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Sunday, 27 March 2016

POLITICS/RELIGION: Bishop Oyedepo Angry with Buhari, Blasts Him

Wealthy pastor & prominent PDP religious Ally, Bishop David Oyedepo is not happy with the State of the Nation under Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. The man of God recently said that Buhari is ‘insensitive’ to Nigerian problems and should learn to be more sensitive to the plights of Nigerians.
He made the statement known during a media chart with journalist at his private Landmark University, Kwara State. Oyedepo stated that the president should get down
to work instead of blaming previous governments for his failures in piloting the affairs of the country.
The clergyman, David Oyedepo who is known for his wonderful miracles and supernatural healings was a supporter of Goodluck Jonathan campaign train in 2015 election. Despite his party defeat, he still graces events of the PDP. He was present at Akwa Ibom State governor’s supreme court thanksgiving.


Henry Bassey and 11 others like this.

Lugard Christopher

ride on Papa

Baba Tunde Ayinde

this corrupt pastor? u better face your ota and london tithe..

Balogun Saheed

foolish Yoruba boy @Ayinde

Boutoru Law Ebis

@Ayinde u beta watch d way u talk to a man of God,he is saying the true. D truth is always bitter

Gallant D'mosix

Ayinde, u must b very stupid

Salako Saint's Stephen

God God my God

Godwin Epu

Endy must you tag pastor as Pdp ally, weathy pastor? Please be specific in your news. Thanks and God Bless all.

Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad

Bishop you that sensitive tell us how do you get you wealth is it not PDPig
Now that no money he started marking noise
Wait EFFCC is by the way u will tell them you man of god what of other are they man not man of god

Lugard Christopher

Animals av taken over the conversation. so it has become a crime to call ur leader to order. It's obvious Buhari has suddenly turned to a Tourist or a visiting President to Nigeria. Since he assumed leadership as president of Nigeria, Nigeria have lost its glory. ..Papa Oyedepo, ride on we are with u

Adekunle Oreoluwa Ojo

Pls, u dnt condemn d pastor bcos even d bible said touch nt my anointed n do my prophet no harm xo watch ur tongues on hw u talk 2 an anointed prophet of GOD b4 nemesis caught up wit those dat talk bad abt d pastor

Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad

The worst thing happened to Nigeria as a nation is the leadership of GEJ ,the killings in the northeast to massive corruption and mismanagement to international ridiculing of our security might .
He lied to all of us that he bagged PhD.
He lied to all of us of a fresh air in 2011.
He lied to us that he will not seek for second time.
He lied to us that stealing is not corruption.
He lied to us that he will transform Nigeria.
He lied to us about second Niger bridge.
H lied to us about Almajiri school in the north.
He lied to us about d kidnap n rescue of the Chibok girls.
Let there be change .
Change is all we need.
I am for change. And You?

Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad

What is so call anointed man of the god insulted his leader and chop people money in judicially
Dou shall not ............

Gallant D'mosix

Ma'aji, what is your fucking problem? We talking now, you talking then. Common, tell your brother to start working, for he hasn't done nothing yet, except travelling here and there

Tda D'a Mega-Icon A

Sule Beeti Snow Audu

Is my Bishop sensitive to the suffering of his church members who could not afford to pay the fee he charges in his schools. Because of sentiment, let our MoG continue to disgrace themselves.....

Ibrahim Morebest Muritala

Very insensitive comments!

Bekere Becky Afaka

Pastors too should be sensitive to d plight of poor ignorant Christians who sow all their salary as seeds in church! Exploiting ppl is not d msg of salvation

Bekere Becky Afaka

Ehnn,endy ally,wealthy pastor, they don't sound nice o

Adebanjo Oladele Samuel

@Ayinde you hv u decided to make life miserable for you by insulting an anointed man of God.

Becky Eselemo

Ayinde don't invite curse to your generation

Alvarez Ugochukwu

The fact is.... Oyedepo would never discuss politics... If he did all media would carry it as Headline... So once its not on sunnews vanguard etc.... Its fake... By dway Media Chart with whom and When?.. .. Not oyedepo biko.. Find something else

Innocent Ogadima Ezike

Endy Edeson Wealthy pastor & prominent PDP religious Ally,?? at times i wonder if u are a journalist or A hater preacher....

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Once it has nothing to-do With Heaven... Oyedepo would never tread on d issue... Hes a respected man of God.. Please Endy accord him that respect.. Diaris God o

Wass Demo

So it happens if one refuses to differentiate religion from politics

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