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Saturday, 13 February 2016

WORLD RADIO DAY: Kindly Share Your Best Radio Station, Mine is Radio Continental Lagos

World Radio Day holds every February 13. It is a Day about celebrating radio, why we love it and why we need it today more than ever. A day to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe.
Do you love listening to radio? what are the major achievements you aimed for listening to radio? Which is the your best radio station in Nigeria. As for me, LOVE FM 97.7 used to be my best radio station when I was in Port-Harcourt
but now that i reside in Lagos, Radio Continental 102.3 is my best and my best programme is "PAPERS REVIEW" with Fisayo & Cyril.
I also listen to Radio Nigeria Network News & Raypower FM, Lagos.
Listening to radio constitutes about 40% of whom I'm today.
Share your radio experience with me.


Olajide Young Johnson

I love Radio Continental In Lagos Bcos Of Uncle Jones, I Love Brilla In FM Lagos Bcos Of Murphy Ijemba and I Love Splash Fm In Ibadan Bcos Of Edmund Obilo and Tony Rowland Awobode-- Don T

Endy Edeson

wow! olajide, you are a radio man. yeah, i do listen to KOBANJI DIRECT by 7pm but i don't miss PAPERS REVIEWS weekdays with Fisayo, Cyril, Barr. Ubani, ETC

Endy Edeson

@olatunji: yeah, it's been a while I listen to Top radio, can you remind me any of their popular programmes and presenters

Prince Golden Igweka


Ademola Adekunle Abraham


Endy Edeson

@iIgweka: hahahahahahaha. your comment is the funniest comments this year i have read anywhere online. imagine, i never thought of radio biafra. Prince, are they still broadcasting? do they play Hip-Hop and who is your Radio Biafra favourite presenter?

Prince Golden Igweka

Tell me where you are and i will tell you the frequency to get them promptly. The present presenter is Mazi Uche Mefor. And the radio is on now. In fact, i am listening via FM RIGHT NOW. 102.1 FM, If you are in Phc and environs

Prince Golden Igweka

You can equally watch our satlite TV on www.biafratv.co, it has 4 channels and live radio

Biafra TV


B M. Opeyemi Maldini

We Have Too Many Radio In Ibadan, but top3 are splash fm, space fm and fresh fm

Endy Edeson

@opeyemi: that means Ibadan is cool to make a second home. I love States with many lively radio stations. the thing is, Ibadan is close to Lagos, Raypower just launch Raypower Ibadan despite having Raypower Lagos. I guess is the market extension. because many people from Ibadan do call and listen to Raypower Lagos.

Johnson Foster


Patricia Trich Ogugubeni

Inspirational FM Lagos

Njoku Onyekachi

Radio Biafra!

Endy Edeson

@FOSTER & PATRICIA: i used to listen to inspiration FM during the days of "Sharing Life Issues with ChazB" may his soul rest in peace. @NJOKU: PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION I ASKED IGWEKA.

Olayiwola Daniel Rosicky Alapomeji

Paramount fm

Patricia Trich Ogugubeni

Endy Edeson Anytime I'm in Lagos I only want to listen to Inspirational FM. Their old school music is everything

Endy Edeson

@TEMITOPE: you are real Omo onile. Faaji FM. Enjoyment Things, i guess AMBROSE SHOMIDE should be your favorite resenter. @olayiwola: omo ogun. it's been long i listen to paramount FM, i thought they are no longer operating

Endy Edeson

@patricia: ok. you love old skool music? that's cool, then listen to classic fm lagos and Smooth fm 98.1 Lagos. anytime i want to sleep, i listen to Smooth FM, they play the best lullaby and love songs that can send you to sleep in less than 5 minutes. patricia, outside lagos, where do you based and the radio station that rocks the air waves there

Eze Solomon Emeka


Patricia Trich Ogugubeni

Endy Edeson I base in Abuja. But presently I'm at home in Yenagoa

Endy Edeson

@EZE: omo Igbo ni ile Ogun. i thought you stay in Anambra State, i didn't know it;s in OgunState. Rainbow FM is cool. @patricia. ok. so you are my sister, Bayeksa and Rivers State are siblings

Eze Solomon Emeka

Beeni o, mo gbadun Rainbow gidi gaan ni!

Endy Edeson

@EZE: hahahahaha. Igbos are smart. Mi omo pe n so ro ede Yrouba. remind me of Rainbow FM frequency. @patricia: **smiles**

Olatunji Lawal Gbolahan

@Endy top radio, tosin buckor,---areaaaaaa

Lawal Lora Risquat

Radio continental:great music,great talk

Olatunji Lawal Gbolahan

Top sports on top radio.... Godwin enakhenna

Endy Edeson

@lora: yeah, we are together. hope you listen to Kiddies programme on Saturdays, "BOX of GOODIES". @Olatunji: it seems lot of people listen to Top radio, i have to check them out again, there is a popular radio station nobody has mentioned he or she loves. I'm still monitoring the comments

Olaniyi Olagunju Peterston

Faji fm 106.5 great inspirational music i luv evry of their programmes.

Amb Abiona John

faaji fm

Okechukwu Onyenma

Inspiration Fm

Endy Edeson

@OLANIYI: i thought it;s funny things they say on FAAJI. never knew they inspires **thinking** @amb: enjoyment things, FAAJI fm. @okechiwu: inspiration FM is taking the LEAD in the comments. lots of people are listening to it except me, i will resume listening to it

Tofunmi Toflex

I love cool FM...no homo

Eze Solomon Emeka

Ile Yoruba lo bimisi, bawo ni mi o seni gbo ede Yoruba?
94.1 is the frequency.

Ogunmade Horlamilekan

@ Endy Edeson you need to listen to Top radio programs...Tosin Buckor on the AREA SHOW, Top sport with Godwin Enakhenna and his fantastic crew, The afternoon drive show with Funmi, Itunu, and The Yomi Kazeem ,in the evening Kore brown rocks you with Nja rocks, at 6pm Adigun Olawale hits you with sport cafe, then Bimbo Adeola come up with the JOB SHOW, and WYSE takes it up till midnight..(the breakdown of the programs of my favorite radio station)

Endy Edeson

@ogunmade: the last time i listen to TOP RADIO was when one presenter named "STRANGER" last aired his night show, listeners cried when he made his final broadcast, the thing is, no listener knows his real name or anything about him, he is called "STARNGER". DO you have any info about him? from the comments i am getting here, TOP RADIO is really the bomb, i will give it a try. @tofunmi: that;s cool. i guess you like their hiphop songs

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