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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

CHURCH NEWS: Bishop David Oyedepo's Accountant Gone Mad For Stealing Church Money

Edeson Online News has learnt from a member of Winners Chapel Ota that the accountant attached to World Richest Pastor David Oyedepo has gone mad for stealing church offering and tithes. Our source said Mr Olawore ~ The Accountant used stolen church money to enrich himself with cars, women and landed properties. He was actually caught on camera while pocketing huge amount of money. It is a taboo to steal in Winners Chapel and the punishment is madness. I Wonder why Mr. Olawore knows the WINNERS CHAPEL LAW but threw caution to the wind. NOW THE GOD OF BISHOP OYEDEPO is mercilessly dealing with him. A LESSON TO OTHER CHURCH MEMBERS.


Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Hahahahahahahahaha. Interesting

Endy Edeson

@bernard & jesse; due process must be followed in any business including CHURCH BUSINESS

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Saying its a taboo to steal in WC isn't correct. Its a taboo to steal in general. Not in churches alone.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

And I thought God is forgiving? So if you steal, you run mad? Is there a punishment for abuse of power too?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

You preach forgiveness but can't exhibit it. And I'd hope no one comes to tell me that it is God that is making them run mad.

Ogbodo Henry C

since god forgives why can't Onyedepo forgive?

Priceless Precious Alli

so who now made him mad God or that pastor?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Who remembers the assault on a girl by Oyedepo? Slapping the girl accused of witchcraft?

Sikirat Victoria

Na he cup full..may God have mercy on him.

Emmanuel Gilbert

Mr. Jesse I have always respected ur argument but u now go astray, why will I pay offering&tithe only for someone to just come and steal it because he is responsible for its keeping and management, thats why our country is the way it is, people no longer fear God to even steal in church, pls he should stay mad till when he learns.

Emmanuel Gilbert

If he was a public servant you would want him to be probed and rot in jail but since its church money, he should enjoy himself with it and they should forgive him abi? "ee nova start" this is just the beginning of his many problems

Osuntokun David

God doesnt judge people like that..there is more to it that we dont understand!!!

Emmanuel Gilbert

You seem not to knw who God is or u under-estimate him, the same God that is a consuming fire, that struck a husband and wife in the bible for "mere" lying

Browayson John Sr.

Hmm, strange.. Did i hear u say 'taboo'... It shldnt be taboo cos taboo is tradition inclined, so i dnt wanna blv that's d word that shld be used in matters of d church. Again,i jst wonder how many pple hav gone mad doing this, cos its not right to say someone runs mad in a xhurch full of God's annointed servants, we are in d era of grace, we preach it but is it practiced, i dnt think its God that made him run mad, cos i knw God to be a God of grace, my fear is he shldnt be allowd to die in that condition cos I dnt think God wants anyone to die with dia sins unconfessed, He shld be prayed for & restored by the same pastor Oyedepo & whn that is done he shld be taken outta dat department to a more spiritual inclined dprtmnt tha will build him up spiritualy, cos no one is above temptation, not even d bishop himslf... Pick him up as a church & make him whole by restoring him to his sani sanity.

Laseinde Ayobami Joylas

If God is angry on anyone,no man,prophet or bishop can stop Him. It is a lesson for all,to stop taking what does not belong to you. Not even in a Church or publicly.

Awele Nwaoligidi E

Endy be careful not making the prophet of God subject for discussion

Eze Solomon Emeka

God sees what we don't see.

Josephine Adesola Muyiwa-Afolabi

I would usually not comment on issues of this nature especially when it's gotten to a point where people begin to ridicule God's anointed. In any case, there are a couple of things we all must understand- the word of God says that curses shall not depart from the house of the thief. I'm sure you have a bible; if yes, check it up. If you've got none, go buy. When you steal, either in the house of God or elsewhere, there are curses that follow and these curses come in different forms, including madness. It therefore sounds really absurd for anyone to insinuate that the madness was a handwork of Bishop David Oyedepo. Oyedepo does not own the church- Jesus Christ does and He alone chooses what to do with whomever He chooses to do it. It is true that He will have mercy on whom He will but that does not exonerate us from doing what is right. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid! Even if Bishop Oyedepo decides to fast and pray for God's mercy upon this man, if God chooses to do otherwise, who can sue Him?!

Nero Kay Dave

How can he run mad bcos' he stole from the church? Is the money not members money? What if part of this monies were ill gotten? Abeg make una jam anoda tori.

Abari Terkula Djpucket

Why is it always said that the God of so so pastor,why not God almighty.And God almighty dont judge like that .

Abari Terkula Djpucket

Why is it always said that the God of so so pastor,why not God almighty.And God almighty dont judge like that .

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

sinners never go unpunished, if you have the habit of stolen church Mooney repent now remember the book of malak.

Sunday Ademola Ojelabi

I won't be able to say much here as it's not clear who is punishing him here. But, Pastors too should answer the moral questions hanging on their necks where they have used God says when He has not spoken. We are all aware that the reigning thing in our churches today is religious blackmail and no church is exempted. They all do it.

