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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tension As Zukerberg Faces UK Parliament Over Facebook Data Scandal

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was on Tuesday summoned by a British parliamentary committee to explain how UK-based Cambridge Analytica managed to harvest the personal data of Facebook users.

Facebook is under fire after reports that Cambridge Analytica misused information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. The social network has lost billions of dollars in market value since Monday.
In a letter addressed to Zuckerberg, Damian Collins, the chairman of the UK parliamentary media committee, said he has repeatedly asked Facebook how it uses data. He accused the social media giant of "misleading" the committee by "consistently understating" the risks surrounding data protection.
The social media network is also being probed by the US Federal Trade Commission, the regulatory agency in charge of consumer protection, over its use of personal data, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.
Facebook will brief US Senate and House aides on Wednesday, Reuters news agency reported citing congressional staff.


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Endy Edeson

I pray he comes out innocent from this allegations. @Ahile

Endy Edeson

More on this news:

Under the 2011 decree, Facebook must notify users and obtain their permission before data about them is shared beyond the privacy settings they have established, the Washington Post says. Facebook was also subjected to 20 years of privacy checkups to ensure compliance.
Facebook confirmed on Tuesday that it was expecting to receive a letter from the FTC with questions about the data acquired by CA. However, it also said it had had no indication of a formal investigation, Reuters news agency reports.
"We remain strongly committed to protecting people's information," Facebook deputy chief privacy officer Rob Sherman said. "We appreciate the opportunity to answer questions the FTC may have."
Facebook has already denied breaching the consent decree, telling the Washington Post: "We reject any suggestion of violation of the consent decree. We respected the privacy settings that people had in place. Privacy and data protections are fundamental to every decision we make."

Jeremiah Ademolu

Is going to be tough on him, but I hope he came out innocent

Endy Edeson

@Jeremiah; Serious attack is going on, on twitter regarding this allegation. People who hate him are taking advantage of the situation to spread hate speech against him.

Jeremiah Ademolu

Pulling down syndrome...

John Daniel Nneji

Too bad but remember it's Western they are delvoped .

Darlington Ebuzo

Let them sanction him very well. That guy is so selfish, he thinks he's the only one who deserves to make 💰 online

Endy Edeson

Ebuzo: How is he selfish?

Darlington Ebuzo

He confiscates our accounts here like as soon as we open it, he's stupidly selfish.

Please don't let him c ds

Endy Edeson

@eBUZO, ha! Please I beg you don't talk to Zuckerberg like that. He means well for all of us

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