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Friday, 17 June 2016

FUNNY NEWS: Muhammed Ali Arrives Heaven, Meets Michael Jackson, Martin Lurther King Jnr.

This is to inform all fans of Muhammad Ali that the late boxer is currently in heaven with other top personalities like Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, James Brown etc. It's a big surprise that 2Pac is
not there with them.
The photo of Muhammad Ali in heaven was shared by rapper, Snoop Dogg. Jesus Christ was seen welcoming the legend to the spiritual paradise,.
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Bekere Becky Afaka

Heaven? U don judge them now now? Endy nor wash ya hand for dirty water by posting this trash

Endy Edeson

@bekere: come on, don't be too uptight, this is just an imagination of how things happens in heaven

Bekere Becky Afaka

Them no dey use heaven and Jesus dey do imagine things.endy na advice o

Kingsley Osaghae

I know u as a blogger nd not a comedian....lolzzz Endy Edeson

Bem Ternguemo Tim

Nobody that dies a moslim will see Heaven, wher Jesus christ reigns supreme!

Sadiq Abubakar Sadiq

If the heaven belongs to your old man you can tell him to hold it we don't need it.

Adegbola Sobur Delodun

Does that mean dat cus ur xtian u see heaven @ bem ternguemo ask ur sef 2dai u av nt commited any evil thin

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

u be mumu I swia....shey religion dey heaven nii? chai.....make u grow up nau.....aarrrgggghhh....this post na joke nau...abii?

Bekere Becky Afaka

Nobody knows who makes heaven! A thief was killed with Jesus and promised heaven instantly! Only God knows

Bem Ternguemo Tim

He ask Jesus to remember him, that is repentance.

Endy Edeson

@bem: your comment is hillarious. @becky: hmmm. there is heaven on earth at canaanland ota

Ugochi Judith

@Endy: that heaven there is it the one God promised the faithful or an alternative? But come to think of it, since you know the location, what are you waiting for? Hahahahaha

Precious O Matthew

So where is 2pac?

Obie Richard Nwoko

Abeg Eddy,where Keshi dey?

Endy Edeson

@obie: heaven of course

Azeez Damilare

@ bemwhat do u mean by nobody that die a Muslim will see heaven cant blame you though smh @endy u funyy gan ooo

Kingsley Osaghae

azeez u called d wrong name nd @ dsame time make a wrong comment!!!

Jamil Imodibie

Why is 2pac not dia? @Endy

Ibrahim A Bukar

Endy where is sam Okaraji

Tim Bill'Oluwaseyi Rotimi

Stop spreading heresy oga

Tobechi Okonkwo

This is just a joke ok!!

Tim Bill'Oluwaseyi Rotimi

You don't joke with things like this Tobechi Okonkwo

Obie Richard Nwoko

Lol........eddy, abeg u see my papa for dia? Tell am mk e holla @ e boi ooo!

Ahmed Husseini

Tobechi Okonkwo

Upon all your education, you call a simple joke that is meant to light up your day Blasphemy? Mr Endy tried to light up his fans day and your bringing religious sentiment. Come off it bro!!!

Jerry Maka

Eneson they see you too sitted in their restroom jobless boy

Chidimma Rich

Is this news?

Chukwudi Kalu

Pls where wil go if i die

Kelechi Edo

its not funny

Tobechi Okonkwo

its funny. Just a joke to light up ur day ok!!

Mercy Okon

Endy very funny news. We all know its not true.

Oluwatobi La Verité Adefoulou

OGA... u posting old news na.

Elee Christian Chinweike

@ENDY,so if am a criminal and i was robbing a bank unfortunately they caught me and i must be killed that moment,if i prayed my last prayer and ask GOD for forgiveness will he accept me in heaven?just askin.

Elee Christian Chinweike

YOU are posting as if u know what tommorow gonna bring.

Tobechi Okonkwo

Its just a joke. don't be too rigid be flexible

Elee Christian Chinweike

I no

Browayson John Sr.

Joke of d week right Endy?,it had bettr be

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

2pac dey Ajegunle....lolz

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Hmmmm,very funny

Kachy Emmanuel

Why Jesus welcoming Mohammed Ali? Why not prophet Mohammed welcome Mohammed Ali?

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