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Saturday, 22 April 2017

“I Feel It Coming” By Canadian Singer, The Weeknd Ft. Daft Punk

Every R&B music lover should be a lover of this song “I Feel It Coming” by Canadian singer, The Weeknd. It is trending around the world and topping music charts.
It is a very calm song aimed to celebrate love. In times of loneliness, you need someone to be with you. That is exactly what The Weeknd is professing to a lady in the song.
An excerpts from the lyrics says:
You are not the single type
So baby, this the perfect time
I'm just trying to get you high
And faded off this touch
You don't need a lonely night
So baby, I can make it right
You just got to let me try
To give you what you want
You've been scared of love and what it did to you
You don't have to run, I know what you've been through
Just a simple touch and it can set you free
We don't have to rush when you're alone with me
I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe “
From the excerpt, you can deduce that the lady was seriously hurt in the past and is scared of going into a new relationship but Singer, The Weeknd is assuring her of a good time and lasting relationship if she gives him a chance. This is common in our day to day life. When something bad happens to us, we act like the lady and become very cautious next time. Of course, no matter the hurt in the past, we still need someone in the present to heal the wounds.

"I Feel It Coming" is a song by Canadian singer The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk, from his third studio album, Starboy (2016). The music video for "I Feel It Coming" premiered on March 9, 2017 on Weeknd's Vevo channel. The video has over 76 million views as of 13 April 2017. The video features The Weeknd meeting a "Stargirl", on a rocky, barren planet in outer space that shares similarities to Mars.

In Nigeria, The Weeknd is known for claiming to be the Real Starboy in his song. This claim generated lots of controversies. Wizkid who is a Starboy also reacted to The Weeknd claims. To make matter worst for Wizkid, rapper Drake called The Weeknd who released his latest album ‘Starboy’ up on stage chanting ‘Give it up for the real starboy’.

Wondering why his name is “The Weeknd”? During his youth, his mother would work several jobs to support the family, often as a nurse and caterer, while also attending night school. His father later abandoned the family, prompting his maternal grandmother to take care for him. His stage name was inspired by his high school dropout status, adopting the name "The Weeknd" after he left one weekend and never came home". The spelling of his name “The Weekend” was modified to “The Weeknd” to avoid trademark issues with a Canadian band called The Weekend.

His hairstyle was by far his most recognizable trait. In 2016, he got bored of it and cut his hair, which was visually illustrated in the music video of “Starboy”.

1. Do you like The Weeknd song "I Feel It Coming?
2. What is your view about the song
3. The Weeknd and Wizkid, Who is the real Starboy?
Written & Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson


Johnson Ahile

my best song of the moment. endy happy weekend

Endy Edeson

same to you. We are talking about The Weeknd on a Weekend

Izirigah Nwafor

the weeknd na de biggest star now. i gbadun him music well well

Endy Edeson

nwafor which of his songs do you like most?

Izirigah Nwafor

I still like the song starboy. that jam is dope

Browayson John Annagu

I like this his song ''feel it coming '' too.. It's melodious & catchy. He is d rave of the moment with this hit track. Apy weekend Endy

Endy Edeson

@Happy weekend my brother JOHN. Good to know you are also into "The Weeknd". From your own point of view. Who is the real starboy? The Weeknd or Wizkid?

Browayson John Annagu

From my point of view I feel its the Weekend cos that his video rocks.. He's more focused and talented than Wizkid.

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