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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Comedian Gordons Apologizes For Calling 2Face Illiterate Over Cancelled Protest

Due to his “inability” to obtain a university degree or it’s equivalent, African Queen crooner, 2Face Idibia now identified as 2Baba has been tagged as an illiterate despite his successful music career.

Famous comedian, Gordons expressed disappointment in 2face for trying to lead a nationwide protest which he thinks was not fit for, noting that 2Face is a musician not a politician and does not have the stamina to carry out the protest. Gordon in an interview with GoldMyne TV said: “2face is the only illiterate who can sing correctly”.
Many Nigerians were not happy for his outburst against the music legend. Due to the backlash, Gordons has tendered an apology to 2face Idibia for calling him an illiterate. In a video posted on his Instagram page yesterday night, Gordons said that he did not intend to insult 2Baba or “bring a fight”, adding that he had sent his apology in an SMS to 2Baba.
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Raphael Okanya

make dem leave 2baBA FOR ME

Naija-News Loaded

2baba can do it. gordons is joking

Johnson Ahile

endy se Gordons na comedian. Naso dem they talk na

Johnson Ahile

2baba no be illiterate anything

Endy Edeson

@ahile: even if he is a comedian. there should be caution

Jeremiah Ademolu

It is a joke

Endy Edeson

but 2baba might not find it funny. @jeremiah

Jeremiah Ademolu

@Endy i can't take it as well, that's hard joke

Mayor LP

Why did 2face set the protest in motion when obviously he knew his weakness.Cowardice of him.

Endy Edeson

@mayor; Are you saying he isnt capable of handling nationwide protest?

Mayor LP

Yes,he thought so

Joshua Oluwatimileyin Solomon

2face is an illiterate coward!

Edobor John

Mayor u that can do, why dnt u go ahead?

Tobechi Okonkwo

Mayor doesn't ve the platform, but Tuface already had a platform and a Fan base

Awuaga Fidelia

We are not talking of fan base, every individual has rights yea? so then you can do what he is doing or just stop hating

Endy Edeson

Fan base is not a yardstick. Mayor is a law and can move the nation. even "ordinary" citizen can stage a nationwide protest

Rose Uranta Ann

Tuface shouldnt hv involve himself at d first place

Tobechi Okonkwo

He should ve involved himself! Where he made a mistake was trying to be the only actor knowing fully well that there are opposing forces from the Government side. The protest would ve been tagged " Coalition of concerned nollywood stars", not just all about Tuface. By this, DSS and other security wouldn't ve nailed one singular individual if the protest had gone bad. Tuface thought it was a Showbiz thing, but when the chips were done, he sang new song

Rose Uranta Ann

My brother u know dis country

Meritus Uzoma

After all he has tenderd his apology.and 2face could ve succeded .but he is afraid of d aftermat of d protest bad of him.

Sam Oladele Arowolo Alebiosu

So far he can read and write,he is not illiterate.

Onuh Jude

What is different between 2BABA nd Old school Gordons?

Bekere Becky Afaka

Tuface done try o.he done forgive taya

Bekere Becky Afaka

That Gordons man is shameless!

Oniong Cynthia

At least he make sense in his music I like him

Douglas Deisho Orafa

We might say all we can from our limited knowledge of the protest arrangement but the aim has being achieved.Do we know that 2Baba's intention already got people talking and consequently protested?If he had actually lead the protest and anything injurious happened to the protesters the blame would have being put at 2Baba.Do we know if the whole thing was just to actually make Nigerians own the protest and not for 2Baba to actually lead it? Do we know 2Baba has actually made "intellects" look like cowards because they cant see beyond their nose but throw insults haphazardly on those who have thought things out far ahead of them.2Baba is way beyond the league of some Nigerian "intellects". #CERTIFICATENAPAPER #EDUCATIONNACHARACTER

Flow Ohenhen

can anybody here, or the so called gordons define illitrate

Awuaga Fidelia

Some people cant help buh hate. they call 2face an illiterate and yet he is/ has succeded in his chosen career and he is still doing more unlike some lame lawyers and badbelly people who claim to b literate buh does not have the balls to do something meaningful #IstandWithNigeria#IstandWith2baba!!


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