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Thursday, 25 February 2016

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Picture of President Buhari Praying for Nigeria in Mecca

President Buhari, Emir of Kano and 4 Nigerian governors were pictured praying during umrah at Mecca. Buhari went to Mecca to pray so that things can get better in Nigeria. I think, prayer is a good move to make this country a better one. Please let us join the president to pray for Nigeria.

Kindly Comment your Prayer for Nigeria.
What do you want God to change in Nigeria?
PJ Show and 8 others like this.

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

pray 4 who,hisss

Endy Edeson

gideon,be patriotic, Nigeria is our own

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

Wish nigeria.i juz hate dis fucking country jor

Endy Edeson

@gideon: why? with collective effort we can make the country great

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

hahahahahahaha,oga kip prayn

Chidex Nick Eme

guy go die@gideon

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

Chidex u knw get sense

Kunoun Tari

looks photoshopped @endy

Chidex Nick Eme

u way get sense, na 9ja b fucking country. dat show u re a bigfool@gideon

Endy Edeson

@tari: it's real, not photoshop, see other pictures

Alfred Mrakpor

Why are they not fully clothed. But look closely the olokpa and Saudi guy are completely clothed.
@ Endy Edeson pls explain.
I pray for presidential wisdom and strength to move our country forward.
Dollars, thank God is going down. Prayer for it to go down more.
Security, prayer for peace and stability.
Jesus u are the pillar that holds nija.

Endy Edeson

@afred: the muslims can explain that better. let see if any muslim on my page can explain it

Ganiyu Tairu

RESPONSE @AFREAD,,,,In humrah (lesser hajj) or real hajj male Muslim are enjoyed nd expected to dress half way the way u see Mr president doing and BUT not compulsory for every one observing this ritual holy pilgrimage..As per the Arab man.he is performing the Ummrah and d same time hosting Mr PRESIDENT,,

Ganiyu Tairu

Mr President Prayer has been yielding as it bring down the Dollar ...check your market

Endy Edeson

@ganiyu: thanks for the explanation. but i beg to disgree with the dollar thing. Dollar was N250 in the morning but right now this evening, the dollar is around 350. i'm not saying his prayers are nor okay

Young Agu Esteem

I pray make Dollar and pounds reach 500, 650 respectively.

Eze Solomon Emeka

God will deliver Nigeria in Jesus name!
Not just through ritual or praying to an unknown god.
Faith without work is dead.

Emanuel Okpekwu

I remember when GEJ pictures were shared sometimes like this on fb showing him praying in Jerusalem, earth quakes in Nigeria.

King Davix Migxon

Endy Edeson U Are A Fools For This Post!

Don Simonee

Wetin cloth dey cover plenty.

Endy Edeson

@king: is that the prayer you are supposed to pray for Nigeria?

Alfred Mrakpor

@ Ganiyu Tairu thanks for your explanation.

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