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Friday, 24 June 2016

POLITICS: Equatorial-Guinea’s President Nguema Appoints His Son As Vice President

Nepotism is not only a familiar term in Nigeria but also a term to reckon with in other African countries. Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang’ Nguema has promoted his first son Teodoro ‘Teodorin’
Obiang’ Mangue as the country’s vice-president. The president’s first son will also be in charge of Defence and National Security ministry.
President Nguema is Africa’s longest-serving leader and has ruled the former Spanish colony (Equatorial Guinea) since 1979 when he ousted his uncle in a military coup. Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country.
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Guys, what do you think of this?


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Sadiq Abubakar Sadiq

Hahahahaha......If the appointment was based on merit, is there nobody with those qualities resulted to his appointment in the country?

Endy Edeson

@sadiq: merit you say... ok. but tongues wag when a leader favours his relations whether they merit it or not. nepotism is just too much in Africa

Sadiq Abubakar Sadiq

In some parts of Europe their administration recognises civil servants to be inherited by their children followed by rigorous examination, that's base on merit.

Tobechi Okonkwo

Just like Nigeria's Gov of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha slogan "My people my people, my family my family. He appointed his son-inlaw a commissioner and he is rumoured to be his successor

Ubah Angel Onwa

hahaha family business

Browayson John Sr.

Hmm, this is the 'sit tight syndrome' that is making Africa more underdeveloped & tagged all over as a third world continent. Nobody wants to slip out of power cos power is sweet. Little wonder they say 'power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely'

Ogunmade Horlamilekan

Trust me he is preparing his son for the presidency

Jeremiah Ademolu

No wonder Africa continent still lagging behind, what a shame!

Eze Solomon Emeka

When they get into power, they favour their family, they favour their kinsmen, they favour their tribesmen, and favour few of the people that voted for them, and after their tenure, they endorse and install somebody who will be completely obedient to them so the evil chain can continue.
This kind of retrogressive mentality continue preying on Africa, and also grounding the continent.

Agada Damian Gentle

what system of Government are they practicing

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