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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

POLITICS: It's a Shame for Buhari for Mrs. Najatu Muhammed to Reject His Appointment (Opinion)

It has been reported that a Northerner , Mrs. Najatu Muhammad rejected an appointment by Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari, making her the first to reject an offer from the presidency.  Najatu rejected the offer because she was not consulted or informed by the presidency before it was made known to the public. Najatu Muhammed claims to be a supporter of Buhari’s government but rejected her appointment as chairperson of the Governing Council of the Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State.

This rejection exposes the weakness of the presidency, how can you appoint someone without consulting him or her? Even kids don’t accept everything giving to them no matter how juicy it looks. The president is making appoints only from those who supports him without considering if the person is qualified for the position or not? What if Najatu feels she can’t handle such a position? I am just asking.
Imagine the insult, Najutu rejected the offer through a Newspaper advert instead of reaching out to the president in Aso Rock to make her intentions known. She said since her appointment was made in the media, she decided to use the same media to reject it. It’s ridiculous!
This shows that the president appoints every Tom, Dick & Harry that is a Northerner without consulting them and those who are moved by wealth, money and fame will take the appointment whether they are qualified or not.
Najatu Muhammed action shows a big sense of self worth in her and cannot easily be manipulated with wealth and fame. A Big Shame to the Presidency, a “Very” “Very” Big Shame to the Presidency for being rejected by a citizen. Not all your supporters are your lovers.

That’s My ViewPoints.
GUYS, What Do You Think?

Ekeh Queen and 5 others like this.

Eze Solomon Emeka

Na your picture be dis na smile emoticon

Eze Solomon Emeka

But that Najatu is a woman of integrity and stable mind.
Unlike those that cross carpet or allegedly loot their state blue-black just to get political appointment.

Endy Edeson

@emeka: yes. i use my pictures on any post i tag ‪#‎EdesonViewPoints‬. it's a hashtag for my opinion on topical issues

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Now u see we just hav a jangolova President. His actions ar just up and down lik jangolova. Thumbs up to dat woman. Nice report Endy!!

Alarape Tunde

@ edeson, u re a this govt sentimental, I know u from day one of this govt Bcos u re d press man that belong to Pdp

Eze Solomon Emeka

Indeed partisan bigots are the main problem of Nigeria.

Endy Edeson

@alarape: come on! this is a fact and reality, don't drag sentiment to this. I'm not a PDP supporter. I'm a constructive social media critic. @mary: thanks my sister. Mary the president will learn from this

Johnson Gift

The same thing happened during the Murtala/Obasanjo regime when Cheif Obafemi Awolowo rejected the appointment to join the 50 man committee to draft a constitution because he was not consulted.Hmmm...

Priceless Precious Alli

ofcouse she has to reject something she can't handle.

Kalu Eke Kalu

This your display picture heeeee! What of your Afro...

Kelz Nwankwo

Ur headline is misleading. What's there to be ashamed of?

Endy Edeson

@kalu: you don't know? i have cut my afro for long. lots of my friends and fans know of it. i even made an official announcement about cutting my afro. I have rebranded for long. thanks anyway for your concern. @keiz: It's shame to the presidency even though the president won't say it publicly. common logic tells anyone that it's a shame to be rejected

Kalu Eke Kalu

OK!! are you a Change Agent..hahahaha

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

I hope he does Endy. Amnt crossin my fingers on it tho. To me i tink Mr President has personal grudges which i tink political party based. Evn his vice is alien 2dis grudges of his. Until he satisfies his grudges he wudnt care abt weda wat he is doin is gud or bad 4dis nation. D oda day i saw a report where he was busy praisin d late Muritala and i thought to mysf 'wat abt d late Idiagbon who was his 2nd in command back den? No praises 4 him?'. He nid a psycologist's counsel pls. Dis personal grudges of his must be brought out 2d open ifnt Nigerians ar in 4 more jangolova actions.go

Aina Prince Jp

Nothing like big shame my dear brother @Edeson, if you investigate deeply the woman may want higher position than that, don't judge with pheriphera........

Prog Da-Lars

Tell him Prince!

Chy Ney Duu

Mandatin som1 for a task witout duly consultin d person;com on PMB,who dos dat,i tink d president ought to b d chief of defence,so he can be coercive dia,buhari is jus so dictatorial.

Endy Edeson

@Mary: maybe, he will shower praises to Idiagbon anytime Nigeria remembers (Idiagbon) posthumously. the thing is, it's very difficult for a leader to show his true feelings. @Aina: you have a point. half bread is better than none. Maybe, her present status is higher than the position the president wanted her to occupy. @kalu eke: thanks. I appreciate

Awe Oluwaseyi

what is shame there now,dis are official matters,wot is shameful about it,d worst ting dere is dat u kept hammering on shame shame,be proffessional endeson,u just lookiing for juicy headlines

Olatubosun Ayomide Oguns

hmmmm to me d woman is try to tell us hw sefishe our presdent is to d party, DIS is not d first tym he wil do somtin lik

Babangida TBaba

@Endy, There is simply no Connection between this Woman's action and "Shamelessness". Bros, May be because we are not used to seeing people like this, people who knows what they want and only go 4 it. I call them people of "Virtue"... Away from that, her action is anything but Shameful. ‪#‎MyOpinionThough

Zack Ramat

Endy, whateva made u kp dt bushy hair for so long no try at all...lol. U look gd jus like ds!!!

Onemokpe Matthew

See ur wor wor face

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