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Sunday, 27 March 2016

POLITICS: How Buhari is Manipulating Nigerians with Increase Electricity MegaWatts

Image result for BUHARINigeria with a population of over 170 million persons needs at least 50,000MegaWatts  of Electricity but the country currently survives with less than 5,000MegaWatts of electricity.  During Tuesday’s National Economic Council Meeting, the president promised Nigerians 10,000MegaWatts before the end of the year 2019. To achieve this target, the president stated that the country will generate 3.33MegaWatts
of electricity every year over the next 3 years.
New findings indicate that the president promise may not come to fruition as most of the powers generating tools are too weak to handle the 10,000MegaWatts capacity. Just yesterday, Information from the Nigeria Systems Operations Department of the Transmission Company of Nigeria announced that Power generation has dropped as low as 2,841Megawatts. This means that Nigerians will have to suffer incessant power outage if nothing is done to remedy the problem.
It may surprise you to know that president Buhari is using tortoise mentality on Nigerians, he knows he would not be held responsible if he fails to generate 10,000MegaWatts in 2019 since he will leave office that same year.

That is the fact you may not know.

Guys what do you think?

(Article Written by: ENDY EDESON)


2 people like this.

Auxel Celestyn

He didn't fulfil any of his campaign promise , now he is on another one. I think one of his daughter's name is promise. I call him Papa promise. he kept tawking without idea of how it works. I don't need 10,000MW , all I'm asking he should take us to where Jonathan left us. I don't like walking like micheal Jackson.

Edobor John

Plan 4 ur life, and 4get critisim.

Emmanuel Gilbert

lol, tortoise mentality

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