked for all his freedom fighting life. And do you know what? Nelson Mandela was a loyal lover who could not stand the sight of other women because his love for Winnie was second to none. But Winnie still went ahead to ruin the heart of a genuine lover. Mandela had to live with the pain all his life. He caught Winnie bonking other guys severally even after Mandela's freedom from the Island prison. He was so mature to forgive her. But trust women: Winnie still went ahead to sleep with multiple men. He simply sacked her as deputy minister. And he never told anyone about Winnie's atrocious acts. We have Winnies all over in Nigeria here. They are never satisfied. They turn genuine lovers into monsters.

Endy Edeson

Eramel; Quite insightful comment from you but the lady I was arguing with on this post (Wankie Moruri) is from South Africa. She is of the opinion that Winnie's opponent defamed her name. Can you throw light on the defamation allegation ?

Halinko Erameh

It's a political thing. Allegation of defamation crept in but there an iota of truth in it

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