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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Man Sends Wife Packing For Moaning While Being Raped By Robbers

A young man identified as Baba Eneh has sacked his wife for refusing to scream while being raped by robbers in his presence. The man told the robbers that he only had N3’500 at home, begged them after collecting the money, saying that they just got married and trying to settle down.

Angered by the man’s inability to provide money, the robbers descended on the wife and started raping her. Instead of the woman to scream for help, she was moaning in excitement, an indication that she was enjoying the sex, even in the presence of her husband.

After the robbery incident, the man reportedly ordered her to leave the house on the ground that she disgraced him.
The incident happened at Bello Street in Iyana Ejigbo area of Lagos State.
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Romoke Adegbuyi

Dats nonsense of her

Tumininu Sino Alanskotopeki

Maybe her husband don't satisfy her, so she has been lookin 4 a way

Endy Edeson

@Romoke & Sino. Can a woman control herself when being handed? Don't you think she did it naturally and unconsciously?

Osuntokun Oluwaseun David

You can't cheat nature,it abnormally normal and natural

Amaka Umeh Egbeigwe

Hahahahahaha, Eleyin gidi gan

Luckstend Poundz

Hahahahaha speechless

Mac David

The man should not have done that cos it can happen to any woman...meaning that he should know that his wife moans during sex.. Either him or anybody can make his wife moan cos it is natural and it can't be controlled no matter what.

Browayson John Annagu

Omoh!... i really don't see it as her fault per say as no one can cheat nature. she can't just pretend to be in pain when she's excited, its her oestrogen that is at work here & frm my little knowledge of biology, no woman can manipulate it when its at work. Maybe Na jealousy dey worry d man & who knows maybe he don't make her moan like the robber guy did. Oturugbekeh!😂

Veronica Udoh Ud

Browayson John Annagu you nailed it, and if the rapist hit the g-spot well forget it she go hold the rapist tight

Browayson John Annagu

Lol! Veronica Udoh Ud ... u are funny o. But na true sha

Rose Uranta Ann

Nothing person no go see and hear probably d woman was enjoying her self dat particular moment she is human and dat was her own shortcome in life

Ossy Darrel

Make una show me the lady make i access her.

Olajide Crown Johnson

Could It Be That She Acted That Way To Make The Robbers Feel Good/Happy Soo That They Will Not Hurt Her Family? Is it not for greater good?@Endy

Gertrude Johnson Agbo

Hmmm its call love making, so if the woman's attention was not in that sex she would have probably not enjoyed the sex to the extend of moaning.a woman can only enjoy sex if she is relaxed.

Kelly Murphy


Agu Daniel Nicholas

Kai na waooo

Endy Edeson

@Gertrude, John, Rose. of course, no one can cheat nature. @Olajide. You have have a valid point there, it could be for a better landing @Kelly. Hehehehe. I don't even understand your comment. @Agu: You surprise? @Ossy: Funny You. Don't worry, I will bring the lady for you to access @Veronica: G-spot? I reserve my comment @Ebah: Ok. come and be going.LOL

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