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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: SHOCK as Righteous Musician JODIE is Pregnant Before Marriage

Do you know the Nigerian musician Jodie? She came into limelight with the song “Kuchie Kuchie”. She is a strong advocate of dating without SEX before marriage. She advices ladies to stay away from pre-marital sex and do the right things. She even said she was a Virgin
Guess what? She wasn’t practicing what she always preaches. She became pregnant before she got married. Edeson Online News learnt she recently got married to a Nollywood actor David Nnaji. The actor happened to be her Manager.

Hypocrisy is a cankerworm in this world.

ENDY EDESON Reporting 

Gyebi Kwame and 2 others like this.

Grace Mne

@Enddy, Are you reporting or judging?

Modupe Fayokemi Olumide

I wonder o @Grace Mne

Balogun M. Adeola

Guess time is no longer by her side. So, she slacks the rule. Just my thought.

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Don't mind them. just like toke makinwa who was advising against pre- marital sex dated her ex- husband for 4 solid years even wen he had a side chick whom he later had a child with.he banged her for 4 years nd married her for 3 years.Tomorrow,they will become advocates for what they never practised....nonsense.

Endy Edeson

@grace: am not judging. I'm a DO-RIGHT-ACTIVIST. i love seeing people do the right things.

Alex Santana Jr Kaburuk

THE CONSPIRACY OF FINGER POINTERS Suddenly overnight, you see witches and wizards turning Angels. You see Thieves mounting the pulpit preaching. You see Church rats singing in the choir, You see a market cheat turn an Ustaz. You see a rapist leading other worshipers to pray at a mosque. You see a corrupt politician condemning a Priest/Imam haha! What a world we live in. Amazingly see an unrepentant sinner Condemning and crucifying another sinner like him/her God have ‪#‎mercy‬ on us, we all are some sort of sinners. Before you ‪#‎point‬ that ‪#‎finger‬ , watch over your ‪#‎shoulder‬ , ask yourself Am i ‪#‎clean‬ ? Am i ‪#‎blameless‬ ? Say to your self, who am i to ‪#‎jugde‬ him/her, likewise who are you to judge me. Non is perfect, only ‪#‎God‬. Surely the haters will stab us in the back. But with God we still walk un-hurt. All they do is to react. A gayawa ‪#‎Nasarawa‬ muna nan ‪#‎Lafiya‬ . ‪#‎Hello‬ , Time is suppose to heal us. ‪#‎DoTheRightThing . Be ‪#‎Conscience‬ Personified. A.S.K

Yvonne Onaibe

Na that 'dear mother ' boy 'wae she marry be my own

Bekere Becky Afaka

only her hair be virgin.rubbish

Johnson Foster

@Endy fear GOD and stop judging for no man is perfect. JESUS said "the measure which you used for other will be used for you". And do not rejoice at the down fall of another rather pray for her. All bloggers that gossip about other peoples wrong because they themselves are perfect will not escape GOD's judgement.

Ann Ab

I thought she once said sat she is a virgin? Waaaat????? Yes

Jeremiah Ademolu

Virgin ko overvirgin ni

Bekere Becky Afaka

she a virgin nah.her hair is virgin.no relaxer don touch am.no be virgin?

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