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Thursday, 17 September 2015

POLITICS: Buhari Went Clueless in France, Said “Ministers are ‘Noise Makers”

 Mr President was quoted to have made a statement that suggest that ministers are not to relevant in the running of government. According to President Buhari “The ministers are there, I think, to make a lot of noise; for the politicians to make a lot of noise. But the work is being done by the technocrats. They are there; they have to provide the continuity, dig into the records and then guide us, [those of us] who are just coming in.
“They have been there, some of them for 15 years
, some for 20 years. So I think this question of ministers is political. People from different constituencies want to see their people directly in government, and see what they can get out of it.”
To be fair with the President, his perception of Ministers is inappropriate. I wonder what prompted him to utter such statement when he was a former minister under the General Olusegun Obasanjo military regime between 1977-79. Is he trying to say that he was a 'noisemaking' minister in General Obasanjo cabinet?
Credit: TonyeBarcanista of NL.


Yvonne Onaibe and 2 others like this.

Uwax Lazarus

d change z gradually unfolding n we are in a long tin

Endy Edeson

lazarus; buhari should be ousted from office if he didn't appoint ministers after this month
LikeReplyEdit1 hour ago

Mercy Dan

what a pity! they asked for change without specifying or knowing the kind of change the needed. hmmmmm what happnd when change gone sour?
LikeReplyDeleteReport1 hour ago

Kingsley Akpaloke

That's the change u vote for, so pls live with it

Aigbomian Berry Carter

The man is taking his time....nothing wrong with his momentum at all...

Salako Saint's Stephen

All na change

Endy Edeson

@all: yeah: APC should have been ARP meaning ALL RETROGRESSIVE CONGRESS.. come on, this man is like TV being controlled by Remote. I believe Nigeria will get it right, not now but maybe, after 2018. @salako: you have also changed your name to SAINT. interesting

Sule Beeti Snow Audu

Buhari is on track. What he said is not far from the truth....civil servants does most of the work.

Awe Oluwaseyi

there is nothing wrong in wot he said,it is d truth,if we can do without dem it will good

Felix Adole Ikeh

I totally agree wit diz man for dey first time since he was elected,dey technocrat are dia n dats true,ministers are only figure head,our syst of civil service made the permanent secretaries the brain behind every policy made n not made.y are we in a hurry to hav a figure head wen dey technocrats I.e dey permanent secretaries are in place.weldon baba

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