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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

POLITICS: Buhari Witch~Hunts Orubebe To Code Of Conduct Tribunal

I do not find all these "KWARUPTION" charges funny. When will this man get down to real work and stop all these retrogressive prosecutions which he claims to be "ANTI~KWARUPTION" Mantra? What is the essence of dragging ex~Minister of Niger Delta to CCT just because he disrupted collation of results by INEC in last election? Nigerians are not fools, he should also send himself to CCT. We are not daft to forget how he alledgedly manipulated the system in the past. No accused person has been convicted and jailed since he assumed office.

Dunks Chuks and 17 others like this.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

u have heard it before. let me repeat it for u my dear Endy... illiteracy is a disease. the man is not learned. and he has no cabinet. whatever he thinks he is doing, is best in his own eyes. we are talking about a man who does not belong to any learned society or club, a man who does not read newspapers..a man whose very basic qualification is still controversial... a man who became a general by quota. from where would be manufacture the brain?

Martins Regan

This is how APC want to fight corruption!

Eze Solomon Emeka

It's funny.

Endy Edeson

@okey & Regan; It baffles me to see how brilliant Nigerians applaud this man for doing nothing. this MAN is supposed to be in Nigeria History Books And not the president of 21st century Nigeria. His CHANGE MANTRA was even borrowed from BARRACK OBAMA, nothing is real about this govt. nepotism is the word to describe his appointments so far. i dislike hearing people say he is fighting corruption

Valentine Iorlaha Adura

For u to say it's "Witch Hunting " dat means somebody is a "witch". The witch hunting continue till 2023.

Athanatius Adieme

Many have overcome the loss of presidential election of GEJ. what are U still crying for

Mercy Dan

Lol... This is just the Genesis part of change, by the time we'll get to revelation, everybody's eyes will clear, I pray it wount be too late then. ‪#‎whatachange‬#!

Martins Regan

@Endy! that is the point, some elite in south west and eastern nigeria playing politics with our destiny thinking that Nigeria's unity is guaranteed. All I know is ONE the truth will burst and it consequences will swallow them all.

Onyekachi Charles

Pmb will be emphasising so much on corruption everytime both here and abroad, but one thing he fails to understand is no foreing investor with his right reasoning would want to invest in a country where her president has succeeded in making everyone look corrupt in d eyes of the international communities by continuing branding them corrupt citizens. He went to US, UK, Germany, India and etc. His major topics were corruption, funny enough all of these countries are highly corrupt, even more than Nigeria. US and UK are d biggest oil thieves and invaders. Drugs abuse, rape and cyber crimes are on the high in India. Stealing is not d only corruption. So Mr President, stop tarnishing d image of this great country. Peace.

Balogun Saheed

wahala don dey 4 Naija o, lets dis man wise up nau

Ogbeni Afonja Adebayo

Is he corrupt or not?

Balogun Saheed

@ Afonja dont u c wats hapeniin ni ar u not in Nigeria

John Daniel Nneji

Very soon the mandate of 4 yrs will be over with only shouting corruption .....

Ikenna Uwaezuoke

@ Valentine Iorlaha Adura and Athanatius Adieme, i see how myopic your views are. This is the very core of our problem as a country. Endy is making a point about state of affairs and you are here talking about GEJ election loss. What exactly is the correlation. Or in your views, has PMB performed to expectations based on their overblown campaign promises.
We need to wake up to realisation that we have been fooled by the change slogan. How do you define integrity when you prosecute PDP members alleged to have corruptly enriched themselves and turn blind eyes to APC members swimming in corruption even as far as making some of them ministers against wide cries of the people you claim to serve.

Danny Gold

am watching from a distance. this is just the beginning, at times i wonder why a patriotic Nigerian in his right senses should vote for buhari....

Esta Abigail Ekee Khama

His is busy fighting corruption as if he is not corrupt too

Eze Solomon Emeka

Buhari himself is CORRUPT but the gullible blind followers will keep praising mediocrity.

Joshua Emmanuel

i keep hearing chanji chanji from the northerns is this the change we clamourd for its clear this man will be more clueless than jonathan after four years

Henry Sunday

Those who feels he is fighting corruption should hold there peace till his fighting of PDP members alone gets to there door step. In as much as he claims to be fighting corruption he should not be selective to only those that were not and are not in support of him.

Oyedeji Muthieu

this Orubebe supposed to be in prison by now for that stunt he pulled off at the venue of INEC.

