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Monday, 23 November 2015

HEALTH/CHURCH NEWS: Diezani To Visit Prophet T. B Joshua for Deliverance

It seems the health condition of Nigeria ex-minister of petroleum, Diezeni Madueke is beyond medical cure. Edeson Online News learnt that the family of the sick ex-minister have concluded plans to bring her from London back to Nigeria for spiritual deliverance at T.B. Joshua church. We pray she get healed, in Jesus name, AMEN.


Ommyl Ibukun

eyah ...amen...feel sorry for her though....

Endy Edeson

yeah ibukun; i pray she recovers

Yvonne Onaibe

Its this serious


Babawale Ibukun

may God heal her

Edet Daniel

Even though she like make she thin like broom we no mind what we are after is for her to return the stolen loot,because of millions of Nigerian's are suffering so if she like make she die what we did to Abacha's will be done to her family too

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

u lack manner

Oyedeji Muthieu

he lack manner because he didn't see the issue with the same view as urs? I tot its democracy. different views.

Stephen Nakireru

Look at dis one saying wat we did to abacha, wat did u do to abacha? No human sympathy............it could have been any of us.

Kenneth Mbaka

You speak like a fool,

Edet Daniel

Kenneth Mbaka you,your father and your entire generation are fools

Edet Daniel

Stephen Nakireru it can never be me because I was not taught to take what's not mine,talk less of stealing from a country

Edet Daniel

Oyedeji Muthieu,do u know what manner means a person that steal from a country does he have manners, in China there PM didn't steal up to what these basterd stole from us he was hanged but here in Nigeria we celebrate criminals

Kenneth Mbaka

Coward, @de fool Edet

Edet Daniel

KennethMbaka the word coward that u use,do u know the meaning or what has it got to do in these context if not that u are an illiterate that want to get noticed idiot

Stephen Nakireru

@Edet Daniel am not saying it could be u, is just dat tins like dis are natural and it could have been any body. Let us drop politics and pray for dis woman she needs our prayers

Nwankwo Perfectblend Uzoma

@least wish her a quick recovery!

Jack Obinna Okoye

May God have mercy on u @Edet Daniel

Kenneth Mbaka


Edet Daniel

Jack Obinna Okoye and u too for encouraging stealing

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

fake photo, Nigeria am tired of you people

Kenneth Mbaka

Edet go to village were you come from village man

Kenneth Mbaka

Bangha cutter

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

this is a fake photo

Bigbounce Adukwu

Give us d real fota na.. @Chimmy

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

guy check it anywhere there is nothing real in this, this is what bloggers are using to brain wash us, go and study graphics

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

this is how they fool you Nigerians, u don't know why you have your smart phone, go to YouTube and Google

Bigbounce Adukwu

It didnt call for insult bro, am only saying back ur opinion with proof... Simple

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

no am not insulting you big brother just letting you know that Nigeria is filled with lies

Uchenna Victor

It has not being proven that she stole any money so she is still an innocent citizen

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