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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

POLITICS: How Presidency is Indirectly Punishing the Kogi State Governor Idris Wada

The PDP governorship candidate in the forthcoming election in Kogi State Idris Wada may likely not win the state as the civil servants are upset for owning up to 8 months salary. They complain that if a governor can have money to re-contest election, what stops him from paying salaries of workers in the State. It has also been reported that Buhari is still
withholding bail out fund for Kogi State despite releasing funds to his desired states. This act by the president could be a ploy to bring in APC candiadtae Abubakar Audu to the forefront of Kogi State as the better option in the coming polls. For this reason, The Kogi State chapter of NLC and TUC have embarked on strike



Ogbeni Afonja Adebayo

And I think Mr Endy is a pro PDP journalist

Valentine Iorlaha Adura

That is politics for you. Mak una see hw e de be. Wada ll loose.

Afolayan Phunmylawlar

is not 8 month o,is 2.be mindful of ur information

Alarape Tunde

This Endy is a pdp member, let us forget about his fake news jare

Oyedeji Muthieu

where were u when ur jonathan were giving osun state 30% out of 100 of the allocation money because they didn't vote for him. I guess all nigeria journalist is just doing it for their selfish interest. I'm sure if APC give u money, you will switch side. journalism in nigeria is a failure.

Endy Edeson

@all: PLEASE. i'm not partisan. i see stories from all angles. Is just that there is huge lapses in a particular angle that makes it look as if am partisan. i do not intend to belong to any political party. i'm a social crtitic. i believe things should be done right with ethical values

Bennard Ahupa

All of you re talking trash! As if eddy is lying why can't buhari release kogi state money to them!

Innocent Samuel

APC is PDP!!!

Bennard Ahupa

Which alocation?

Endy Edeson

@bennard: you see, Nigerians are number one in being ECONOMICAL WITH THE TRUTH in the world. Nigerians just like behaving as if nothing is happening when something is happening. Truth be Told, lets remove our personal sentiments in any of my posts. at least, my posts are "factual facts" not a figment of my own imagination

Alarape Tunde

@ Endy, why are u not post something like this when Jonathan hold Apc state their monthly allocation expecially Osun state

Onyinye Ray-Ekemezie

Endy no mind them. Let truth be told.

Awazi Namo

Endy na true u talk no mind dem
LikeReplyDeleteReportYesterday at 10:15

Bro Nuhu Yusufu

On which allocation? Did president stops him not to pay salary

Mercy Dan

Endy please keep saying the truth. Don't expect everybody to believe u, all u need is believe in urself and keep spreading the truth. Godbless!

Jeremiah Ademolu

Same will happened in d apc state also

Jeremiah Ademolu

Same will happened in d apc state also

Abu Martins

Sentiment aside, if he has money to dole out for his campaign, then he should have at least make efforts to clear the backlog of salaries owed workers, having it in mind that he needs the votes of these same workers. Politicians and politicking.

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