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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Pastor Paul Enenche Receives Chieftancy Title In The Village

Is the marriage of culture and religion okay? Hard-speaking man of God, Pastor Paul Eneche has embraced culture despite his religious tenets. Pastor Enenche who is also a doctor looks happy as he is conferred a Chieftaincy Title.

He is the senior pastor at Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja. Enenche was born in the city of Orokam in Benue State.

Edeson Online News gathered that the man of God recently got a chieftaincy title in Gboko area of Benue State during Tivland Healing and Deliverance Crusade held in Gboko.

Following the success of the crusade, the community decided to honour him with the title of Kurityav U Tiv (The Warlord in Tivland).
Now, you can call him: Chief Dr Pastor Paul Enenche.
Is This Not Against The Tenets Of Jesus Christ ?
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Mac David

To me it is not wrong cos from the result of d crusade made them honor him that title.. To meaning he has conquered their land just as the Bible says go ye into the world and dominate, so to me that scripture of the Bible is what that just fulfilled itself. So the people have no choice but to crown him warlord. That's chief in CHRIST

Endy Edeson

@Mac: I think any culture devoid of Babarism is worth embracing. Personally, I don't like weird traditions

Mac David

Me too but ds very title here has nothing to do with shrine or any dark thing like other ones in the village u know what I Mean, since it has nothing to do with their idols no problem at all with the title.

Josey OnwaChimere Eze Royal

Time shall come when traditional rulers will be become prophet

Endy Edeson

@eze: then, they can be reffered as "Native Prophets" just like "Native Doctors"

Josey OnwaChimere Eze Royal

King David was a king after God's heart , kings becoming prophets or servant of God is also possible in demonstrating Christ like in them

Bekere Becky Afaka

Total hypocrisy

Kelvin Ekekwe Chijioke

There is nothing wrong with the tittle.

Onyekachi Ibeh Emmanuel

By their fruits we shall know them

Nghie Snowdrop


Abulus Thompson

Judgement is in God hand

Gideon Otunba Lordgee

if na igbo pastor now u people we start saying nonsense

Bekere Becky Afaka

Any christian who takes a chieftaincy title in d village is deceiving himself

John Daniel Nneji

A very big honour Congrat my pst

Emmanuel Okpodu Ogar

Judge nt dat u may b judge,..d chieftaincy tittle may ve sum scriptural backin u can't tell,..letz allow God do d Judgin,

Anthony Gbazalo

Endy is an atheist.

Niyi Olu Emmanuel Ademola

What of Evangelist(s) who became King(s) of their community? Let God take care of their cases.

Endy Edeson

@Anthony: for your information, I was born a Christian. why did you label me an atheist?

Nghie Snowdrop

some people and their comment...some just stray from the main topic

Ilesanmi Gbenga

to me there is nothing wrong in it,as far he still in the presence of God.congrat sir,..........

Japheth Onyedikachi Nwadiogor

hypocrites love tittles (mattew 23:5-12). If you call ur self a child of God, you won't have love for the world. We are not part of the world. "Come out of their midst, and be seperate from them. Do not touch the unclean thing" says Jehovah (2 corinthians 6:17). 'CHIEFTANCY' is an unclean thing, it's of the world.

Igwe Smart

Useless post, looking for unnecessary likes and comment nonsense.

Stamford Sam B

Man don't just bulge , Him collecting that title is just to penetrate that kingdom for Christ.
When Christ is not the center of ur life, then one can fear for anything but Dr. Enenche is all about Christ so i am not worry

Patrick Onkwo

Leave him alone he is not a baby Christian and he has a mission in that palace .

Emmanuel Gilbert

Quite unfortunate, even Jesus ran away when he was to be made king by force

Ifeanyi Benson

Christians of old go for persecution not for chieftancy title, they are ready to die for Christ seek, not to be honoured because they hold crusade.

Arome Samuel Adejo

Thou shall not spread false news Endy because any sin committed by this people lashing out their tongue will fall on you the misguider. Here in benue, whenever you visit a place, or at marriages, you will be dressed in our native attire to show that you are welcome and accepted. This happens to any dignity who comes to benue. Our weddings, visits, and anything that has to do with recognition. please stop misleading people.

Endy Edeson

I am not misleading anyone. I only tabled a topical issue @adejo

Browayson John Annagu

Well,its not for anyone of us to judge, if he did receive d chieftaincy title truly he knows why he did,but if he didn't & was only jst adorned in the attire for recognition sake,its still a gud thing. The one thing I have to say here is that ... Time will tell,the end justifies the beginning and root of any matter as no one is above sin.

Ifeanyi Benson

people we claim we are following there footsteps in the bible peter, Paul and Christ how many chieftancy tittle they received because they hold a crusade??,
the tittle in question who gave it to you??, is it not the people you are calling unbelievers??, 2 Corinthians 6 verse 14 - 18.

Tyris D Overcomer

Only the end wil tell

Michael Whyte Emmy

He was/is employed by God, so be careful wat u say not to suffer calamity

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

There is nothing wrong in it.

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