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Sunday, 20 March 2016

AFRICA POLITICS: President Buhari Supports the Independence of Western Sahara from Morocco

It is no longer news that Biafra front man, Nnamdi Kanu is still suffering in prison over his quest for the actualization of the Biafra State, what now is news is the helping hands Nigeria president is extending to an Islamic Secessionist in Morocco.
Edeson Online News learnt that Buhari is supporting The People of Western Sahara to break out from Morocco, vowing that he will do everything possible for
the people to gain independence.
Nigerians especially aggrieved Igbos are not happy with Buhari for supporting Secessionist Group in Morocco and kicking against the people of Biafra.
The Question is: Is Buhari a Hypocrite or confused?
Is it because the Secessionist Group in Morroco are Muslims?
What is your view on this issue?
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Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon

is western Sahara part of Morocco?
Morocco is just laying claiming on it...

Read wide pls!

Praise Oyewole

Thanks @Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon.

Abel Nkem Bright

Adeleke the question he is asking has not been answered.... Weather it is their province or not your president is an hypocritical man who will stop at nothing to uphold his faith anyhow and any were so shame on you slaves following someone who does not care about you what has he done about his brothers killing in agatu? I am a Christian and a defender of the faith my bible teaches me about being an impartial leader.... I don't support Biafra but he should release the guy hence some book haram brothers of his were released some months back

Emmanuel Benson

"Sahara Occidental; Berber: Taneẓroft Tutrimt) is a disputed territory in the Maghreb region of North Africa , bordered by Morocco to the north, Algeria to the northeast, Mauritania to the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Its surface area amounts to 266,000 square kilometres (103,000 sq mi). It is one of the most sparsely populated territories in the world , mainly consisting of desert flatlands. The population is estimated at just over 500,000, [3] of which nearly 40% live in El Aaiún (also spelled Laâyoune), the largest city in Western Sahara. Occupied by Spain in the late 19th century, Western Sahara has been on the United Nations list of non-self-governing territories since 1963 after a Moroccan demand..." Wikipedia

Abel Nkem Bright

Mr praise and adeleke you are disgrace to this nation...

Abel Nkem Bright

Mr praise and adeleke you are disgrace to this nation...

Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon


Peace be unto you ooo!

Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon

Wetin we do you now?

Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon

Abel Nkem Bright, To ask questions na crime?
why all these names calling and abuse?

Uchenna Ukwuaba Stanley

buhari is confused

Endy Edeson

@adeleke: I tactically used the Headline of Morroco Break-Up? Western Sahara territory is under the POWER of Morocco, so it’s part of it until they gain self-determination

Sadiat Ojuolape Bada

Abel take it easy o na turn by turn

Eze Solomon Emeka

It's so funny

Lawrence . Adeboye

We are stylishly political blinding and this has prevented us to do what is right .A question was asked not , which requires Yes/ No answer .

Adeleke Olugbenga Solomon

western Sahara & Morocco
Biafra & Nigeria

have no correlation at all.
The case is different!

I'm not objecting the freedom of biafra, our oneness is what make us GREAT, separation will reduce our greatness, but if that is what will bring peace, progress and prosperity, we better be separated!

So help us GOD!

Eze Solomon Emeka

Being together is not by force and separation is not a crime, my response to the post is that our president is hypocritical about it, maybe because of tribalism or religion bigotry.

But no be this world everything go end?

Chidimma Rich

Buhari is wasting his time. When the appropriate time comes ‪#‎Biafra‬ will stand.

Endy Edeson

@chidinma, Chidinma, Chidinma, how many times did i call you? hmmm. Becareful, Nigerian Crime Watchers are watching. ilegal secession is a crime

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

@Endy which is illegal seccession? some tyms you talk lyk an illiterate.

Chidimma Rich

Come and arrest me.

Jeremiah Ademolu

See how some of us carry this on our head. Na wao! My points is this, since Buhari knew biafra is still a big issue in his own country, is it not better he stay off such matter? Just of a recent he signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations knowing fully well that religion is number one problem in this country, has he forget how some Christian stood against him before election that he will turned Nigeria to "Islamic nation" if opportunity is giving to become Nigeria president? yet he still went ahead and signed such an agreement without consulting other religion leaders, Nigeria is the only Christian/muslim nation in that meeting. He that live in a glass house, should not throw a stone.

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

He is neither confused nor hypocritical, The God of the Biafrans is just using him to make my beautiful country Biafra to be more closer than expected, since he won the election of 2015, I knew that the actualisation of my Biafra is real, that was when I became interested in Biafra's restoration if it were to be GEJ, it would have been a very high mountain to climb, infact I won't have been involved. thanks, God bless Biafra and her people.

Martins Regan

Then let morroco support Biafra as pay back to the zoo

Abuchi Festus

Biafran will stand whether buhari like it or not

Blessing Adesina Adeleke

I pity the the yorubas that voted for this old man. Now they don't want the igbos to go bcos they are scared.

Don Simonee

The man is a sadist, and most of all, an uneducated confusionist.

Browayson John Sr.

Time will tell if Biafra secession will see the light of day. But for now,he (PMB) is behaving hypocitical on this matter cos he is kicking against an aggrieved region of his country secceeding but extending compassionate helping hands to another region of another nation that wants to secceede. Its not right. Believe me this will spur Biafran frontliners even more to fight for their rights. I blv he is confused & being hypocritical at d same time.

Elee Christian Chinweike

That man ehhh, old age is doing something great in his life and uneducated

Amos Roboudu Apeikhena

Buhari Na human being?

Innocent Ogadima Ezike

Just passing by oooo.happy Sunday my oga Endy

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