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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Actress, Ruth Eze Says She Would Like to Be Genevive Nnaji's Lesbian Lover

Despite the fact the an anti-lesbian law has been passed by the Nigerian National Assembly and anyone found guilty of lesbianism or homosexuality will be jailed, a Nollywood actress has indicated interest publicly to be a lesbian if only Genevieve Nnaji agrees to be her lesbian partner. The actress, Ruth Eze who is currently making waves said she has a burning lustful passion for sexy actress, Genevieve Nnaji and
would love to make love with her someday.
In an interview with the newsmen, the actress said it's only Genevieve that makes her private part wet and God should forgive her if she eventually becomes a lesbian.
Below is what she told a reporter:
'' I have good boobs that both men and women admire and can’t seem to take their eyes off me. My fellow ladies always harass me, to get intimate with them, but I haven’t tried such, Only Genevieve Nnaji can make me throw caution to the wind and become a lesbian, but fortunately she is not. I am obsessed with Genevieve. She makes me wet! If she tells me to become her lesbian partner today, I’ll apologise to God and jump at the offer.”


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Chindo Blessing

Hmmm story

Endy Edeson

here is the photo of the actress, ruth eze

Etefia Grace Temitope

Genevieve isn't seducin anybody,d lady only said likes genevieve dat it's only ha dat can make ha consider lesbianism...watch wat u write as ur headline

Uwax Lazarus

God have mercy

Awele Nwaoligidi E

It is well

Emmanuel Benson

And that title is the perfect one for this because?

Meshak Crown Dalugus

Your 'head line' is completely different from the news. By the way, where is the pix of the so called Ruth?

Uwax Lazarus

d title suggests dat Genevieve z d one seducing d said babe....u still have a long way to go in yuh journalizing bro

Etefia Grace Temitope

Seriously e has a long way 2 go,

Uwax Lazarus

yea good morning dearie

Kay Cee

U jx said ma mind

Uwax Lazarus

and dis z not d first time, he has been repeating dis blunders

Etefia Grace Temitope

Yes and it's not right at all

Uwax Lazarus

too bad

Blessed Ontop

Endy, u got me panicking. take it easy ooo

King Emeka Anointed Enechukwu

Guy i dont support d headline, dont paint sumbody black just to sell ur news

Miz'Oh Yeh Tella

sensationalism at its best... a bad technique to ever be employed by any journalist either a proffesional or mere bystanders... high time u keep off being a joke....it wasn't like that when you started out...wonder why u'll ever ve the course to stoop that low..

Sunny Simeon

Judging from the Headline, one would think Genevieve initiated the whole Lesbian thing. . .All these Journalists, make una ease up o

Obiakor Azubike Micheal

Lunatic. . That just simple word. . .

Glory Nse-Joseph

Genevieve is not seducing Ruth directly or indirectly because she has no such intentions! However, her looks might seduce whoever wants to be seduced by her looks and she's not even aware therefore its wrong for you to say that Genevieve seduced Ruth.

Endy Edeson

@glory: underline the words: ''Unknowingly , Indirectly''. these words justify my headline

Miz'Oh Yeh Tella

why not use better refined ironic word than seduction... attractive... fancy and even a total reconstructed headline asides from the misguided one employed in this context will do a better work and infact earn you far more kudos in a positive way than you having it now...
Edited · Like · Reply · Delete · Report · 37 minutes ago

Etefia Grace Temitope

Endy accept u're wrong stop justifyin ur actions pls u're sendin a wrong msg

Danny Gold


Danny Gold

Endy Edeson...today i can see clearly the magnitude of your incompetence, what nonsense!!! your headline is totally different from the main story, please be careful and stop drawing attentions to yourself at detriment of others image....you have just proven to me that you are a copy an paste blogger.

Endy Edeson

@danny: read the article, does it look like copy and paste? go to my blog and read my articles, i write all of them. i have explained earlier why i used the headline, which is justifiable. why are you guys still attacking me. you know how I do. when I'm totally wrong, i do apologize to you guys

King Emeka Anointed Enechukwu

Guy, dats what we expect u to do on dis one coz its totally wrong,

Miz'Oh Yeh Tella

justifiable indeed... guess you need to greatly improve on your vocabulary usage of course.. even a novice.. a non-communicator by profession knew every thing is so damn wrong with this story.. I'm a Mass Communicator so I know what the heck I'm talking about.... own up and try to improve on ur write up in the future.. acting all ITK will do nothing than make u seem lost and in fact clueless ... ‪#‎JS‬

Ifeanyi Benson

My friend u are wrong ,accept let's move forword, not only u knows English .

Endy Edeson

@all: ladies and gentlemen: i have changed the headline. i succumb to your demand,. thanks. hope this new title isn't controversial.


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