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Monday, 16 November 2015

POLITICS: The Untold Truth about BUHARI & Remita Deduction

 I’m not really a fan of the presidency’s change mantra especially his anti-corruption moves because most of the anti-corruption charges are either witch-hunt or one-sided. I am tempted to say that the Federal Government decision in recovering about N8.6 billion from a Lagos Based Software company, SYSTEMSSPECS is a commendable one. The company is the provider of REMITA, an Online e-payment/e-collection software used for the transfer of government funds from commercial banks to Treasury Single Account (TSA).

When it was discovered that SYSTEMSPECS deducted N8.6 billion as charges for recent TSA transfer of N1.5 trillion, the issue was tabled before the anti-corruption president Muhammadu Buhari, he (Buhari) asked that the money be returned immediately which is what has happened.
It would be recalled that REMITA e-payment/e-collection software was approved by former CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi in 2011 for the e-transfer of federal government funds and this was during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration

I hope and pray that the president won’t revoke the license of SYSTEMSSPECS and ban the use of REMITA as it wasn’t instituted by him.

(1) How much do you think REMITA should have charged in transferring N1.5 trillion TSA fund?
(2) Is N8.6 billion too huge as charge for such a transaction?
ENDY EDESON Reporting 


Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

it may not be too huge. this is just a single transaction. we cannot tell for now for how long this has been going on. Dont be surprised someone was not properly paid somewhere, hence this whistle blowing

Endy Edeson

you have a point @okey: someone somewhere is not happy with the film.

Sam Oladele Alebiosu

The charges is too exorbitant

Prince Golden Igweka

Its like you're a brown envelope reporter! News that matters which is happening in the zoo called Nigeria, you don't report it. Maybe you're a gutter journalist!

Kenny J Oyeduntan

biafraud my foot.

Prince Golden Igweka

Enemies of Biafra go behind me! Barbarian!

Prince Golden Igweka

Enemies of Biafra go behind me! Barbarian! @Kenny

Browayson John Sr.

Hmmm, why did they jst returned d money immediately, bcos thy knw thy have made may be tripple or double of that amount,xos only God knws hw many of such huge transfers thy have made for d federal govt. So i am not suprised thy returned that huge amount unshaken. As for the amount thy ahld hav charged for that transfer it ahld hav been less than that, 6.8billion is too inflated a prive for jst one transfer if we are honest with ourslvs, it shld hav been far less than that. It shld hav been like maximum 2billion.

Kenny J Oyeduntan

@ prince, I can't stoop so low to engage u in insult.ur biafraud is dead long time ago.

Prince Golden Igweka

@Kenny, watch and see how Biafra will be restored in distance time. meanwhile, you're a child for me to fuss with you on issues that concerns Biafra. Go and bring your forefather for me to fuss with him! Backstabbing dullard!

Adebanjo Oladele Samuel

@Prince De dunce, I can't believe a nincompoop like u still exist. Biafra will never be as it has never bn. Try ur luck in ur nxt lyf tym.

Okpala Emmanuel Chuks

I can't beliv ppl like Awolowo stil exist in yorubaland really sori sha
Like1ReplyDeleteReportSaturday at 01:01

Okpala Emmanuel Chuks

you knw wat I meant by dat ''BETRAYALS''

Prince Golden Igweka

@Oladele, The clueless that is worrying your father has entered you finally! You will not live to see the restoration of Biafra! Garbage!

Kenny J Oyeduntan

@ golden,u av d effrontery to col me a child and i shud go and bring my foerfather bcs of ur baseless argument? anyways, i am not surprised bcs u are frm dt region.urs is to insult and abuse.continue wot u kno how to do best, but one thing i kno is dt ur biafraud i mean ur bia_apes is nothing but gone foreva

Prince Golden Igweka

@Kenny,You are too small to fuss with you bring your forefather for me then i will explain why Biafra must come! nincompoop!
LikeReplyDeleteReportSaturday at 06:11

Eze Solomon Emeka

That's to tell how much things has deteriorated in this sleeping giant of Africa country, they'll keep deceiving the gullible souls, the gullible ones will keep celebrating mediocrity, while they're been milked by their colonial masters.

Young Agu Esteem

Na wah o! See money!

Okpala Emmanuel Chuks

if dis country do nt divide d dividence of democracy might nt reach d poor cos d cleptocrats wud neva allow dat

Emmanuel Gilbert

I am here for the comments, Kenny and Adebanjo Oladele you guys should leave Biafra people alone and focus on the agenda on ground. We Igbos and easterners should love ourselves well here in Nigeria first before clamoring for a federation, if we love ourselves well even Nigeria is enough for us.
This TSA thing is a business venture, I believe the govt. would have gone through the contract before signing it with the software company, but still PMB would also say he didn't sign it, so its a two way thing, and that's why we don't hastily rush into things we have little knowledge of, if this company sues Nigeria 2moro they will win, but I know the company will or have been well compensated.

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