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Saturday, 30 April 2016

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Enugu State Govt Rejects Grazing Reserves Bill

First and Foremost, what is Grazing Reserve? Grazing reserves are tracts of land specially set aside by State governments for use by farmers to hold and graze their cattle and buffaloes. Now you got it. News coming out say Enugu State Government has rejected the creation of grazing reserves across the country by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The State rejected the bill following the invasion of Nimbo community by suspected herdsmen that killed more than 20 persons.

Though, logically, the creation of Gracing Reserves will help to stop the incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers..
1. Do you support Federal Government to create Gracing Reserves nationwide?
2. Should the Grazing Reserves be Created only in the North?
3. Would this measure really help to redress the Fulani Herdsmen excesses?


Bertha Nnaji Steve

I stand against grazing reserves in our SE states. What would we gain anyway? Beef is still expensive, cow dung is acidic and reduces soil fertility, the cattle stampedes on our crops and mess our streams up. So, what? There are taller grasses in the northern region. Thick bushes and shallow streams to enjoy. Abeg, make them remain there. This measure would help immensely. They don't know anything about clientele and mutual business relationship so make them loose customers small.

Endy Edeson

@bertha: FG is inducting One-Nigeria-Syndrome. SE/SS/SW etc belongs to Nigeria

Bertha Nnaji Steve

Will FG force bills on individual communities? We make up the FG. Every one of us.

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

One useless and evil forest Nizooria my foot . LAND OF THE RISING SUN I WILL EVER LOVE AND CHERISH. MY BIAFRA I LOVE THEE.

Endy Edeson

@nwigwe: come on, be patrotic for once. @bertha: you have a point. the last time i check, each state is autonomous to a point. i pray this don't escalate to something else

Collins Asinobi

Sambisa forest is there for them to use, why disturbing us?

Endy Edeson

@collins: this is a serious matter but please permit me to laugh. your comment is funny. hahahahah. seriously, SAMBISA can't be used because of the security challenge it will pose to the herdsmen

secondly, grasses in SAMBISA won't be healthy for the cow due to too many bombings there

Bertha Nnaji Steve

Ehhhhnnnnn. See sense. Security challenge indeed. They don't want to die abi? But they want to kill. Isn't that patriotic?

Henry Agbai Osiri

so when it comes to land for grazing we are one Nigeria but when it comes to federal attention and political power is all northern affair who is deceiving who @Endy whose side are you? where are you from? where is your loyalty? Nigeria belongs to nobody and your loyalty can't be to this fragmentation called Nigeria is either you stand for North or South you can't serve two masters at a time.

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Who told u dat d acceptance of dat bill will curtail d clashes Endy? Av bn against dat bill frm d onset and i support d pple of Enugu wholeheartedly. D business is a private one and commonly run by one most notorious tribe d hausa fulanis. If normadic farming which is an old form of animal husbandry cant be stopped and d ranching method adopted den let dem giv dem grazing fields in their northern places and d southwest if d pple of d southwest ar in favour of dat bill bt as 4 us frm d south-south and southeast there is no place 4dat grazing bill. If d fulanis cant learn hw to be ranch owners or cowboys like in oda countries, let dey and their cows, camels, donkeys, asses, horses etc go to sambisa forest abeg like a frnd of urs jst suggested. No peaceful co-existence can exist wit dat grazin bill.

Endy Edeson

@henry: don't get me wrong. i'm talking as a TRUE Nigeria. i AM not siding anyone @eyeye: but it's a move to curtail

Muhammad Yusuf Musa

Nigeria belong to us all, i think wat d government need to do is, first to know dis fulani herdmen, meaning each state will conduct a census and register dem.. Then d state will create d said Grazing reserve for dem, and den impose a tax on dem, since it's a business dey are doing, dose cattles worth millions of Naira, dose of dem dat modernise d business are making alot of money from it.. Because a litre of fresh milk is selling above a litre of fuel, so is a source of income, we should look at it in a modern way, not look at it as a dose people didn't belong here, just tink of how many milk is consume in a day, how many people bought Ice cream, dis is a business if properly manage...

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Endy nobody is a fool here. U ursef will nt tell me if u xperienced wat d pple of enugu, benue etc has xperienced 4rm d hands of dis notorious killers, u will dance to wateva dat grazing bill contains. Nigeria isnt evn d largest cattle rearing country in da world. So why is d govt of dis day unda d leadership of a fulani man spearheading such a bill as dis? There is an uterior motive 4dat bill and no one is a fool. Ranching methods ar refined, educative and sophisticated form of animal husbandry, so if d fulani normads ar stake illitrates dat cant practise ranch farming den i dnt tink dey will do well evn wen givn oda pple's land.Nw d benefits of ranch farmin ar much.1: d ministry of agriculture wil set up ranchin institutes dat any interestd ranch farmer must attend and receiv certificate.2: ranch owners must acquire lands 4 their biz personaly since its a private biz and d ranch owna must provide certified papers statin he/she to b lincensed by d institute b4 lands can b sold out.There ar many mre.

Danny Gold

Change has come ‪#‎indeed‬ meanwhile a big shoutout to ENUGU PEOPLE ‪#‎CoalCity‬😍

Danny Gold

But lemme ask ooh Endy Edeson please, is it only Enugu state that has rejected this selfish bill?

Alvarez Ugochukwu

I support enugu state government.. Let them go back to their various locations and graze there. Cos if As a tenant you grew wings, as a landlord what will you do?

Asom Ru-ching James


Priceless Precious Alli

We don't need it they should all that in their place because I senses some thing else with this story

Browayson John Sr.

This reserve shld be set up only in d northern states. This is a ploy to make them scattered & build settlements where evet thy find them selves therby staying in dat location for ever & we all knw the future consequences now,they start claiming that land as theirs & their population explodes xos thy give birth like fishes without control measures. So i fully support Enugu state fir rejecting that cunny grazing bill hullabalooo & other states shld follw suit so as to avoid future regrets.

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

we don't rare cow in our state so we don't need it, they wanted to use scope to share the laNd with them after they'll claim it.

Lawrence . Adeboye

Supported. no story

Henry Lochuks Okeke

To hell with the bill, the should go graze at sambisa forest. Its big enough for all the cattles in this country. Enough of this nonsense!

Salako Saint's Stephen


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