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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How To Identify & Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Nearly 60 percent of all the crops grown in the world have been touched by science. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are plants that have had their genes manipulated. They give the crops new
characteristics, like insect resistance, larger yields, and faster growing traits.

Genetically modified foods have a longer shelf life. This improves how long they last and stay fresh during transportation and storage. They also resist disease that would normally kill off the crops.
However, despite the merits of using Genetically Modified Organisms, it is very dangerous to health. There is a global call to end GMOs. Even Nigerian government is putting strict measures against the use and the import of Genetically Modified Foods or crops in the country.

GMO foods, causes child food allergies. The crops that have been genetically modified have antibiotic properties put into them in order to make them immune to certain diseases. When you eat these foods these properties are left in your body and can make many antibiotics less effective. Meaning the crops are being protected by diseases but the person eating it is not and are at higher risk of contacting disease.

There has been very little testing and research done on genetically modified foods and the long term effects have not been discovered yet. This makes many people feel uneasy at the high use of these food.
Moreso, Food companies do not label foods containing GMOs, so you have to be careful with the kind of food you buy. Foods like corn and soybeans are produced using GMOs. To avoid GMO completely, buy food labelled food labeled 100% organic . know the source of your cow meat. Make sure the cattle were 100% grass-fed or pasture-fed and not fed with chemicals.

You can grow your own food. If you grow your own food, you buy seeds that have not been genetically modified. This way, you know exactly what was grown and what went into growing it.
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Johnson Ahile

i prefer organic food. i dont like all these chemical stuffs

Johnson Ahile

endy happy weekend

Endy Edeson

@ahile: same to you bro

Kate Asemota

That soybean, hope its not the seedlings?

Endy Edeson

@kate: it could be any part of it.

Kate Asemota

Ok tanx

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