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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

POLITICS: Governor Rochas Okorocha Abandons Imo, to Build School in Adamawa State

 In his bid to lure the heart of Northerners for 2019 presidential election, Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has shifted his focus from Imo to Adamawa State. Edeson Online News learnt from authoritative source that Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, was in Adamawa to inspect the plot of land allocated to him by the State Government to build a secondary school in that state. Both governors of Imo and Adamawa have asked other Nigerians to assist in rebuilding the state.
Our reporter said the school will be named after
governor Okorocha "Rochas Okorocha Secondary School Yola".


Godwin Osa-osagie and 4 others like this.

Yvonne Onaibe



Endy Edeson

@jesse: i sense lip service. Just to make people hail him. i know when someone is sincere

Kelvin Ekekwe

He is confuse

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Endy, and some people go hail am. Make he no go face him state first

Tendency Kelvin

there must be haters

Bennard Ahupa

This gay governor don't know the northern very well! Let there be fight! they will bomb that school within few munite! Hausas will not vote for u if u re not their brother or mulsim!

Maestro Kgb

Worst roads ever in human history in Imo state, he ain't seeing that."SHAME"

Endy Edeson

@bennard: you have a point. i think, what should be the first agenda in the north is to stop insecurity, if insecurity is defeated, then any other thing can follow. besides, we've had cases of the BAD BOYS ( i don't like mentioning their names ok BK boys) still bombing IDP centres. It's a clarion call for this leaders to buckle up and do the needful. We know school is important, but this is not the best time to do this and it shouldn't even come from OKOROCHA. bennard, just like you said, being realist, the school will definitely be another target for this BK BOYS. i pray that Nigeria will one day enjoy total freedom and we live not to be a victim but a victor

Nicholas Chidiebere Abiodun

my peoples, my peoples

Victorious Victor

nigerian politicians ar power nd wealth drunk. . it nw afects deir scence of reasnin. , ,dey ar graduali goen insane nd most of dm wil nid rhab lata

Frank Sylvanus

China roads, schools. Everything about Rochas Okorocha is China meaning is fake.

Frank Sylvanus

China roads, schools. Everything about Rochas Okorocha is China meaning is fake.

Uche Okor

@Ahupa is him a chritain before

Nicholas Chidiebere Abiodun

u guys keep watching? na film

Oyedeji Muthieu

ok everyone wait, which money is he going to use for the project?

Nicholas Chidiebere Abiodun

wakeup APC on point@oyedeji

Mac David

Charity begins at home nt out of home okorocha.. ..!

Fiona Odey

Dey can do anytin jst 2 get a VOTE why??????

Emeka Ezennolum

Abeg make una leave my governor alone

Onuh Jude

You miss spelt his first first name.....his real name is Rochas okoroawusa...

Osuntokun David

No.. I dont 100% agree with you endy.;.Because he has been helping the Notherners before he became Governor!

Jessica Nwamma

Dem go fall im hand lyk dey did presido emeritus....... northerners know dia true brodas.......unlike we d igbos, dey hardly betray dia brodas n dey bliv dey r born to rule......... I go still dey look, I no go stop to dey watch....

Olajide Young Johnson

Who Says There Is No Logic & Style In Playing Politics Games--- He Is Just Flying His Feathers.

Samuel Fernando

He wants to become president yet he cannot take care of a quarter state .. we have competence men who can represent us at the presidency whose characters can never be questioned. Charity begins at home they say

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