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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WEIRD NEWS: Doctor Reveals Anal Sex Can Lead to Pregnancy

New research by scientists reveal that women can get pregnant when they make love through the anus. Before now, people believed pregnancy only occurs through vagina penetration. Urologist Dr Brian Steixner proved it when he treated a patient who became pregnant after having sex with her partner through the anus. However, pregnancy through anal sex happens when the rectum, vagina and urethra fail to separate into
three tubes and bodily fluids drain into one channel.
GUYS, Do you also anyone who became pregnant through Anus SEX ?
What Do You Think?
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Sahat Sahara


Endy Edeson

@sahara: yeah, though its a rare medical condition.

Sahat Sahara

The anus is nt created for sex so i wounder

Endy Edeson

yeah sahat: you know humans like adventure. Anus has become a sexual adventure in modern terms, though many religions forbids it

Sahat Sahara

Yes oo my bro. Hmm

Joseph Tyokoso Akwente

Endy Edeson dem get mind shall with the big anaconda wey people get even shit de hard person.

Hardegoke Haryanyemi

wonder never end

Valentine Solomon

GOD punish devil

John Asukwo

that seldom happens......and anal sex is dirty

Tunde Ayele


Iorshe Yuana

It is not strange, it is quite possible.

Bekere Becky Afaka

The suya I just munched now dey vex for my Belle! Endy this post is disgusting! Ewww

Olanrewaju Titiloye


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