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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

RELATIONSHIPADVICE: Her 40 Years Old Boyfriend is still a Virgin & too Shy to SEX Her Real Hot

A lady sent me a story to publish. Below is the content:
Good evening Mr. Endy Edeson. I really love what you are doing online, You are my best blogger in Nigeria. In fact, I read your news every day. You are a blessing to our generation. Mr. Edeson, i have a big problem I want you to publish so that your fans can advise me on what to do.. My name is Omotayo Labanke I'm a lady from Ekiti State, 43 years old and still single. I'm really in need of husband before
i get to menopause. All the men I dated in past disappointed me. I recently met a Christian guy from Delta State. When He told me he is still a virgin i couldn't believe it because he is 40 years old. He also wants a wife. I suggested we make love before marriage. He said he can't because it's a sin and also a virgin. After so much pressure he succumbed to my desires.
Surprisingly, this guy is really a virgin, he couldn't do anything in bed. Even when I asked him to suck my breast, he doesn't even know how to suck breast. I forced his penis inside my vagina, he was unable to HIT me and was just looking at me.
Mr. Edeson, i feel really bad about this situation. We both love each other and we want to marry. I love SEX so much and he can't SEX me.
Endy, I am not getting younger. I want to marry him before this year runs out. Please kindly publish my story so that your readers can advise me on what to do. thanks.

Ajiboye Rector Yemi likes this.

Commzy James

let her look for another man. there is still time

Eddy Mega

If she is wealthy she will find her choice but if not make she appreciate the virgin man

Endy Edeson

@mega: you think a lady can teach a man how to sex?

Eddy Mega

Yes nah

Endy Edeson

@ann: of course. it true life story

Eddy Mega

She know what to do if she's sexy and honey

Ommyl Ibukun

honey ke? warisdat?

Eddy Mega

Ommyl Ibukun. Are u not romantic ?

Shola Afolabi

You meant horny, not honey.. @Eddy Mega. (to be easily sexually aroused).

Ommyl Ibukun

i know of horny btw

Eddy Mega

@ommyi are you the lady ?

Ommyl Ibukun

since she likes sex and seems to ve experience...she can as well teach the guy! no big deal!

Osakwe Godwin

I pity her situation. But let me say this, honestly I don't think she is ready to settle down. Her comment "I love sex so much and he........." seems a bit Like a put off' to me. Marriage is not a do or die thing and from her write up, her desperation will only get her hurt.

Korede Adesanya

is dat d reason she do like somebody who just lost her parents

Iroeche Yobachi

NOW I KNOW WHY SHE IS STILL SINGLE.... shit dey smello

Musa Kehinde Festus

Actually,it realy sadden that she is not born again: she doesnt need to force the guy to sin before marriage.everybody is born to sex so much even with joy and passion.if the guy is a virgin,good then she would teach him all the rudiments after marriage,what relationship entails are love,marriage sex.

Michael Makwela Snr

There's a big problem here. She said to have forced his male organ into herself....and yet he couldn't even erect, well no wonder she's still single. She's the problem and she knows it. Chai!!!

Atoyebi Abass Akinloye

For u to force his pennis inside ur virgina nd he cudnt erect .something is wrong with d man. Go and see doctor d guy is patially impotent.

Michael Makwela Snr

Atoyebi Abass, I think shes the problem. As a result everyman she dates runs away

Priceless Precious Alli

this woman needs deliverance, in fact both of them need a serious deliverance in a church. and also need a good medical check up for the man in question. for christ sake how would you force a man to go in to you?

Olayiwola Daniel Rosicky Alapomeji

U can do dat to som1 u luv too....it's normal

Priceless Precious Alli

YES but not in this cases

Michael Makwela Snr

Exactly. That's highest level of frustration or witchcraft.

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

make she contact me, I get her medicine hia...am crioz pls

Prog Da-Lars

Wrong photo used.

Ayoo Jacques Johnson

I think she should play the guy enough adult movies Nd by dt i mean d popular blue films, to teach d guy... D must b a great guy and nothn wrong in her loving sex,.... I wish her all d best tho...

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