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Friday, 23 March 2018

Bloggers Run To PornHub As YouTube Bans Gun Videos

YouTube has banned videos that show people how to manufacture or modify guns and their accessories. It had already banned videos linked to the sale of guns and accessories. Many firearms enthusiasts noticed that some of their videos had been removed from the video-sharing website and some had their channels suspended.

Prominent gun video-bloggers said the move was an erosion of US citizens' rights, and some said they would move their content to PornHub instead. The change was met with anger from some videomakers who modify guns and show off their creations as a hobby.

YouTube's policies now prohibit videos that show how to make a firearm, ammunition, high-capacity magazine or homemade silencers.

Karl Kasarda and Ian McCollum, who run the gun review site InRangeTV, said they had started posting their videos on Facebook and pornography site PornHub. "We will not be seeking any monetisation from PornHub... we are merely looking for a safe harbour for our content and for our viewers," the pair said in a statement.

HAHAHAHAHA, this is really funny. PornHub is purely a pornography site, will the site accept their gun tutorials videos?



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Endy Edeson

@Libra: Bloggers like me aint going to PornHub? What about you is a good idea for the Gun Bloggers to run to PornHub?

Treasure Samson

Very good reamin naija movi

Endy Edeson

@Treasure, you mean Naija movies? which one? Nollywood films off YouTube?

Treasure Samson

No . They should stop useing guns as whell

Endy Edeson

OK. You are right, this gun control thing in America should apply here in Nigeria. We don't have to wait for "MASS SHOOTING" before taking action. There should be measures. There are lots of mentally challenged people in this country exposed to weapons and guns

Jeremiah Ademolu

They better do before those teenagers in America finish themselves with public shutting

Endy Edeson

@Jeremiah: Sure, the measure is part of gun control

Johnson Ahile

PornHub will also delete their videos

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