Athanatius Adieme

Ikenna Uwaezuoke unfortunately its only mad man that calls others mad men.we were very Patient with GEJ for six years,now we are in a haste to see miracle from PMB. Pls let's be reasonable

Eze Solomon Emeka

If Nigerians want Patient they would have voted GEJ again, but Aisha raised Nigerians expectation during the campaign and made things look like Nigeria was going to change in one week, but he got the seat and his body language changed. We believe in miracle please.

Athanatius Adieme

U better start attending winners chapel,there is no miracle in Governance.

Ikenna Uwaezuoke

Athanatius Adieme, you still don't get it. Do you ? Nobody is asking PMB to perform miracles here. Atleast not from any comments i have read on this thread. The post from Endy is talking about lopsided and insincere anti-corruption fight and not infrastructural development. It doesn't take 4 years to show your level of integrity if you have any.

Valentine Iorlaha Adura

@Ikenna Uwaezuoke from your name I knw u are Ibo from the South -East so I am not surprise wit ur views. Bcos no average Ibo man sees anything good in a Buhari presidency. Weather the corruption war is 1 sided or not, weather it is witch hunting or not it does not border me, if PMB ll catch all does who stole money and are in PDP to return it, wait, when the PDP enters, let dem catch only APC who has stolen money to return it too, I tink dat way naija ll be great again.
For Witch hunting, lik mama peace once said, "Witch Hunting continues till 2023!!! ‪#‎Opinion‬#

Salami Muyideen Obafemi

Endy Edeson. You've stopped being a professional in this your area of specialization. You don't do bias write ups if you are to command good numbers of followers, comments and likes. You need to go to Media and journalism school and learn if u take this u do as a profession unless it's just an opinion. I stopped commenting on your post when I discovered you posts and sentimental.

Salami Muyideen Obafemi

*your posts are sentimental

Valentine Iorlaha Adura

@Salami I stopped reading Eddy's news close to a year When he strted being bias and sentimental, if he is truthful he ll acknowledged dat alot of ppl stopped following his news. U can even see from de way he wrote de news, he is even using "Kwaruption" to show u he has person hate for our dear President. But weather he or any oda person likes it or not, PMB ll continue to rule till 2023. Simple.

Eze Godwin

Endy! whch way?

John Asukwo


Ikenna Uwaezuoke

Valentine Iorlaha Adura, I will not dignify your mediocrity with a response. I only shudder at the level of reasoning of Nigerian youth.

When elections end in a civilised society, all political machinery are collapsed and issues are analysed based on National interest. There are democrats who consistently and openly criticise and even vote against Barak Obama in congress if his policies are not favourable. What do we have in Nigeria ? Blind followership. We dont see anything wrong with any action or policy of political office holders so long as we voted them in. So worrisome is that anybody who criticises is tagged biased, tribalistic etc. Its really a shame

Valentine Iorlaha Adura

@Ikenna them go and stay in America nau, this Nigeria where PMB is de President n is working according to de wish of those of us that voted him. We voted PMB to catch "Kwarupt" ppl, Orubebe is "kwarupt" n must be caught. Simple

Joseph Nyirongo

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk from Malawi; this name Elder ORUBEBE rings a bell in my head. BBC Africa once reported that he violently shook the hornet's nest at electoral tally centre. By the way, Endy is right! How does the whole leader of the greatest African nation stoop so low to grind Orubebe. He has to get to business for real. Witch hunting wont move GMB's party to future nor Nigeria.

Salami Muyideen Obafemi

@Valentine Iorlaha Abuja, he has lost a lot of followers already. He doesn't get comments the way he used to.

Ty Taylorsign

Endy you are on point. Stay real

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

You are a big disappointment. to professionalism Endy. I used to look up to you as the next big thing in online news reporting but you've shifted grounds, become biased, selective, and a critic of every move of the current administration. to say am disappointed is an understatement. go back to unbaised and unsentimental reporting. you're now the mouthpeice of the PDP. Be Real.

Richard Bamidele Ajakaye

Don't call this "political update". Call it your sentiment. And who are the "we" and "Nigerians"? you used above? You must be mocking Orubebe with those words.

Nnanna N Victor

The truth is bitter but we must face it. PMB is fighting his 'Kwaruption' war like OBJ. Dis is so unfortunate & disturbing.

Francis Oluwamayowa Tokede

Let whoever is accused good clear his name. Abi fight dey there? If your hero gave Alamieyeseigha a state pardon, I have no word for you.

Tersur Tseror

But what is the business that President Buhari is supposed to undertake that he is not undertaking due to the very much criticised war against corruption or kwaraption as is being sarcastically presented in the post?

Olakunle Aladekomo Oladipo

just passing by.... but Salami Muyideen Obafemi has said it all. @Endy, for cry out loud ure a journalist and not an opposition.

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