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Monday, 15 August 2016

ATHEISM / WEIRD NEWSl UNILAG Graduate Rejects God, Becomes an Atheist

Atheism is the disbelief or rejection of any kind of god including the Christian and Muslim God. There are few Atheists in Nigeria but many in Western World. Atheists claim it's normal to be an Atheist and that they
are good people.

German based Mr. Taiwo Gold Ayodeji, who graduated from the University of Lagos, has openly rejected the concept of God. He has renounced the religion of Islam, making a switch to Atheism. He thinks Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) shouldn't be imposed on people as there are no after-effect of not believing.

Below is an extract of what he posted on facebook concerning his Atheism:
"I’m now an atheist. There is nothing to hide anymore. I’ve hid this fact for a very long time now. Before leaving Nigeria, I had confirmed to myself that I lack a belief in the gods of any religion or in the existence of supernatural entities. This is not a decision I made because of the “freedoms” of Germany. At first, I was shocked and scared that I came to this conclusion. I said to myself: “Ayo, you’ve memorized a decent portion of the Qur’an, you can’t do this, you can’t allow the Shaytan(Satan) to use you now, repent and return to Allah”. I however quickly realized that there was no turning back for me.

I have weighed the evidence for the Abrahamic religions(Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and realized that they are no different from the earlier Zoroastrian faith or even Manichaeism. We are born into this world mostly through our mothers and from birth, we are labelled with a religion, tribe and even social class; we never choose them. I am often amused when people say to me “I chose my faith, I was not born into or forced into it”. This, in my opinion, is a highly dishonest statement. If you chose your religion, why is it that it’s the same religion of your parents/guardians? Why is it that it’s the same religion(s) of your society? Why have we not seen Nigerian Hindus evangelizing? Or Nigerian Zoroastrians? The answer is simply that most of us have not heard of these religions

I am not an atheist because I want to sleep with different girls, or spend all my time in a club or become a “bad boy”. I’m an atheist because I know with a high level of certainty that no one knows about the existence of a God; if we knew about a God, we would all have the same idea of him/her/it/

them. But the reality is different; everyone believes differently about God. Some think God is male. Others think God is a giant Elephant. Some others think God is on a throne in Paradise. Another set think God has a son and several children. We even have groups that think God wields a hammer and lives close to the North Pole. Which of these ideas is correct? How do we test or validate them? "
1. Do you agree with him?
2. From his analysis, was the Concept of God invented?
3. Have you met an Atheist in Nigeria before?
4. Do you see Atheists as Good or Bad people?
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Endy Edeson

@alex: any choice that is not injurious is perceived by Atheists as perfect Choice

Mac Dollarsign


Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Kontinu,no problem, afterall it's a free world

Mac Dollarsign

Freedom of religion

Endy Edeson

@Chidinma & all: can you be friends with an Atheist? have you met an atheist before?

Mac Dollarsign

I will if he is a good person, but I have not meet them

Priceless Precious Alli

Good for himself

Alfred Matthew

I will not condem him, it's his choice but a very wrong one.

Austin Danielson

Let him be

Bro Nuhu Yusufu

Foolish boy

Bertha Nnaji Steve

He has chosen what he wants to choose

Salako Saint's Stephen

Wish him well

Alonge Oluwarhemeelekhuun Oluwasheeguun Gcfr

I have an atheist friend on Facebook, he's a Nigerian lives in Lagos, he can literarily tell u how everything came into being without any supernatural power, I wonder if he is so intelligent he should have invented something, lol

Esther Uchebe

Its his choice and I respect dat completly,even Jesus himself told us to choose for ourselves d God/god we will serve and he has chosen d god he wants...

Eze Solomon Emeka

Where you hear that one?
Hehe 😂

Samuel Dupsi Alex

I can be a friend to an Atheist. I think the reason there are such people is because MOST of the religious people are NOT making sense at all. They only come up with comments such as "Foolish boy" and defend what they believe in with either violence or reluctance.

Leif Cid

Watch this so you can learn about the history of God. Yes, the concept of god does have a history. https://youtu.be/MlnnWbkMlbg

2.5 Atheism: A History of God (A)


Endy Edeson

@LEIF CID: thank you for sharing the video. I will download it later at night. If I may ask, are you an ATHEIST?

Leif Cid

Humanist, a member of the British Humanist Association

Zo MaryJane YF

A Humanist who lacks the belief in the existence of a god

Muyiwa Kusimo

Negative rewards and consequence of being over fed books

Eze Solomon Emeka

Honestly I've conducted my own research and find out that atheism is just another line of belief made up sects like other religions, there are different kinds of atheists, some believe in science and scientists while some don't just believe in anything or anybody, there are normal atheist and there are radical atheist as well, it goes on and on and on.

At my age and at my level of enlightenment, nobody can convince me that there's no Almighty God and nobody can confuse me along religion lines cos God demands more than just being religious.

Tyris D Overcomer


Zo MaryJane YF

E don help your brain....lest your brain is now conscious of something different it used to know

Osafu Abusomwan

who he help, this kind set of people are d one that we beg to know him latter after they found their self in pit

Kaiel Freeman

Atheism close, you've change nothing. open it up to change the world!

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