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Monday, 17 October 2016

Angry Buhari May Likely Divorce Aisha over BBC Interview

On Friday, Buhari said his wife belonged in the kitchen, and “the other room,” apparently a euphemism for the bedroom. He had said this at a press conference after a closed-door meeting, with German Chancellor
Angela Merkel, in response to an interview Aisha granted the BBC, where she said that his government had been hijacked.

In the interview, Aisha had also said that she might not support her husband under the present circumstances if he seeks re-election in 2019. “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but my wife belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.” Buhari had said.

New reports indicates that the president plans to end his marriage. Edeson Online News has gathered from reliable sources that Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari is still angry at his wife for speaking against him and may likely divorce her. According to our sources, the president and his wife are privately not in good terms.

1. What Will You Do If Your Wife Publicly Speak Against You like Aisha Did to Buhari?
2. Will you Divorce Her?
Edited by: Endy Edeson
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Yvonne Onaibe


Who know am??!!!!

Jeremiah Ademolu

O ya nao

Salako Saint's Stephen

Na him own problem is that, my wife belong to My side always

Itz Akpona Bishop Mini

people often hate the truth, so am not surprised.

Polycarpz Igboon

He is a muslim,and he is entittled to marry 4 wives. Though Aisha is damn pretty and i can't wait for the divorce to occur so i can.................

Endy Edeson

@mini: but isnt this TRUTH too hard for a wife to a husband? Sani Abachi's children still sing praises of him despite how unpopular his government was

Sola Ajiboye Omotowo

Very tough ques!!

Jeremiah Ademolu

@Endy tell ur president to swallow dis bitter truth... lack of respect for his wife/women will surely be the begining of his down fall

Endy Edeson

@jeremiah: you have a point. He rightly stated that he will remove office of FIRST LADY during his election campaign. But played along to have WIFE OF THE PRESIDENT to please Nigerians. The real him isn't for women in power. Moreso, he lacked better respond to his wife outburst

DjLapel Shizu

You called urself a Wife, your job is to look after ur husband, If he End up divorcing you, good for you next tym u will learn how to close ur mouth out side.

Ozaveshe Balogun

@shizu even wen d husband is wrng, she shd support him! abi?

DjLapel Shizu

You know what it takes to be couples? Even when the husband is a thief the wife will still have to back him up, May be you should ask very well.

Endy Edeson

@DJLapel: I agree with you. I earlier made mention of how Abacha's family still protects his image

DjLapel Shizu

Leave them, pastor chris own is still about woman our president self too woman.

Henry Sunday

@ Shizu with you on that! But before the wife said that on bbc there's something going on wrong between those guys.

DjLapel Shizu

Bros, this is family issue no need of involving third party here, She should learn how to be silent if she didn't have something to say, Imagine Tawa savage story now, she is regretting how she spoiled her husband.

Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye

and U know this how?

Edwin Scott

For Aisha to utter out such words,shows someone has talked sense into her or her conscience can't allow such to be going on for the poor masses.

Hiltet Sunday

If you think Buhari will divorce Ashia you're just trying to make another headline. After the children party organize in Aso Rock few days ago, Ashia said is time to go and cook for her husband. Their is different between politics and family affairs, let her focus on the house not the politics stuff. Unlike during Goodluck Jonathan who's wife Patience Jonathan hijack his cabinet and take decision for him, that even contributed to his failure. As Jonathan big fan, at a time I was disappointed with him due to his wife role. So, Buhari don't need to make that mistake, she can't detect his cabinet or tell him who to appoint, but only advice him when necessary. Her duty is to look after him.

Joshua Emmanuel

though am not a fan of the President i ve used abusive language on ever since he said our first lady belong to kitchen but looking at it critically i must admit Aisha went too far in making her statement on the administration of her husband she should be cautioned

Henry Sunday

@ hiltet still on the issue you will be disappointed very soon.

Hiltet Sunday

I will not, that will make me to vote him for the first time

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Media don see news. Likely divorce? I very much doubt. So cos of this disagreement now they aren't in good terms? How come its this one that's making the media see such light?

DjLapel Shizu

EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s ex-wife, Anita, allegedly remarries! | Goldmyne Entertainment


Okoronkwo Chigozie

i wanted to waka pass but i my spirit say no way. i just want to let people know dat God is about to do something. after reading all d comments above, i discovered dat most people are also confused like Buhari. how can d poor masses be suffering under his administration & yet all of u are blaming his wife whom God used to let us know wetin dey. watch out for more. a cup of rice #150. d poor masses can no longer afford 1 square meal, pple are dying on daily bases, no money for treatment, payment of salary is now a thing of d past. which one i wan talk & which one i wan leave? may God open our eyes to see & wisdom to understand what is about to happen. may God see us through.....Amen.

Prince Moses

Endy why the divorce when THE OTHER ROOM HAS BEEN FOUND
Image may contain: outdoor

Mac Emmanuel Obindu

I ɖɷŋ bҽɠɩŋ tɷ ɖaʏ ɭɷѵҽ tɧɩى wɷmaŋ now

Ann Ab

Buhari is such a coward, a fool at 40

Endy Edeson

@prince: funny you

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