John Asukwo

Like1ReplyDeleteReport30 October at 20:00

Sunday Ademola Ojelabi

You can see now our religious fanatics have started seeing this posting as ridicle to a man of God. Religious blackmail all around wen it comes to discussing matters of church. We see negative things happening in churches but would rather attack political leaders while our religious leaders are immune beyond condemnation even wen they do things in the extreme.

We are quick to nail d man here and many are even saying he ought to die in his madness, but would it have been from God? Would the same God who gives room for a known harlot to repent of her ways be the same God afflicting His creature with madness? If we are truly Christ-like would our position be let him die in madness? Would Christ have concluded like dat?

Lots of moral questions begging for answers. Enough of these hypocrisy in d name of religion, abeg.

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

Sunday ademola ojelabi, forget man of God biko, only God knws who truly his servant is..., abeg let's JST worship in spirit n truth.... let God judge!

Birthdayboi Wizy

sunday I love ur point! cos he went mad dnt mean its frm God, if u doubt me, go and steal babalawo money and see if u wnt go mad as well lol,y wil God spare bokoharam n isis dat is killn xtains everyday,bt punish sum1 for stealn money lol people need to open their eyes

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

@ darey blaq wen d children of turn there back against God he allowed there enemy to torment them samething with bokiharam issue we Nigerian has turn our back to God .u steal d congregation money n u used u don't want to trek from Lagos to abuja.NA LIE, U WILL STILL TREK FROM LAGOS TO ABIDJAN.

Birthdayboi Wizy

micheal wen did children of God turn der back? is it in d old or new testament,jesus brot grace to d world, jesus finished it,if u go to canaanland nw,u wil see bomb detector at d gate? if God is ruthless as u claim,den u dnt nid bomb detector,cos d minute u plan to bomb oyedepo church, ppl shld go mad...abi? God doesn't bring instant judge, jesus paid d price, goin mad is nt a prove dat its frm God, even if u steal guru maraji money,u wil also go mad, pls wake up

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

blaq check the northern side for instance they killed christian every week yet people are still going to church there,nothing happen in this world that God is not aware of.

Birthdayboi Wizy

y as bokoharam nt run mad? lol pastors steal money frm church all d tym, y hav dey nt run mad, pls if God makes instant judgment den none of us here wil b alive, so bone dat tin, runin mad is nt a prove dat its frm God,I stil say dis to u, if u steal money frm guru maraji, u wil run mad, so does dat also mean its frm God

Birthdayboi Wizy

if oyedepo bliv God gives instant judgement dey he shldnt border havin bomb detector as d gate,bcos God wil make every1 dat plot rubish to run mad

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

the Bible said that we should be watchful and pray

Birthdayboi Wizy

lol, I can neva b happy that sum1 run mad, bcos am a true xtain.... a real xtain wil never say its gud for d man dat run mad,ppl r jst pagans well God does give instant judgement and only a fool will agrue that,bcos d fact dat every1 is a sinner here,n we r stil alive is prove that God don't give instant judgement

Kelechi Esther Leonard

God gives instant judgement but not 2 evry 1 cos he said I'LL HAVE MERCY ON WHOM I'LL HAVE MERCY ON.shall we contnue in sin that grace may abound.God forbid.when u take God's grace 4 granted,He gives instant judgement.acknowledge His grace n repent.

Birthdayboi Wizy

dude God doesn't give instant judgement,its a lie,shall wilcontinue in sin that God grace may abound, does dat say God give instant judgement, after death is judgement, der is no such tin as judgement wen u r alive, stop involding God in ur rubbish, people r kill xtain as we speak and dey dint run mad,so its money steal dat God is concern abt? human life is nutin, its money dat kalara abi? mtchew!

Birthdayboi Wizy

jesus cnt die on d cross and God wil stil b givin instant judgement, dats a big lie,jesus died for salvation,for grace,der is no grace in instant judgement,lies...wat does d man runing mad hav to do wit God? if u steal babalawo money, u wil run mad, so does dat mean its God dat did it

Patience Hanson

Na so ooo.

Aruoture Goodie

Mehn, some people are not jst smart with their comments in here ooo

Birthdayboi Wizy

wats d matter?

Maduka Ugwueze Ugwueze

Not GOD of host I know, na them know the God they serve, oyedepo ought to know better and put it to practice that the bible said don't pay evil for evil.

Birthdayboi Wizy

stupid. xtains r telln me,dat its gud 4d man to run mad. foolish xtains, if ur God is a God of instant judgement, u wnt b alive today, den. I ask dem if dey steal gurumaraji money, wnt dey run mad? so wat prove dat d madness. of d theif is frm God

Birthdayboi Wizy

xtains r been killd in d middle east everyday, God did nt bring instant judgement on d killers of his ppl, bt he is concern abt money. dat was stolen frm church? lol so money is more important? dumbass nigerians

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